Mitt Romney’s Al Smith Speech

If you have never done humorous public speaking, it is harder than it looks. Romney has a good gag writer, and displays a gracious self-deprecating humor.


  1. Comment by False_Keraptis:

    I know it’s not a big deal in this case, but when did it become the norm for our leaders to read other people’s words and claim them as their own? FDR? Earlier? It seems like a dishonorable and dishonest practice, but everyone just accepts it. Employing speechwriters should be a scandal, not the standard way things are done.

    • Comment by Darrell:

      Alexander Hamilton wrote, at least, George Washington’s Farewell Address (though Washington, like all future presidents, modified the speech) so it appears to have been going on from the beginning. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an almost universal practice among leaders who gave speeches throughout history.

  2. Comment by Brad R. Torgersen:

    It’s too bad more of Romney’s detractors don’t get to see this side of him. I suspect it would make it more difficult for them to slander and hate Romney to the degree they need to slander and hate him in order to pull the lever for a failed Obama. Thus a decent and good man is made out to be the devil, because it takes the devil to contrast Obama in a good light.

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