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Take a look:

Daniel Hannan writes:

Take a close look at this promotional poster. Notice anything? Alongside the symbols of Christianity, Judaism, Jainism and so on is one of the wickedest emblems humanity has conceived: the hammer and sickle.

For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death. It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people’s courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned. It fluttered over the re-education camps and the gulags. For hundreds of millions of Europeans, it was a symbol of foreign occupation. Hungary, Lithuania and Moldova have banned its use, and various former communist countries want it to be treated in the same way as Nazi insignia.

Yet here it sits on a poster in the European Commission

My comment: Just yesterday a reader wrote and told me it was wrong for me to liken Great Britain to a nation in the Third World. I admit my comment was an outrageous and insulting exaggeration, and so I apologized.

The apology was sincerely meant, but so was the criticism of the degeneration of the English people as they degenerate into an increasingly post-christian people, a degeneration enabled and abetted by the psychology of stoneless and gormless government dependency.

Judging from this poster, I should have likened her to a nation in the Second World, something from behind the Iron Curtain.

She and the other once great states of Europe seem to be heading that direction.

But with this difference: the energy and the desire to impose Utopia by force that is the driving zeal of the Communist Internationale is missing from this new manifestation of servile godlessness.

Real communism would have displayed the hammer and sickle proudly, and, a jealous idol, would have permitted no rivals. This is something else. This is the cult of multiculturalism, this is the culture of death.

The hardness of the Iron Curtain is gone. The strategy instead is one of sirens singing sailors to the deaths with promises of wealth and rest, or will-o-the-wisps leading disoriented travelers deeper into soporific bogs of clinging filth.

There are four general stages of corruption as a man or a nation or a civilization departs from Christendom. Each is a reaction against the defects of the former stage, but none is a return to Christianity nor likely to motivate a return.

The first might be called liberalism or enlightenment, which is a benign neglect of divine things, a desire to live and let live, an devotion of the benign spirit of ecumenism into moral relativism.It is an attempt to live by Reason, without taking into account a man’s need for communal spiritual life.

The second is ideology, an attempt to return to spiritual zeal which enlightenment throws overboard, but using ersatz religion, usually communism (and its associated political psychopathologies, such as fascism), to provide worldly and material utopias to act as idols to receive the zeal. This step attempts to fulfill man’s need to worship without acknowledging anything so backward and unscientific as a divinity to worship. It replaces the idea of live and let live with the idea that the enemies of the people must be destroyed.

The third is a rejection of the zealotry of worldly idols and a return to mystical supernaturalism, but usually under a vague adoration of a life force or spirit of man or spirit of history or cosmic energy or some other sort of New Age smelling spirit world without any God who has a face, has a personality, or makes demands. This step attempts to fulfill man’s need for mysticism without fulfilling his need for reason, and it is a rejection of the conformity to utopian cults like communism and their demand for ideological purity.

The fourth is utter nihilism, utter relativism, the conceit that all things are equal to all others, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all truths are partial and personal; and nihilism promises that if only we all abandon all our believes and virtues, then we will become tolerant and placid and all get along. It is, in effect, a combination of the worst aspects of the previous three stages of corruption: the selfish materialism of the enlightenment, the intolerant zeal of the communist, the irrational mysticism of the unitarian life-force worshiper. It rejects the communist adoration of force and violence, and replaces it with the soft dictatorship of moral relativism.

The soft dictatorship has no need of an Iron Curtain to keep its slaves from fleeing to freedom. It merely controls the press and the education and the popular entertainment and the bureaucracy, and erects a prison in the mind, a thought prison, called political correctness.

Under this final stage of corruption, Karl Marx and Jesus Christ are one and the same: a mixture of Tash and Aslan called Tashlan.

The poster above is a poster for Tashlan.


  1. Comment by Sean Michael:

    Dear Mr. Wright:

    And besides the hideous hammer and sickle of Communism, I noticed as well the equally abominable crescent moon and star of Islam. It’s my belief that a nihilistic and despairing civilization clinging to Political Correctness will be as much endangered by theocratic and totalitarian Mohammedanism as we once were by National Socialism and Communism. Only a return to a TRUE faith in God can save us. By which I mean the Catholic Church. And to a philosophy based on true reason!

    Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

  2. Comment by Curubethion:

    That was well-written. And my word, but that is a startling poster.

  3. Comment by Suburbanbanshee:

    The five-pointed star inside the star is also apparently the Communist star. (It’s not a Christian, African, or Wiccan pentacle, or an American star.)

