Wonder Woman’s New Duds are Duds

No doubt the entire free world is wondering about the opinion of obscure midlist science fiction author, John C. Wright, concerning the most troubling and significant issue of our time: Wonder Woman’s new costume.

Wonder Woman's Many Looks

The entire Free World, or, at least, the part of it I care about, sciffygeekdom, is abuzz and aburst with controversy and conniptions concerning her latest sartorial saga.

There are those that say removing the stars from the blue skintight Lycra covering Wonder Woman’s perfectly shaped Amazonian buttocks are an insult to the patriotism that made this country great. There are those that say removing the American Bald Eagle emblem from Wonder Woman’s gorgeously rounded, maternally huge and full, yet maidenly pert bosom is part of a communist plot. There are even those that say failing to remove the red star from her Communist headband that holds her luxurious yet rippling cascades of luscious dark hair is evidence of a Communist plot.

And there are those that say the invisible jet is just plane stupid no matter how you try to update it. And there are those that say Steve Trevor is a really lame yet dumb version of Lois Lane, an Überdufus beta male, and that Wondie should hook up with Batman, who at least is in her league.

On the other hand, there are those that say her old costume of red, white and blue one piece bathing suit with matching thigh boots is degrading, sexist, sexually exploitive, sexual, sexy, and sextuple, and ergo the new suit by being more respectable, is more respectfully respectful to women, especially those of the female type.

To people who say that, I say: doesn’t the word sextuple mean having six kids?

To each of these complaints, I have an answer. My answer is that no one I know reads Wonder Woman comics or has read one in years: the last good issue was the one where she was working in a taco stand, so who cares?

Doesn't Diana Prince have a Navy Job?

Ho-ho, and how sexist! Good thing we never saw Superman doing something that undignified!

Gusteau is Right! Anyone Can Cook!


But we all love Wonder Woman anyway, or, at least those of us who are blissfully unaware of her origin as a spokesmodel for lesbian sado-bondage love. (Of course, some of us not blissfully unaware love her too, but in a sick, twisted way.)

But, all that to one side, Wonder Woman is a beloved, buxom, and long-standing character of the DC Universe. She is one of the Big Three icons of DC superheroicalism, alongside Batman and Superman (or two of the big four if we count each one of her perfectly shaped wonderbreasts separately.)

Why? Why, you ask? Why is Wonder Woman so well known and well loved, considering how consistently sucky her comic book appearances are? I suspect it has more to do with Lynda Carter than Charlie Moulton; and I suspect more of all it has to do with Bruce Timm, and his work on the animated cartoon Justice League. Bruce Timm is a magician.

Bruce Timm's Wonder Woman

Linda Carter! Nize Cape!

My theory is that Wonder Woman is great as a team player, such as on the Justice League, but a weak character, merely a version of Supergirl not as interesting or appealing as Supergirl, and with a big feminist chip on her shapely shoulder when she is by herself in her own title.

So let us take these questions one at a time.

First question: what the heck is it with that commie star on her tiara? Is she not an All-American, um, Amazonian princess and/or hideous clay golem brought to an unholy mockery of life and motion?

Answer: I think that star has been there since 1941, the same star we paint on the tailfins of our bombers, and besides, the only thing I care about is whether or not her new tiara can be used as a boomerang.

If not, can the tiara be used as a razor-sharp ninja-doll throwing weapon?

Who Doesn't Love a Gal with a Dangerous Hair Ornament?

Second question: Is her new costume unpatriotic? Let’s take a look:

Wonder Woman's New, More Conservative OutfitWell, gosh, at first glance, I don’t see anything objectionable. Heels, a shapely green leg, a conservative looking suit appropriate for an attorney, and glasses to give her that ‘meganekko’ cutiepie look. To me these seems as American as apple strudel or…

Wait. Who? Oh, sorry, wrong superchick. This above is a picture of one of the slavegirls of Orion, which is a completely different fetish from Wonder Woman. Or maybe it is the Wicked Witch of the West when she was young.

Where was I? Oh, yet, her new costume:

Sort of a Militant Look

Sort of a Militaristic Look

I must say, this looks a bit militant for Wonder Woman, almost goosestepping Ratzi-ish, but I do like the cutie little drum majorette skirt. But where are her femininium bracelets that allow her to deflect bullets?

Oops, sorry, my mistake. Wrong illo. We were talking about WONDER WOMAN’s new costume. Here it is!

A New Costume!

I must say, this new costume looks simply terrible! Where is the red, white and blue look we are used to? And why is her Magic Lasso of Truth look like some sort of gooey webbing flying from her fingertips? And why does she have a spider on her chest?

