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Family Security Matters reports:

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore says he has raised over $50,000 for the construction of a mosque and Muslim community center near Ground Zero.

Moore made an appeal to his supporters on the ninth anniversary of 9/11 for donations to the construction project, pledging to match contributions up to $10,000.

Less than 48 hours later, five times that amount had poured into the contribution coffers as hundreds of people from around the country heeded Moore’s call.

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My comment:What is this war about? It is a Jihad. This war is the first in history that is entirely a psychological and propaganda war with little or no military component to it. The losses of Coalition troopers in Iraq so far have not equally one hour of losses storming Normandy Beach: painful as they are to the families and loved ones, from a historical point of view, they are utterly insignificant.

Only propaganda victories are significant. The enemy does not seek land or gain. They seek hegemony in the Middle East, culminating in the destruction of Israel, and an increase in their power and influence in the West, culminating in an unwillingness or even an inability of Western powers to halt the spread of Sharia law. To achieve this, they must make us afraid, and must make us seem weak and vapid. Our goal is the opposite: to so terrify the practitioners of Jihad that they are ashamed to practice their evil and bloodthirsty religion in public, much less to spread it. Our goal is to halt and to reverse the spread of Sharia law, by any means, peaceful or violent.

Those who practice a non-violent or non-Sharia version of Islam make no more difference to the outcome of the war than the peaceloving Germans who supported Hitler or the freedom loving Chinese who supported Mao: to be precise, no difference at all. We need not seek their approval nor avoid offending them. We may safely disregard any mention of them at all until and unless they make a difference, and they purge the Jihadist from their midst and actively hound them to shame and to death.

On a military level, we have taken no damage: the loss of trains in London or Madrid or a skyscraper in Manhattan does not decrease our war fighting capability in any way.

On the spiritual and psychological level, as far as the Left is concerned, the war is already concluded. Psychologically, the Left regard fighting this war as absurd, impossible, unimaginable and unjust — fighting is simply unimaginable to them, or if they imagine it, they picture our side as the purveyors of genocide. Liberals do not thing logically; they think in vivid pictures and simplistic black and white images and short, uncomplicated slogans,. In this case, the word “war” produces in their minds the image  of the sullen and smoking chimneys above Auschwitz, dark with human ash.

The Left never meant to fight on behalf of Western civilization in any case; most know so little about it that they cannot imagine it being threatened; or they are ashamed of it; or they are too high minded to fight for any cause, no matter how noble; or too stupid to see any threat, no matter how plain.

Those of you aligned with the political and cultural Left who have some reservations about the eventual predominance of Sharia law, those of you loyal to Western ideals, you have been betrayed by your leaders and mentors.

(We of the Right have also been betrayed, because while our leaders and mentors talk a good game, relatively little of substance has been done so far. Our leadership is not serious about the war, and seems not to recognize that this is a holy war, not a secular war, being fought for entirely spiritual and abstract reasons, not for prestige or gain or terrain. But that is a tale for another day.)

The treason to the loyal Left is this: secular humanists do not significantly criticize honor-killing or the wearing of the veil; they only criticize the anti-abortion stance of the Christians. Secular humanists do not significantly criticize Muslims stoning gays to death; they only criticize the pro-marriage stance of the Christians. Secular humanists do not significantly criticize the Muslim at all, lest they be falsely accused of racism, but reserve all their criticism for Israel, the Bush Administration, and the West.

But secular humanism does not have the philosophical coherence to oppose the peaceful spread of Sharia law, and does not have the courage to oppose its violent spread.

Therefore the Left, thinking it is protecting their precious right to live lives of masturbatory self-indulgence, pornography, contraception, divorce, abortion, socialism, wealth-looting, wealth-wasting and euthanasia from the horrid and utterly imaginary dangers of a Christian Theocracy, does all it can to encourage, cheer, applaud, and (in this case) fund the terror masters.

