Voting Yourself Out of a Vote

What is a significant, if not the crucial, issue of this election? I fear it is one I have not yet heard discussed.

Libertarians, and men rightly disgusted by Republican stupidity and evil, this candidate is not ideal; but if he is not sufficiently conservative, he can be voted out of office, because the electoral process will be somewhat trustworthy.

I cannot say the same if he does not win.

Does anyone recall the news stories of massive voter fraud in 2008? ( Does anyone miss the real meaning of the dramatic resistance to picture ID laws for voter registration?

I fear there may be a tipping point after which the dead, crooked, illegal and imaginary votes merely outnumber and outweigh, at least in crooked counts, the votes of the citizens.

At the moment, it is only a fear. But it is something I do not recall fearing during Clinton’s administration, or Carter’s. Perhaps I am unreasonable. But even if I am over-reacting, my dear Libertarians, let me ask: Do we need four more years of Chicago machine politics?

So the election may also be about not voting yourself out of a vote.

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