The Narrative

Bill Whittle on ‘The Narrative’ and the lingering damage, now that the ideology that spawned it is (for all practical purposes) dead, caused by Critical Theory.

I post this here in reference to several conversations appearing in this space in recent times, most notably discussions of the doctrines of materialism (which is a doctrine of ontology) of hedonism (of ethics) and nihilism (of metaphysics).

The historical discussion begins after the third minute mark.

The features I note are similar between Critical Theory and materialism, hedonism, and nihilism are twofold:

First, there is only an attack mode, no defense mode. These are theories with no defensive features, that is, only the prosecution attacking their unidentified opponent philosophies are ever given voice.

No partisan of the position offers a defense, or, at least not so far, aside from merely restating what they hope to prove. No evidence is presented or proof given to show what materialism, hedonism or nihilism is the case: the only argument given, at least so far, is meant to show that arguments against materialism, hedonism, and nihilism contain assumptions the partisan is unwilling to grant. The whole argument consists of assuming the burden of proof is not on them.

Second, what they attack is never identified by name, and the attacks seem to have no connection with each other, albeit, obviously, that same arguments and the same people switch without hesitation from one to the other, with the hedonist uttering the agnostic epistemology of the nihilist, and the materialist implying (whether he knows it or not) a nihilist metaphysic that the universe is without meaning. And all agree that fornication is acceptable and licit because no one knows or has authority to say what is right and what is wrong; but all agree that saying women should get married and do housework is wrong in all circumstances whatsoever.

The peculiar unity of what seems three unrelated philosophy from thee unrelated barristers representing them is also seen in Critical Theory. The enemy they all seek to undermine is never explicitly identified: it is Western Civilization in general, Christianity in particular, and Catholicism in specific.

Hedonists and nihilists do not intend to build up anything once with ethical and metaphysical roots of civilization are uprooted, and materialists cannot build anything even if they intended.

None of these doctrines imposes additional or difficult ethical imperatives on man, or produces a simpler or useful model of the universe, or explains anything other models do not explain more clearly and without paradox; all of them wither, relax or abolish the classical virtues of moderation, fortitude, justice and prudence, or blaspheme the Christian virtues of faith, hope and charity, and replace it with the formless void that you all know as the leitmotif of our post-Christian post-philosophical civilization.

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