Speaking of chest, she looks boyish in this! I have never seen such a flatchested version of Wonder Woman! Are they trying to make our beloved Amazon into a cheap female knock off of Spiderman??! I thought she was a cheap female knock-off of Superman, except with occasional lesbian sado-bondage thrown in for spice….

Wait. Who? Oh, sorry, wrong super. Explicative Adumbrated but Not Said! There has to be a picture of her new costume somewhere on the Internet.

As All-American as the UN!

Well, I see nothing objectionable in this! In her secret identity as Yeoman Diana Prince, Wonder Woman can don a jacket and go to the mall, perhaps to play video games or grab a slice of pizza, or sing Joan Jett karaoke …

Perfect for Cruising the Mall!

I must say she shows a fetching bit of leg here, because I thought Yeoman Prince was supposed to be sort of shy, like a female Clark Kent, and I see no evidence of her cute airforce maiden uniform or her cute Meganekko glasses…

Wait. What? That is what she is wearing to fight crime?

Joan Jett Explodes into Awesome 80's Ninja Action!

Okay, first, having leave a burning gold W in the face of any man she backhands with her new bracelet is not just stupid for someone who is supposed to be the Ambassador of Love to Man’s World, it is a ripoff from the Phantom, who left a much cooler skull-shaped mark in the face of anyone he punched in the face, due to a waycool ring he inherited from his father, the previous Phantom, whose entire family line swore an oath to fight piracy since the Sixteenth Century. Swearing an oath to fight crime on the graves of your murdered parents, like the Batman, is cool; swearing an oath in rhyme that no evil shall escape your sight every time you power up your magic ring like Green Lantern is even cooler; but having your ENTIRE FAMILY TREE reaching back to the Sixteenth Century swear an oath to fight PIRATES is coolest of all.

Smash Evil!

But Wonder Woman did not swear any way cool oath like that, so she just is not allowed to leave her mark in the face of people she punches in the face. What kind of role model is that for little girls? Little girl should be taught to strangle foes with a lasso.

Second, I must say that, speaking only for my own opinion, Wonder Woman should wear a much more reasonable set of gear for facing dangers! For example, would it not be more practical to go back to her old costume, and wear thigh-high stiletto-heeled boots, a form-fitting one-piece bathing suit? Think of how much protection this would afford an Amazon being shoved through a plate-glass window by a gargoyle or something!

Practical Combat Gear

Hm. Okay, perhaps something realistic and combat-worthy?

Even More Practical! (Spc. Jennie Baez of the the 47th Forward Support Battalion)

Er. That may be a little TOO realistic and combat-worthy. It is not like we read comics for realism. If we want realism, we can read the obituaries in the newspaper. We need to show a little skin, or fanboys will not buy the magazine.

Costume Corrected!

That is not bad. On the one hand, it does not exactly scream ‘Wonder Woman’ to me. On the other hand, I seem to recall even worse Wonder Woman costumes from times not too long ago. What about a handsome, feminine, yet dignified combination of leather bra and biker pants?



So, the new costume is not as bad as some in recent memory. On the other hand, the classic costume is, well, classic.

Of course, the classic costume can be made to look even better with some ‘ Amazon’ accessories for that ‘Ancient Greek’ look:

The Ancient Greek Look!

Well, I did not mean THAT ancient Greek look. I was thinking more of:

Nize Hat!

or maybe

Note the Rich Corinthian Helmet!

And is there anything cutsie-pie-er than a superheroine in her secret identity Clark Kent-girl glasses?

Guys Make Passes at Girls in Glasses

In fact, Wonder Woman should just wear glasses all the time. And maybe a pair of ripped jeans.

As All American as a Berkley Radical!

Or maybe possibly she should stick with the original costume…

Steve Trevor is one Lucky Bastage!

Nothing says ‘My Country, Long May She Wave’ more clearly than wrapping the American flag around the shapely hips and intimate parts of an Amazonian Princess, preferably with the American eagle grasping yet caressing her firm, large, shapely organs of matriarchy.

Steve Trevor Must Die!

You might call this desecrating the flag. But I call it cheesecake, and what is more American than that?

As All-American as Hercules, Theseus, or Agamemnon!

Next question: Was the old costume too sexually provocative, if not insensitive to the equality of the equal rights of women? To which I answer: Absurd! All female superheroines are degraded in a similar costuming fashion! It is perfectly normal!

No, no, wrong answer. What I meant to say is, that the classic Wonder Woman costume is not sensual or sexy in any way!

Well, in the same Issue as Women of HOOTERS! Way to go, Diana!

Let us change the subject quickly to another question.

