Pulp Cover Fiction

The Internet is a strange place. I was looking at youtube videos of pulp magazine covers, and little mini-essays on The Shadow, when I came across youtube where someone had put together a slideshow of magazine covers from the 1950’s. I recognized the first one, because I had used it in a humor piece I had written in 2008, where I (tongue in cheek) tried to define the genre of science fiction by seeing what elements appeared on the covers of pulp magazines.

“Well,” thought I, “Small world. That guy who made the slideshow found the same magazine as I!”

Then the slideshow displayed the second one, which, by coincidence, was the second cover I had used; and then the third — by the time the Old West covers I had used rolled around, I caught on.

Someone had been as impressed as I at the covers I had collected and made a sideshow out of them. I am flattered and little embarrassed, because I do not remember the name or URL of the history-of-magazines site where I found the prints.

Anyway, those of you who want to see the nice covers without all the inane jesting and nonsense the I wrote around and around them, here is the slideshow.

And if you DO want to see the nice covers with all the inane jesting and nonsense, here is the humor piece.



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