Movie Star!

Well, I finally got around to seeing the film in which (name dropping alert) Neil Gaiman and Joe Haldeman and David Brin and Corey Vidal* and I appear.

It is called The People Versus George Lucas—and it is directed Alexandre O. Phillippe, who interviewed me  at 67th Worldcon, Anticipation, held in Montreal, 2009.

It is a documentary about the fanhate (a word coined just for this) for George Lucas, who so deeply impressed himself on our childhood imaginations.

I appear for exactly one line of dialog 1 hour, 2 minutes, 27 seconds into the documentary.

Here I am!

During the one-line clip, I am talking about my favorite topic,


See? I *am* a science fiction author! It says so right there on the screen!

Now for the shocker: I do not look ridiculous on film, at least not to me. My voice does not sound high and stupid like it sounds in real life. I actually look dignified, and my voice is manly and deep.

Sure, this sounds like vanity, but I assure you most solemnly that every other photo I have ever seen of myself, and every other sound of my voice in tape, has annoyed me to no end. I tell people that I am a member of the Dakota tribal religion that forbids taking pictures because cameras steal one’s soul, merely so I can escape from the necessity of seeing one more ghastly unflattering photo of myself.

But, something this time was different. I look … normal. My voice sounds … normal.

Alexandre O Phillipe obviously meddled with me using special effects! Now I am beautiful! Now I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty!

Oops. Wait. Sorry, I was looking at a clip of Jar Jar Binks in Episode II casting the deciding vote to elevate Chancellor Palpatine to Emperor. I thought that was me. It is a common mistake.

(Just kidding. My trip to Montreal with the beautiful and talented Mrs Wright was a long-delayed honeymoon for the misses and me, and so perhaps to myself I look less cross than my normal wont.)


* Footnote:  What do you mean, you do not know who Corey Vidal is?


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