Question: Does the change from a patriotic, American-flag hotpants bathing suit to a more drab, goofy looking World-Citizen 80’s jacket Joan Jett look allow rabid leftys all over the Internet a chance to sneer at America, by showing off their twit-fanboy-trivia knowledge, explaining in condescending tones that Wonder Woman is actually an ancient Greek Demigoddess?

Answer: the sneering sneerers forget that while the Amazon myth is Greek, the Amazons themselves (according to that myth) resided in Scythia, which is modern Anatolia, and that Thymescira (or, in the original Charlie Moulton continuity, Paradise Island) was in the Caribbean, ergo Diana Prince is actually an Anatolian from Cuba or Haiti, except that she is made out of clay, therefore ergo not only is she not Greek, she is not even a member of the animal kingdom, or, for that matter, the domain of living beings.

So take THAT trivia-loving twit-fanboy! My powers of twittery equal or excel your own!

Besides, the patriotic nature of the superheroes comes from their love of Democracy and Freedom, not from where they are born! None of the Justice League, for example, were born in America!

  • Superman is from Planet Krypton!
  • Green Lantern is from Space Sector 2814!
  • The Martian Manhunter is from Mars!
  • Aquaman is from Atlantis!
  • Vision is a synthezoid, Adam Warlock is an android, and Machine Man is a robot!
  • Wonder Man is dead and made of energy, and Deathman is dead and Space Ghost is alive!
  • Hawkgirl is from Egypt, or Thanagar, or both!
  • Hawkman is from a floating city on planet Mongo!
  • Wolverine is Canadian!
  • Owl Man is from a parallel dimension of pure Evil!
  • Saturn Girl is from Titan and Thanos is from the same place, and yet they never met each other!
  • And Captain America is Marvel, not DC!

So there!

Question: Does this prove that the comic industry has been taken over by rabid leftroid America-Haters?

Answer: No. That the comic industry was taken over by rabid leftroid America-Haters was proven when they shot Captain America, after having him blame America for 9-11 and crap like that. I can show you not only the exact issue when I stopped reading comics, I can show you the exact panel. Here it is:

When this turns out to be a Skrull, call me. Otherwise, screw you, Stan Lee.

Dear Scum at the Comic Book Industry: You write an issue where it turns out that was a Skrull, and Cap is still alive, I’ll think about buying comics again.

If you think I am willing to believe that Captain America, the Red, White and Blue Avenger, can be taken out by one sniper bullet, when the entire Axis war machine, the Red Skull, Emperor Tojo, Mussolini, all the forces of organized crime, HYDRA and AIM, the Cosmic Cube, not to mention the all-powerful WAR WHEEL OF NAZI GERMANY  were not able to lay a glove on him, you can suck my ripe lemons. A man who can go toe-to-toe with Battroc the Leaper, is not going to be laid low by some punk with a snipe rifle.

Batroc ze Leaper!

Battroc! The greatest supervillain of … uh … France!

Batroc! He is ze tres terrifying of ze villains, n'est-ce-pas?

Question: If no one reads the Wonder Woman comic, and no one cares what she wears, why are you wasting my time talking about this topic?

Answer: Because the comic book itself has not been the money-maker for anyone owning these intellectual properties for, lo, many years now. Spin-offs, toys, games, television, and movie versions of the characters is the source of the revenue stream.

And with good reason! If they did a half-way descent Wonder Woman movie, I’d go see it.

Patriotic Pulchritude!

Who Does Not Like Seeing Beautiful Women Bruised and Beaten for Fun?

I’d go see a live-action Wonder Woman movie, even if it were NOT written by Joss Whedan and even if it starred Megan Fox

We Loved Her in Transformers II!

But only if she dressed like Wonder Woman, not like an 80’s Mall Rat.

Question: So the new costume is unpatriotic, but is the new comic unpatriotic?

Answer: Jeez, how would I know? I don’t read the comic. They are still waving the flag on the cover, so that is worth something.

Wave that Flag! Show your Patriotic Cleavage!

It is clear from the Internet chatter that most of the rabid twit-fanboys out there are unpatriotic, since they seem all to be using this as an opportunity to sneer at the old fashioned love for America which old fashioned comics in the Kick-Nazi-Ass Era seemed to represent.

Question: Would you buy a comic where Wonder Woman was kicking Nazi ass?

Punch Hitler in the FACE!

Answer: With or without lesbian sado-bondage overtones? Er, what I meant to say was, my real answer is, Yes, you can bet your goose-stepping Fritz that I would buy any comic where any superheroine in a patriotic bathing suit was kicking Nazi ass in a heartbeat, provided only that the WAR WHEEL also made an appearance.


The almighty NAZI WAR WHEEL! Unstoppable!

Your pathetic Weapons are No Match for the WAR WHEEL!

No one can halt the advance of the WAR WHEEL!!

