Standing Ovation Supressed by Minitrue

I have not closely been following the political race here in America. My first impression is one of disgust toward all the candidates except for Rick Santorum.

But first impressions can be swayed. I admit that Mr Gingrich gained back the smallest possible increment of my good will that he lost when he slandered venture capitalism when I heard of these remarks.

These remarks prompted a standing ovation, which was not reported in any major news outlet covering the debates. We can no longer call then news media: they are the Ministry of Truth from Orwell. I myself only heard about it through new media sources.


As best I can tell, everyone in the audience is standing. It is more disgust for the so-called news media than respect for the candidate perhaps, but he handled himself in a manly fashion after the schoolgirlish Mr John King of Minitrue tried to play catty with him.

Since the days of President Clinton, whom the press closed ranks to protect, this behavior was labeled by the Left as ‘sexual McCarthism’ a phrase audacious if not sublime in its utter lack of sense and content.

H/T to The Anchoress. More here.

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