    The really stupid thing about filling the star with all these other symbols is that the 12 stars of the European Union are there to explicitly parallel the 12 European states with the 12 stars in the crown of the Virgin Mary/the Woman in the Book of Revelation, which are the stars of the 12 tribes of Israel. (Hence the circle of stars on the EU flag – it’s the crown of Our Lady of Europe.) So unless you’re saying that all the Gentiles are coming to Zion to get rid of their false gods and worship the true one, the only religions that really fit that star are Judaism and Christianity.

  4. Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

    Daniel Hannan is a moron. The hammer-and-sickle is the common symbol of all continental Social Democrat parties, including the Italian Socialist (, ) and Social Democrat ( ) parties. Of these, the Socialists have been in most Italian governments from 1962 to 1992, and the Social Democrats have been firm defenders of democracy and NATO since 1947. Similar stories can be found across Europe. Hannan’s offensive implication that a German who voted for Schmidt or a Frenchman who supported Mitterrand were, because of the old symbol of their parties (which the Communists stole – it was the symbol of the Socialist movement before Lenin was thought of), supporters of Communist tyranny, is what one should expect from that miserable, ignorant, hate-ridden fanatic, and I suggest you don’t imitate him.

    • Comment by Sean Michael:

      Hi, Signor Barbieri:

      Nonetheless, whatever the ORIGINS of the hammer and sickle symbol, it still remains blood drenchedly associated with the Communists and USSR. That alone should forever discredit it and stop decent people from using it.

      Sean M. Brooks

      • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

        What you are saying is, you are ignorant of the political history of Europe (the Socialist Pertini was President of Italy, and the Social Democrat Schmidt Chancellor of West Germany, when the Communist terrorism of the RAF and the Red Brigades was being faced and slowly defeated) and Europe should defer to your ignorance. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

      • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

        Bullshit. You are just saying that YOU never saw it associated with anything else, which only means that you are a provincial ignoramus easily manipulated by propagandists such as Hannan. It is, I repeat, the symbol of the Socialist movements across Europe. I don’t even like the Socialists that much, and I never voted for them, but they are a part of our tradition of political liberty and debate, and I am revolted to find the odious Hannan, whom I regard as three-quarters mad anyway, lie and traduce it in the hope of catching such fish as you.

        • Comment by John C Wright:

          Of course, the table below represents the reality Mr Berbieri, with all his scenery-chewing supervillain rhetoric, is trying to get us, and perhaps his conscience, to ignore:


          I do not know how Mr Barbieri reconciles his Catholic faith it with the numbers of the dead given above.

          Or, rather, if he reconciles it by saying these socialists, the vast majority, were not ‘true’ socialists like himself, motivated by charity and philanthropy, let him display that charity in his speech.

          Socialism is the atheist cult of Mammon, the craving for unearned wealth under the unconvincing figleaf of a demand for social justice. Socialism is slobbering covetousness, pure greed combined with murderous hatred of the rich, compared to which the greed of honest businessmen is a candle to a bonefire.

          No man serves God and Mammon.

          • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

            Your attempt to associate me of all people with Communism is dishonourable and fraudulent. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. If you will not listen to what I am actually saying, I will not waste any more words on you, but I suggest you have a word with your confessor about your attitude to others’ views and your methods in opposing them. They fall under several headings of mortal sin.

            • Comment by John C Wright:

              This is merely posturing on your part.

              • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

                No. Your refusal to pay any attention to views that contradict yours falls under the headings of pride, mendacity, sloth (mental), and anger. There is quite enough there for anyone to worry. If I tell you, one, that a certain symbol has been stolen by the Communists, that is a historical issue on which I as a historian (currently engaged in writing on the period in question) have a right to an opinion. If I tell you that a writer whom I know very well is a humourless, hysterical, one-issue half-maniac, you have no right to answer to that by throwing figures at me that I know better than you do, and that I knew before you did. It is not an answer; it is not relevant to what I say, but only meant to shore up your position among your supporters. Deal with what I say, rather than waving the bloody shirt.

                • Comment by John C Wright:

                  You said you were going to waste no more words on me, friend. But you are still talking.

                  So you did not mean it, at least, you did not mean it literally. It was a verbal flourish meant to convey red-faced rage and arrogance and scorn. In other words, it was merely posturing.

                  Which was what I said.