Even the Green Lantern is helpless before its terrifying yet rotary might!

The Most Fiendist of all German Weapons!

(Of course, Captain America could have stopped the War Wheel with his super-soldier strength and vibranium-admantium alloy shield, but Stan Lee had the living emblem of America shot by a lame-ass sniper by the Bush Administration or something dumb like that, so now we are all doomed. Thanks a lot, Stan! Bite me.)

Question: What is up with Steve Trevor? Are guy readers supposed to identify with him? Do girl readers find him attractive, a realistic love-interest for our beloved Amazonian Princess? I’d like to punch him in the face and leave a skull-shaped mark!

Answer: Steve Trevor is a wuss and a wussasaurus and an utter embarrassment to the masculine half of the human race, because girls getting rescued by guys is cool and even romantic, but guys getting rescued by girls is eunuchifying.

Question: I liked him played by Lyle Waggonner on the 70’s television show!

Answer: He was not bad there. But the one time Steve Trevor was truly cool was when he made a cameo appearance in the Justice League cartoon done by Bruce Timm and company, where Stevie was like some sort of bad ass OSS-agent lady’s man Nazi-killing machine of coolness behind enemy lines who stole a kiss from Diana and made her blush. Which was the most kawaii thing I thing I ever saw. Bruce Timm is a magician.

Question: Why do Eta Candy and the Holiday Girls spend so much time in the early Golden Age comics dressed up in furry deer suits and being bound and gagged by loving but stern disciplinarian mistresses?

Answer:  Charles Moulton was one sick freak. Fredric Wertham was right about him.

Question: Why does Wonder Woman have the lamest rogues gallery ever?

Answer: I dunno. Some of the villains from the Flash were pretty lame, too. I mean, honestly, Turtle Man? The Trickster?

Question: What will be the ultimate outcome of the Wonder Woman Changes Her Clothes saga? How will it all turn out? As an obscure midlist science fiction writer, you must know!

Answer: As an obscure midlist science fiction writer, I do not have to know, I have to be able to make it up!

In this case, we have ample previous examples from the annals of comicbookishdom to supply a possible answer.

After a few issues in the doofy new costume, the comic writers will try to bring back some of the old, lame-o golden age Wonder Woman villains, like split-personality girl who dresses like a cheetah, or short guy with an inferiority complex and mind control powers, or Etta Candy, or Wonder Tot, and upgrade and update them so that they are all w00t badass and shiny, but since Charles Moulton’s original concepts are so warped, and since Fredric Wertham was right about Charles Moulton being a sick freak, the writers will have to dredge up some faux Greek mythology, and have her involved with fighting Ares and centaurs or Medusa or cool stuff like that, and for that period, some of the comics might be good.

Then the movie will come out, or a new toy line, and the readers will demand the old costume back, and the writers will oblige them, but the new costume will brood on its abandonment, slither up to Eddie Brock or someone, force him to wear the old costume, and Brock will be granted all the powers of Wonder Teen, and be able to fly the invisible jet. Or something.

Then the writers will kill off Steve Trevor by stuffing him in a refrigerator, or have him retroactively never have had existed during a crisis on infinite secret wars, or, thanks to a spell cast by Mephisto, he would have been married to Mary-Jane Parker, and through the miracle of hypertime, the ancient Egyptian version of Hawkman Trevor will be one and the same as the outerspace version, but in either case Steve will be gone, and Wonder Woman can date the Batman. Which is as it should be.

Question: What is up with the invisible jet? How can Wonder Woman read the instrument panel?

Answer: the Invisible Jet is an advanced piece of Paradise Island technology unknown to Man’s World, and it is controlled by telepathic Amazonian brainwaves, so she does not need to see the controls.

Question: Why does it have a control stick in the cockpit, then?

Answer: Next question, please.

Question: It’s like she’s flying around sitting on her butt. I think she should just fly like Superman. I hate the invisible jet.

Answer: When Bruce Timm and the team working on Justice League Unlimited had a cameo appearance by the invisible jet, it was waycool. Bruce Timm can take the lamest ideas from the Golden Age and make them cool somehow. He is a magician.

So mock not the invisible jet! It is our only hope against the unstoppable fury of THE WAR WHEEL!

Question: Which costume is the real Wonder Woman costume?

Answer: Do you really have to ask?



  1. Comment by The OFloinn:

    I had forgotten about the Blackhawks….

  2. Comment by juliet:

    To me, it looks like Black Canary with something more sensible on her legs than fishnets. Very appropriate for patrolling the docks looking for terrorists ala NCIS. Perhaps the original could be her dress uniform?

    I had a crush on Lyle Waggonner, too.

  3. Comment by Anastasia:

    I like the new costume. It actually looks like something someone might actually FIGHT in. You know, that thing Wonder Woman does when she deals with the bad guys?

