The Triumph of the Trivial

Are you seriously taking about Big Bird? Talk ab0ut this, instead, thou mewling epitome of shallowness:

Barack Obama has a kill list.

Its legal justification is a secret. Its contents are secret, too. You don’t get to see who’s on it. Nor do any members of Congress. Nor any federal judges. Basically no one does.

How does someone end up on it? Obama decides. He decides with a small group of people, all of whom hold their jobs at his pleasure.

Whatever methods they use, they’re secret, too. The evidence — you guessed it — is secret. If there even is any.

We don’t know much about the kill list, but we do know a few things. We know it can include American citizens. That’s already happened. We know it can include American citizens who are minors. That’s already happened, too.

My comment: I hope no one can possibly doubt my credentials as a warhawk only a hair’s breadth shy from being a blood-crazed berserker when it comes to advocating, in the strongest possible terms, a full, robust, wrathful world-wide war against the Jihad, and all who support it, tacitly or openly, foreign or domestic. I am in favor of a Crusade, for Christ’s sake!

So it is safe to say that I am far, far beyond the norm of what polite society is willing to contemplate when it comes to aggressive use of ugly, brutal force; nor have I any romantic illusions about the horrors and costs of war.

But assassinating American citizens, including a minor, without any legal process, death warrant, or writ of a magistrate?

That is a cost of war even I deem too high to pay. What profits it a nation to win a war and lose her soul?

This abrogates not only the Constitution, but the medieval Magna Carta, and all notion of the Rights of Man or Rule of Law. Even the victims of the Star Chamber, or the Terror of the French Revolution enjoyed the mockery of a mass trial: that was more legal process than this.

Both political parties support this practice, namely, assassination by fiat of American citizens deemed dangerous.

Neither political party would not dare support this practice unless you, the public, either tacitly supported it, or by your lack of public outcry, permitted it.

No doubt I would cast my vote for Mr Romney anyway, merely because the only alternative, a second term for Mr Obama, is tantamount to national suicide; but I solemnly assure you that I would cast such a vote with far fewer misgivings if Mr Romney publicly repudiated this abominable and unlawful practice, and vowed a return to what are ironically called the Laws of War.

If I could bring myself to address the orc-hordes of the Left in terms civil and mild, I would ask them politely whose death they find more disturbing, more worthy of headline, more needed for the commonwealth to debate?


Or this?

I will point out the two differences between the two photos, and this is a different the Left cannot understand or appreciate.

Difference one: The first image concerns an unreal creature, a make-believe.

Difference two: the caption on the first image is a shameless lie.

It is also an easily refuted lie, a stupid lie, one not likely to snare any but those seeking self-deception.

If I may quote:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets
more than $400 million a year from the federal government. If this is an essential expenditure at a time of $1 trillion deficits and a $16 trillion debt, what is a nonessential expenditure?

Only about 8 percent of the annual budget of Sesame Workshop, which produces the show, comes from the government. It has
operating revenue of more than $130 million a year, and makes about $50 million annually on merchandising alone.

Sherrie Westin, executive vice president of the Sesame Workshop, told CNN the other day that given its philanthropic support, its licensed product, and its corporate underwriting and sponsorship, her outfit is under no threat whatsoever. “So quite frankly,” she said, “you can debate whether or not there should be funding of public broadcasting. But when they always … say we’re going to kill Big Bird — that is actually misleading, because ‘Sesame Street’ will be here.”

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P.S. I had resolved to write more articles about science fiction stories and fewer about that freakish science fiction story called modern politics (a tale more baroque than any penned by R.A Rafferty or Aldous Huxley) but the shock of seeing allegedly sober men more concerned about fictional danger to a giant puppet than about a real and permanent danger to the Republic, to the rule of law, to human life and dignity, overthrew my resolution.

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