                  • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

                    You took the word of one of Europe’s most boring and humourless fanatics over a matter on which neither you nor he knew anything. I corrected you, and instead of actually engaging with me – even badly – as most of your friends did, you took a superior tone and waved the bloody shirt, which is about as far from the behaviour of a philosopher as it is very well possible to be. I am aware after this that words thrown at you are wasted, but I am describing your behaviour for anyone else who is reading this. Get it through your head that ignorance is not evidence, and that sudden changes of subject prove nothing except your unwillingness to DEAL with the subject.

                    • Comment by John C Wright:

                      And yet you said you would waste no more words on me. Here you are for the third time. So, you do not mean what you say: it is posturing, vaunting, empty words.

                      Should I reply with empty words of my own? Instead I gave you the deepest and weightiest word I could possibly speak. Serve Christ. Speak humbly.

                      Wrath is death, and you nurture it inside your body like a serpent.

        • Comment by Sean Michael:

          Signor Barbieri:

          You have lost all credit with me due to your crude and violent language. Nor do I care about Mr. Hannan, a person I’ve never heard of before now. What matters is that the hammer and sickle symbol IS associated with the brutal Communists and USSR. See as well “david g’s” comments. Apparently, only the Italian socialists, of Western European socialists, used the odious hammer and sickle symbol.

          Sean M. Brooks

          • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

            David G is as ignorant as you are. He is evidently too young to remember, since the ridiculous carnation was brought in in the eighties when Mitterrand decided to reinvent himself as a free marketeer. The hammer and sickle is the historical symbol of the Socialist movement across continental Europe. Hannan is a moron; that is my assessment of him after having read plenty of his articles – for I don’t pass this sort of judgment without evidence. A boring, humourless, one-issue fanatic whose few articles outside the I-hate-Europe range show nothing but delusion and lousy taste (I actually went and listened to a group he promoted, and found it talentless and unimaginative), a man who falsifies facts and ignores those that don’t suit him, a gift to all his opponents and a curse to anyone who wished to make a serious case for his views. Stay away from Hannan, he is a broken reed in the Biblical sense of the word.

    • Comment by Nate Winchester:

      Just wanted to say all that was interesting and thank FPB for the lesson. I’m just not sure it’s a good IDEA for those groups to use that symbol (kind of like why some don’t use the swastika symbol even though it has an older history in eastern societies).

      • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

        The visual message of this was aimed at European citizens. The ignoramus Hannan did not see it in Bangalore or New York City. And Europeans from Athens to Madrid and from Oslo to Palermo know what I know. In fact, I think Hannan is either more ignorant than the average or deliberately mendacious – in the hope of reaching the likes of you.

        • Comment by Sean Michael:

          Signor Barbieri:

          Disagree. You seem not to have paid any attention to the points I and others have made about the odious hammer and sickle symbol. Are you actually denying its association with the Communists and USSR?

          Sean M. Brooks

          • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

            Are you actually listening to anything I said? The Soviets stole the hammer and sickle symbol for political advantage, as part of their long-term tactic to hijack the trades union movement and the broader working-class left across the world. They have as much claim to it as Islam has to the person of Jesus Christ (i.e. “Isa the prophet of Allah”). As a matter of fact, the identifiable Communist symbol, the one used by militant Communists from Chile to Italy, is the five-pointed red star, which nobody except Marx-Leninists ever used.

        • Comment by Nate Winchester:

          That can be fair, but I wonder how it plays in different parts of Europe.

          I can certainly see western Europe seeing the H&S as one thing while the eastern block (who used to be a part of the soviet union) might get a different message from it.

          Again, I could be wrong, I’m just curious if anyone has e-Europe reactions to the symbol.

    • Comment by Brad R. Torgersen:

      The swastika is an ancient symbol which has been employed by many Old World and New World cultures alike. Yet who in the 21st century dares to employ the swastika now? Besides white supremacists and neo-nazis? Rightly or wrongly the swastika has come to represent organized tyranny and murder.

      So too has the hammer and sickle come to represent tyranny and murder. That there are enough true marxists and marxist-apologists alive and well in the Eurozone to shamelessly put the hammer and sickle onto a populist poster is indicative of how the rot of marxism thrives—despite the total failure of the Russian Soviet and the perversions of quasi-communism practiced in Asia.

      Apparently the loss of 100 million lives is not enough for people still infatuated with the idea of the Workers Paradise. Time to put a happy face on those gulags. Can’t we all just get along?

      • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

        What they represent to your ignorant self is not what they represent to me or to any member of the EU except for the hate-ridden ignoramus Hannan. Period. And I don’t see why anyone should defer to your ignorance of our history and of our politics, past and present. I don’t even LIKE the Socialist movement, and I don’t think I ever voted for them; but they are a part of our parliamentary and democratic history since the nineteenth century, and I won’t have the likes of you denigrate them because you don’t know enough to know the difference. If this sounds offensive, it is because it is in response to a very offensive and hateful thing. A Socialist (Ernest Bevin, look him up) founded NATO. Socialists faced Communist terrorism in Italy and Germany and defeated it. Socialists died for freedom in the lagers and the gulags. I don’t particularly care for or need your good opinion of my view, but I do care for the dead. I was there in Italy when the Socialist Pertini and the Socialist Craxi, President and Prime Minister, led the defeat of the Red Brigades; and while Craxi was a scoundrel, I won’t have you abuse their memory while there is breath in my body.

      • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

        The hammer and sickle were a Socialist and Trades Unionist symbol since the 1880s at least. The Communists stole it. It has nevertheless been the symbol of the Socialist movement across Western Europe for that long. You will find it – along with the red flag – in the parades of the British Labour Party. And the comparison with the Swastika doesn’t exist; no modern political movement had appropriated the Swastika before the German extreme nationalists did (Hitler was not the first). On the other hand, an enormous range of left-wing bodies, of which many were never Marxist at all, were delighted with the symbols of manual labour. Many of them opposed Communism, and some, like the Italian Social Democrats, were obstinately pro-Western. And did you know that NATO itself was designed and set up by a Socialist trades unionist, Ernest Bevin? He would probably have had a hammer-and-sickle somewhere in his office.

    • Comment by Tom Simon:

      In other words, the Socialist and Social Democrat parties of Italy have foolishly retained the symbol while rejecting what the symbol stood for.

      Meanwhile, I award you no points for characterizing a political opponent as a ‘miserable, ignorant, hate-ridden fanatic’. You use that kind of language to describe anyone who is not a Socialist, including me and our host, Mr. Wright. It means nothing coming from you; indeed, it means nothing coming from anyone, except a violent expression of personal hatred. As soon as one person in a debate accuses another of being a hate-ridden fanatic, I know that there is indeed a hate-ridden fanatic in the debate: it is the one making the accusation.

      One day, perhaps, you will learn to draw the fine distinction between (a) making a rational argument and (b) foaming at the mouth in public.

      • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

        My assessment of Daniel Hannan is that he is a miserable, ignorant, hate-ridden fanatic. He’s the kind of man who’d blame the declining taste of British apples on Europe. He is a one-issue maniac with a mind impervious to evidence or decency. He is as nearly irrational as anyone can be and still be published. He is a joke without any of the fun. I don’t describe political opponents like that – ask Mr.Tom Simon, who is certainly a political opponent of mine, whether I ever described him in any such fashion. I describe the dreadful Hannan like that because the shoe fits.

  5. Comment by david g.:

    Really, Sig. Barbieri, drop your rants. I can argue with you in Italian, but out of respect to others here, I will do it in English.

    You are wrong; no social democratic party anywhere in free Europe — and, of course, you had none in Italy, because the socialist party was a puppet of the PCI (Partito Comunista Italiano) for decades — flourished the accursed hammer and sickle. Name one!

    No, the socialists in many countries waved the red carnation. In a clenched fist. Bad enough for me, but then, in words you may understand, Sig. Barbieri (and pardon me, John, for using a foreign language),

    i votanti comunisti sono stato oppure idioti o servi di Satana, il nemico di siempre di Dio Nostro Signore. Può darsi che molti di questi votanti, e di quelli chi tuttora votano il partitone anticlericale, avvortista e prosodomita di sinistra, sono stato di buona fede. Ma ne dubbio. Sono convinto che i più sanno molto bene che cosa facciano.

    Ho un consiglio per te. Pregare ogni giorno il Rosario di N. Madre Santissima. Te guerirá.

    Praying the Rosary daily will heal you.

    Saluti distinti


    • Comment by Fabio Paolo Barbieri:

      David: you are evidently someone who was a child in the eighties. The carnation was an invention of Mitterand’s and Craxi’s. I linked to Wiki pages and illustrations. Go read them, instead of showing your ignorance. E se preferisci te lo dico in italiano: non pretendere di insegnare la storia del mio paese a me, coglione.

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