    Seriously, a lot of women are sick and damn tired of female superheroes being portrayed wearing the most idiotic, ridiculous outfits ever seen if you want to do ANYthing other than stand/sit and look pretty.

    It’s really long past time for the men reading comic books to grow the heck up. If they want pinups and porn, there’s plenty of that on the internet that they can go and look at, and I’ve got no issue with that. Have at it.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      “I like the new costume. It actually looks like something someone might actually FIGHT in.”

      You are right! Women in comics should dress in appropriate combat gear like their male counterparts! Nothing is more practical in urban house-to-house fighting than dressing like a bat or a circus strongman.

      “It’s really long past time for the men reading comic books to grow the heck up.”

      My mind is still reeling over the implications of this sentence.

    • Comment by Mark W:

      Yeah I don’t care if it looks like she can fight in it. I just think it looks fine. It’s still got the red white and blue. Heroes change their costumes all the time. So it’s not like it’s going to be permanent.
      Also, one piece bathing suit or not, it’s still pretty hot.

    • Comment by NorthoftheBorder:

      For those of us who have forsworn pornography and pinups, must you take this last refuge of boyish fantasy indulgence?

      The one piece bathing suit is iconic, and thus to truly reach to the archetype it must have that feature…

    • Comment by Montecristo:

      It’s really long past time for the men reading comic books to grow the heck up.

      Indeed. What if?

      Heroism: Part 1

      • Comment by JJ Brannon:

        Gosh, that was a despicable, venomous video!


      • Comment by John C Wright:

        The problem with the video is twofold: first, I know personally police officers and military men who play D&D and read SF and like comic books — so the theory that only unheroic folk like heroic entertainment is a weak generalization; second, the unspoken assumption behind the message seems to be that I the reader should only read, like, and identify with ‘heroes’ who look and act like me the reader–so in other words, I should only admire myself and protagonists like me, overweight yet cantankerous obscure midlist science fiction authors. It is a theory fit only for narcissism and political correctness.


        Does this mean I cannot read and enjoy the Iliad, because I am not a bronze-age warrior-aristocrat? I cannot read and enjoy Milton’s Paradise Lost because I am not the naked and prelapsarian father of the human race, nor yet an immortal fallen angel made of imperishable quintessential substance? I cannot read the Gospel because I am not a saint, nor can I read the Analects of Confucius because I am not a sage, nor can I read the Bhagavad Gita, because I am not a bronze-age warrior-aristocrat?

        Does this mean I cannot read any science fiction of any kind whatsoever? Because I am not an invading Martian, nor a moon-traveler, nor a time-traveler, nor the inventor of an aerial ironclad heavier-than-air ship, nor a member of the Eighteenth Race of Man from Neptune, nor a positronic robot programmed never to harm a human being, nor an immortal citizen of Diaspar the City at the End of Time, nor a false messiah raised by Martians, nor a grunt in the Mobile Infantry, nor a Psychohistorian, nor a book-burning fireman, nor an employee of Fireball, nor a Journeyman of the Order of Mystic Mathematicians and Other Seekers of the Ineffable Flame, nor am I any of the incarnations of the Eternal Champion, nor am I a diplomat for the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne, and I am not the sole survivor of the Mount Pleasant Massacre hunting through the stars for the five Demon Princes who slew my family and my world, and I am certainly not an apprentice of the Order of Seekers of Truth and Penance in exile for the crime of mercy when I aided the suicide of the only woman I ever loved.

        Political Correctness is the mental disease of not being able to imagine that people have or need imagination.

  4. Comment by NorthoftheBorder:

    The Wonder Woman movie by Bruce Timm is indeed great. And I still don’t understand the invisible jet.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      “And I still don’t understand the invisible jet.”

      Well, if you understand the boomerang tiara, the magic lasso, Wonder Woman’s ability to talk to animals, Transformation Island, the unstoppable Nazi WAR WHEEL, Hypertime, why Krypto the Super-Dog wears a red cape, how the Flash can travel to parallel timelines, why Johnny Storm’s uniform can burn without getting burnt up, the cause-effect relationship between Rama-Tut & Dr. Doom & Kang the Conqueror & Immortus, or why Night Girl is not a member of the Legionnaires of Superheroes but Bouncing Boy and Matter-Eater Lad are, Blue Kryptonite, the Infinity Gauntlet, or anything at all about Moonknight, then you will be ready to understand the invisible jet.

      You will also be way ahead of me. I am still trying to figure out how Stiltman thought he could beat Spidey.

