Enough about Philosophy! More about Me!

Now I am famous! Avi Abrams over at a sight called DARK ROASTED BLEND just published an interview with me, decorated with the skilled illustrations of Scott Fischer, who did the stunning book cover for TITANS OF CHAOS.

You’d like to see an excerpt? Certainly!

Q: If you’d like to touch on other subjects you want our huge audience to consider, something you are PASSIONATE about, please do so.

JCW: Certainly! I would like to urge everyone in your audience to be dispassionate! I passionately believe that the world’s ill are caused or inflamed by unbridled, hysterical, vehement emotion. The only cure for this eruption of unreason is a return to the cold and disinterested use of logic to settle those disputes that can be settled with logic. The disputes that cannot be settled with logic must be settled with civility.

Make a fool of myself, crack a few jokes, pomposity, philosophy, shameless self-promotion. The usual.

Sorry about their huge audience. I am going to make a New Years resolution to lose some weight (or, as we science fiction writers say, mass) myself, and I am sure the huge audience can do likewise.

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