Gallo and Cover Art

A reader wryly commented on the cover art of my forthcoming book:

“…this must be the first time in the history of publishing that they actually gave the cover artist an accurate description of the contents to be illustrated.”

I reply:

Untrue. The art department at Tor books is under the hand of one Irene Gallo. A study of the covers of my books shows in each case that the artist had read or had been told the crucial elements from the story to add, including such details as Phaethon’s flower, Galen Waylock’s steed, Amelia Windrose’s headgear and Colin’s guitar, and the conflict of powers over the chessboard of the universe between Gilbert Gosseyn and Enro the Red.

You can find images of all these images here:

Gallo! I staunchly defend her work! Other publishing houses, let them defend their honor as best they may, but for me, both the accuracy and the beauty and the technical craftsmanship of the covers coming out of Tor books is above reproach, and I say, above comparison.

Here is her webpage:

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