      • Comment by Maureen:

        Well, part of the invisible jet was probably the association of aviatrix with cool and freedom; and with the bizarre erroneous idea that women weren’t strong enough to fly high-powered planes that didn’t have power steering, so that WW would be strong enough to fly such a thing.

        But why Wonder Woman wouldn’t be invisible inside her invisible jet, I don’t have a clue. Just weirdness, I guess.

      • Comment by NorthoftheBorder:

        Woaaaahhhhh there!

        I already do know all of that. I mean who doubts the historicity of the Nazi War-Wheel? Everyone knows the tiara is for all those little girls out there, all of whom just want to be a princess, even of Thamascura. And the Stiltman controversy? Why it’s so simple. Parker should have just removed a man-hole cover like Deadpool did to defeat Lady-Stiltman. Like Duh!

        It all became clear to me when I found out The Centre spawns dinosaurs from the carcasses of other dinosaurs and spreads its propaganda through psychic telepathy and children’s books (thanks for “Global Warming” Centre!).

        But an invisible jet when you can already fly? That’s like those lazy asses who use a segway when they are perfectly functioning bipeds. But then again, she is a princess, and it does sound rather decadent…maybe WW isn’t such a cold-hearted Amazonian lesbo after all…maybe underneath the facade she is just American Apple Pie.

        • Comment by NorthoftheBorder:

          *alas in my haste I should have drawn the appropriate analogy for the entity known as “Stiltman”: what blue kryptonite is to Ultraman so are manholes to the Stilt peoples.

  5. Comment by Nate Winchester:

    John… this… was… awesome!

    It’d be neat to see you do a talk with Linkara on this sometime.

    As for me, I’ll just post what I said on my blog when someone wrote in asking my opinion (since you have more readers than me anyway).

    I largely agree with Furious D.

    I do think her traditional costume has been silly for a lot time but this new look is a bit too much too fast. They should adjust it piecemeal (like the old costume) until we get something worthy of the same fashion choice as Bats and Supes.

    New Gauntlets – Yes.
    Leggings – Not bad but black doesn’t seem to fit WW’s clothing.
    Boots – No. They should keep her traditional boots.
    Jacket – Strikes me as an attempt to do a “cape” motif to bring WW up to Bats & Supes level. While I’ll even admit jackets can be good looking, sexy, practical, all that jazz, this doesn’t suit her or her idiom. If they really want to give her something cape-like, they should have gone with a modified greco-roman robe.
    Chest – Very nice. XD Ok, in all seriousness, the loss of “red, white, blue” does not offend me as having a hero that’s supposed to be a foreign ambassador dress in the flag scheme of the country she’s – uh… – ambassadoring to, never made any sense for me. The red theme isn’t bad (since WW has always been a bit “bloodier” than Bats/Supes) but I don’t like that her W is so undersized.
    Chocker – Umm… considering some of the back story & behind the scene stuff behind WW, I don’t know if this accessory is one giant meta joke on us or what.
    Crown – Also undersized. Needs to bring back the big, almost practical sized one.

    In summary: the new look is good for a new wonder girl/sidekick but for the woman herself? She might need a new costume but this isn’t it. Here’s hoping the gantlets and belt are preserved once the reset happens.

    As for “what’s wrong” with Wonder Woman in general… that’s a whole ‘nother essay.

    Oh, and did you ever see the travesty that was Cap America 602?

  6. Comment by Maureen:

    For one thing, DC’s picture coloring is not good at a small scale. Everywhere else I’ve seen it, I thought her costume was red and black with gold piping, but now I see that there is some sort of midnight navy blue practically indistinguishable from black.

    The major problem is that they are messing up my “fairy princess falls in love with the idea of America and immigrates to the US, except that she is Torn By Duty to both her prospective subjects and her new nation”. There are plenty of immigrants today who might like to read that story, but nooooo. DC has done practically everything to avoid writing this story; the pretend-feminism used to replace it never works. (Real advocacy for women would be another thing, because women are part of what makes America great; and Diana wants her new home to live up to itself. But man, they don’t write it like that.)

    This JMS story is a reversal, where the princess doesn’t know her heritage, and is being drawn away from her home of record to be loyal to dead people and a lost forgotten land. This is like the cartoon Wildfire, except without the magical talking stallion, or Winx Club, except without the weird Italian teen fashion. That’s a good story; but it’s so not Wonder Woman’s story. It’s the story for bored suburban girls who think the only thing that’s worth living for is somewhere else.

    Doesn’t DC have some kind of What If comic, like Marvel had, to take care of all these ideas that are only interesting once? I mean, I’d buy a little mini-series of What If type stuff, but I don’t want this to be a canon reboot.

    • Comment by Maureen:

      I guess the point is…

      Girls need to find out who they are.

