Ellis Wyatt, Phone your Office

In news naturally ignored by the Associated Press, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and virtually everyone else in the establishment media, The Hill reported late last week that the Interior Department “issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West (i.e., 2,500 square miles) originally slated for oil shale development.”

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the Environmental Protection Agency plan to spend the next four years using largely phony environmental concerns to prevent the country from seeing affordable energy costs and from achieving long-term net energy independence. The U.S. could accomplish the latter within a decade if the government would, with appropriate oversight, let the oil and gas industry do in the West what it has successfully been doing in North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

from http://pjmedia.com/blog/3-windows-into-obamas-dangerous-second-term/

My comment: We had a chance to have an energy Renaissance in this country. It would have ended the Depression and undermined the petrodollar-funded Terror Masters in the Middle East.

But no.  America voted her future away.

In related news, Israel is under missile attack, foodstamp enrollment has reached an all-time record breaking high, layoff and reductions in workforce from permanent to temporary jobs is underway (anyone under 30 hours a week is not covered by his employer according to Obamacare), the Stock Market is declining.

And the man whom the Administration decided to scapegoat as the cause of the Benghazi attacks — by now, by all admitted to have been planned terrorist attacks, not a spontaneous mob enraged by some unwatched YouTube video — is still in jail.

Oh, and the Nation is entirely broke. See the Debt Clock to the right.

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