Unlike the loyal rank and file, the leaders and the elite of the Left are enormously unserious.They regard the war, and the real world, as a joke.

Whether your leaders and mentors, O Leftists, consciously know and intend this result is a matter for moot academic speculation. In the real universe, ideas have consequences independent of the intentions, noble or vile, of the practitioners. Whether Michael Moore knows or cares that the Triumph Mosque will be seen by Islam as a banner of glorious victory rallying waning hearts is something I neither know nor care. The blind and the blindfolded are the same for all practical purposes.

They have spent all the fortunes the previous generation has saved, both monetary wealth and political capital, and they have spent into debt all the fortunes our children and grandchildren will ever make: there is no coin left, physical or spiritual, with which to fill the war coffers.

As soon as America collapses financially, European ability to project power into the Middle East will be nugatory. In one or two generations at most, the major nations of Europe will have populations living under Sharia law, if not a numerical majority then at least a dominant political influence; whereupon the democratically elected governments will be beholden to the terror masters, or will be afraid to oppose them.

The case of Geert Wilders, Theo van Gogh and Molly Norris will simply be, for our children raised in this atmosphere, the norm. Our children will simply accept the informal censorship of Islam on our public discourse and private entertainments as a given, the same way they currently accept the informal censorship of political correctness as a given. To criticize Islam will be a violation of the First Amendment, a hate crime, and a violation of U.N. treaties regarding the respect and dignity allegedly owed all religions, but in practice proffered only to one. No one will criticize or question the Muslim in public. No one will defend the Jew.

It will seem so normal to our children and grandchildren, that they will be unable or unwilling to imagine that it was ever any other way. When hearing of a chase where a woman has been stoned to death for immodest conduct, or a man stabbed for dishonoring the Prophet, our grandchildren will simply shake their heads in contempt and sorrow, and wonder how anyone could be so foolish as to provoke Islam.

It will never occur to them that fighting back is possible–and, for them, it will not be. For them, it will be too late. Their day is past.

Can we fight? Is our day past?

One cannot defeat a strong and confident spiritual movement with a self-indulgence-seeking death-fascinated spiritual vacuum. The material and military advantages of the West have been (so far at least) neutralized on a strategic and psychological level: and the size of an army never legally allowed to fight an enemy we are not legally allowed to name or recognize is a matter of no interest.

This is your last generation, woman and children of the Left. I doubt Sharia law will ever be imposed by force in any European nation-state in my lifetime; but then again, that is not the strategy of the enemy, nor need it be.

So long as Sharia is respected in the West, and imposed upon enclaves that are de facto self-governing members of the international Dar El Islam, if will not matter if de jure they are within the metes and bounds of post-christian nation-states.

Respect for Sharia means that this generation will be pressured to treat the Koran with respect, and custom will forbid its desecration even if written law does not; the next generation will treat with seriousness and respect demands for modesty among woman, and the segregation of public places and work places out of respect for the Faithful among us; the generation after that will adhere to Muslim holidays and observances and segregate or isolate homosexuals or other persons not pleasing to Allah, such as Jews. The Muslim faith forbids abortion and oppresses woman, so the main and central tenant of the culture of death will be undermined: social Leftism will be dead. However, Muslimism has no innate conflict with communalism or communism, so the dismantling of the free market system will continue: economic Leftism may find itself triumphant.

Whether or not this is your last generation, men of the Right, men of civilization, men of the mind, depends on whether or not the predictions in the paragraph above are things that might happen or are things that must happen. I suppose that depends on the clarity of the light of your thought and on the heat of the fire of your resolve. Do you mean to go gently into the Jihadist future without complaint?

The mere fact that essays must be written asking the men of the West to rally to her cause, and such essays provoke controversy rather than universal assent, (and, of controversy, will provoke mindless accusations of racism  rather than reasoned argument) indicate to me that the culture of death and the cult of unreason is far too advanced a disease to be reversed. However, I welcome any sign that my prognosis is premature.

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