      Wonder Woman knows who she is, but wants to find a better life, become a better person, and help other people while doing it. She is not a girl. (Her sister Wonder Girl is a girl.)

      • Comment by Maureen:

        Also, she’s not a manhater. When Steve Trevor washed up on Paradise Island, even though she was on guard, she was also all “O brave new world” about him.

        She is Miranda Woman, a wondering woman as well as a wonder to others. Her positive attitude and joy, her happy warrior personality, would be a great mistake to lose.

        It just doesn’t go well with leaving letters cut into people’s skin, ya know? Zorro and the Phantom were both deadly serious at heart, even though they had fun; and putting fear into baddies was a big part of their fighting style. I don’t think Diana really cared what the baddies thought of her, unless she thought she could convince them to change their ways and be good. (I mean, Doc Savage cut up criminal brains. Diana sent some of her notable villainesses to the Paradise Island Retreat Spa for the Criminally Insane.)

        • Comment by John C Wright:

          “She is Miranda Woman, a wondering woman as well as a wonder to others.”

          Good point! And I admire the way you said it.

          I love the idea of Wonder Woman as a type of Miranda, coming form paradise to view yet protect Man’s World. (The daughter of Prospero is a personal favorite character of mine, and the star of my wife’s new book)

          Once reason why I liked the first television season of Wonder Woman starring Linda Carter, is that they played up this innocent fish-out-of-water angle.

          In one of the early comics, she gave up her immortality to come to the mortal world — an impressive and willing sacrifice of noble proportions. She is not the sole survivor of a sunken and destroyed home, like Superman, nor a men bent on vengeance for the shocking death of his parents, like Batman. She is not even someone selected by a magic ring for his fearlessness like a Green Lantern. She is a volunteer to fight for a world that is not her home and not even her adopted home, and she is doing it for love of bold soldier Steve Trevor.

          That is not a bad motive.

  7. Comment by NorthoftheBorder:

    I just watched Batman: Forever with Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, etc. Now I liked both Michael Keaton movies, and the ones with Christian Bale (meaning the George Clooney and Arney was a total dreck) – but did anyone else appreciate this movie? I thought it was actually kind of brilliant, very cartoonish, but with the right characters. Thoughts?

  8. Comment by JJ Brannon:

    Steve Rogers is back!

    But now he’s father tot he Red Skull, so…

    Never mind!

    I mostly gave up reading Marvel during the Spider-Man clone wars.

    Funny you should be writing about this since only this week I was recalling the Mike Sekowsky-rendered “I Ching” period.


  9. Comment by Baron Korf:

    I actually like the leather lorica that you captioned as patriotic pulchritude. It seems to meet the requirements of being amazonian, patriotic and combat worthy.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      “I actually like the leather lorica that you captioned as patriotic pulchritude. It seems to meet the requirements of being amazonian, patriotic and combat worthy.”

      I think that is a production still from the upcoming movie. Does anyone know the name of the actress? If that is the look they have selected for the movie, I think it is darn near perfect. That woman looks like an All-American Amazon.

      • Comment by lotdw:

        That’s Cobie Smulders of “How I Met Your Mother.” She looks great in those pics, but unfortunately at least the second one is a ‘shop (background’s from Garner’s Elektra), and the first one probably is too.

        I laughed heartily at the bit about stuffing Steve Trevor in a refrigerator. Good stuff.

    • Comment by AndyMo:

      Is that Bridget Regan of Legend of the Seeker fame?

  10. Comment by David:

    This wins the Internet.

    The new costume is not the worst ever, but it sure isn’t an improvement.

  11. Comment by Mark P. Shea:

    John C. Wright:

    If I can be you, only for a little while, when I grow up, then all my ambitions as a writer in this life will be fulfilled.

    Awesome, awesome entry!

  12. Comment by KokoroGnosis:

    One thing that this whole Wonder Woman flap has taught me is that I am in the small minority of people who cannot STAND superhero costumes at all. I don’t care if they’re patriotic or not, outside of the Iron Man suit and the Nolanized Batsuit, they all drive me up a wall. But then again, I’m a Philistine who prefers my comics more in the vein of The Sandman than in Superman. (Even Supe made an appearance or two in the Sandman, and the Martian Manhunter’s appearance was a scene that made me realize how well-thought out the Endless’ universe really is.)

    • Comment by Andrea Harris:

      You realize you’ve basically admitted you don’t like superhero comics.

      Anyway, I’m in that “small minority” that thinks that superhero togs — the tights, the capes, the weird masks — are just bizarre. Maybe at one time they meant something (though I can’t think what — “Let’s have these heroes with special powers — and dress them up like ballet dancers and circus performers!”) but now they just look… I don’t know, like ballet dancers and circus performers. Only instead of doing a split or cracking a whip over a tame lion’s head, they’re zapping villains and flying through the air. Okay.

      • Comment by kokorognosis:

        Oh, yes. I’ll make know bones about that. I don’t care for the vast majority of superhero comics. Generally, when I like something superhero related, it tends to be in spite of the superhero part rather than because of it.

      • Comment by John C Wright:

        I think you hit the nail on the head. Superman’s costume was that of a circus strong man, and it was written at a time when a circus strong man was the easily-recognizable visual icon to represent strength — and perhaps with a bit of that sense of magic and mystery and blarney we all associate with the circus. The way a comic made someone look strong was to dress him in what every reader would automatically and unconsciously associate with strength.

        The masks are because all these folks are vigilantes fighting a secret war against crime and villainy, like Zorro, or, before him, Robin Hood.

        Since that time, as you say, they now look like Superheroes or acrobats.

        I included in my article what “realistic” combat gear looks like: body armor, helmet, camouflage, M-16 with grenade launcher, maybe a pair of night vision goggles. But if you want realism, why not read a war comic or a western?

  13. Comment by Edgewise:

    Well, I’m sure most will agree that it still beats [her foe]Giganta’s costume change.

  14. Comment by Maureen:

    Re: superhero costumes in general

    Well, anime has proved that you don’t need a freaky superhero costume, as long as you wear the same exact outfit every day. Or at least, every time you’re out fighting.

    However, superhero comics in the US are all designed to be drawn realistically but quickly (ie, not having to draw a lot of extraneous lines past the part when you draw a naked figure as the base for the rest of the figure drawing). Hard to do that with normal clothing.

  15. Comment by Noah Doyle:

    Heck, I liked ’em all.

    (Also, I really wouldn’t mind reading a comic about Spc. Jennie Baez of the the 47th Forward Support Battalion, too.)

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    […] those of you not familiar with the recent debate on this all important topic gripping the entire free world, I can sum […]

  17. Comment by CJ:

    Adam Warlock is a genetically-engineered ubermensch, not an android. And you call yourself a twit . . .

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      Hold on. Doesn’t the word “android” mean an artificial creature of flesh and blood, like Bob Heinlein’s FRIDAY, or like Otho from CAPTAIN FUTURE? Adam Warlock, known at first as “HIM” was a synthetic man created by a group called the Hive or the Enclave or something like that?

      I have heard “android” mean a human shaped robot (as opposed to a hoover vacuum cleaner shaped robot), but I have more often heard it to refer to a living but artificial man, such as “HIM” (or, in the case of his mate from later the comic, “HER”)

      Well, the advantage of having the crown of twittery ripped from one’s brow is that one can then, with perfect insincerity, rejoice at the twittish trivia one does not know. “I have important things to do! Like memorizing the names of non-existent colors on the planet Tormance in Arcturus, or the ninja-sword kata forms used by the Dragon Rand al-Thor! Bedevil me not with such insigificanteries!”

      • Comment by CJ:

        Indeed sir! He (or should I say Him) was created by the Enclave at their Secret Lair(tm) known as the Beehive! He later appeared as a horrifically unoriginal Christ-figure on the planet Counter-Earth, before being redeemed by Jim Starlin in The Strange Death of Adam Warlock, the crowning jewel of the Bronze Age of comics in this writer’s opinion.

        With that, I restore your crown and depart to kiss my wife and children good-night so as to remind myself that I do, in fact, have a life.

  18. Comment by Nave Hayder (TORMENT):

    As an obscure midlist science fiction writer you shouldn’t even be writing about a Grecian Demigoddess who is also a superheroine when she isn’t wearing outerware (or I guess that doesn’t count any more). Oh, and As an obscure midlist science fiction writer you should’ve also focused on the writer and more specifically on JMS’ comment on comparing the story with Schrodinger’s Cat (I mean, who doesn’t love that dead/alive/both dead and alive kitty any way? And why is JMS using a cat subtext on a feminist/humanist when in fact it should be used on a) her feline foe, or b) Batman’s feline foe!?)

    Just kidding, this was great, really tickled me in places I didn’t know I was ticklish (eh…) at any case.

  19. Comment by Stephani:

    Batman & Wonder Woman Forever <3

  20. Comment by Brett Jett:

    >>>>>>Wait. Who? Oh, sorry, wrong superchick. This above is a picture of one of the slavegirls of Orion, which is a completely different fetish from Wonder Woman. Or maybe it is the Wicked Witch of the West when she was young.

    Where was I? Oh, yet, her new costume<<<<<<


    Dude, you have no idea how close you hit upon it when you mentioned Orion in conjunction with WW! Orion happens to be the philandering mythological archetype that was recasted to create Steve Trevor!!

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