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In news naturally ignored by the Associated Press, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and virtually everyone else in the establishment media, The Hill reported late last week that the Interior Department “issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West (i.e., 2,500 square miles) originally slated for oil shale development.”

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the Environmental Protection Agency plan to spend the next four years using largely phony environmental concerns to prevent the country from seeing affordable energy costs and from achieving long-term net energy independence. The U.S. could accomplish the latter within a decade if the government would, with appropriate oversight, let the oil and gas industry do in the West what it has successfully been doing in North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

from http://pjmedia.com/blog/3-windows-into-obamas-dangerous-second-term/

My comment: We had a chance to have an energy Renaissance in this country. It would have ended the Depression and undermined the petrodollar-funded Terror Masters in the Middle East.

But no.  America voted her future away.

In related news, Israel is under missile attack, foodstamp enrollment has reached an all-time record breaking high, layoff and reductions in workforce from permanent to temporary jobs is underway (anyone under 30 hours a week is not covered by his employer according to Obamacare), the Stock Market is declining.

And the man whom the Administration decided to scapegoat as the cause of the Benghazi attacks — by now, by all admitted to have been planned terrorist attacks, not a spontaneous mob enraged by some unwatched YouTube video — is still in jail.

Oh, and the Nation is entirely broke. See the Debt Clock to the right.


  1. Comment by Nate Winchester:

    Having just read the piece you linked to earlier I think there’s something jordan and the dissident frogman both miss.

    Politicians may want us to run as close to the cliff as possible (without pushing us over) but I don’t have enough confidence in their skill to pull it off.

    In which case, the election may have had the best result. Assuming all previous mentions & sources are true about political shift, then it seems to me that Romney would have been far more skillful at keeping us “sated and happy” while changing everything than Obama is going to be.

    Or to put it another way. Think of the (false) metaphor about the boiling frog. If I were to be pressed on the issue, I think Romney would be more apt at turning up the heat before the frog realizing its danger, whereas Obama seems poised to crank it up too fast. The frog may yet live.

    • Comment by rlbell:

      The thing about the frog in the water was that the original study that everybody cites was doubly flawed. The first flaw was that he did not watch the frog in the pot, to see if it tried to escape, which would have revealed the second flaw– he had used a pot that the frog could not escape from. Efforts to duplicate the original study, that, at least, corrected the second flaw, have all shown that the frog leaps out, before the water gets too hot.

  2. Comment by gray mouser:

    You know, the funny thing about the increase in food stamps is that Ohio is seeing a cut in benefits. 869,000 households will see a reduction in the amount of benefits they receive because, at some point, social programs run out of money when you keep jamming more and more people to the rolls. Ohio voted for Obama based in no small part on his “caring” about people. Now they’re going to see the results of giving millions and millions of people a fish instead of teaching them to fish.

    I look forward to the same thing happening with Obamacare.

  3. Comment by John Hutchins:

    “(anyone under 30 hours a week is not covered by his employer according to Obamacare)”

    Independent contractors also do not have to be covered by their employer; So a company can say they don’t hire employees just contract out work and force all new “hires” to form LLC’s which receive the salary. Since the employee works for the LLC and not the employer things like overtime pay also go away. Firing the employee is also costless, no unemployment, no nothing as they don’t actually work for you. I am sure there are some fancy accounting things that need to be done to have this all work out but I know it happens, and I know it is becoming more common.

  4. Comment by [email protected]:

    I think we voted (and amused) our future away long ago. ∅’s re-election is just a marker in the game.

    DC has been a city of courtiers for years, racial demagogues have been carefully splitting groups away from any adherence to common good, and we spend more time and money entertaining ourselves than any society I’ve ever heard of.

    Reports from DC say it is wealthy as the rest of the country does poorly, and that status and who you know (does an Assistant Undersecretary outrank an Undersecretary Assistant?) are the main preoccupations. It seems as though everyone worries about how close he is to the Sublime Porte. Reporters are in awe of the honor of being admitted to the Press Conference, and tastefully don’t intrude on its placid perfection with awkward questions.

    True, the country’s divisions were worse back when Jefferson Davis was a president (the only one worse than ∅), but we could be let alone by other countries back then, or alternatively not take them down with us. We’re divided into tribes (Assistant Village Idiot’s analysis) that not only don’t share much in the way of common values, but who live in different areas and differ on things like church-going, and even the amusements seem to lack as much overlap as they used to. And that’s just the “whites.”

    Once upon a time pianos were common in homes. We don’t play as well as the recorded performers, I guess. I used to think that students were pretty zoned out of contact with the real world when they slouched by with earbuds blocking out God’s birds, but now more of them are also staring at little tablets as they walk. (Usually facebook, when I sneak a peak.) Our spectacles aren’t as lethal as the Roman ones, but we can immerse ourselves in simulated gore for longer. And I’m reading blogs. Hmm.

    BTW, I expect stock prices for the more robust or well-connected companies to start rising again, just like the price of milk and for the same reason.

  5. Comment by dabhidh:

    Yes, insanity marches on. I’m continually amazed at how this generation (and especially those who hold dear the political perspective of the left) consistently undercut and destroy the very things which they are dedicated to:

    1. They want a society with a social safety net, but they fanatically support the slaughter of the next generation, which would have been the tax base that supports the social security/medicare/welfare/unemployment insurance safety net.

    2. They want a society with a social safety net, but for political expediency, they remove many people from the responsibility of paying income tax, which further undermines the way by which we might pay for the safety net.

    3. They decry our dependence on foreign oil, yet they attempt to destroy any and all attempts to utilize our own fossil fuel resources, which is the only alternative to foreign oil in a world which, regardless of the fond and sincere wishes of many people, has not technologically moved beyond fossil fuels.

    4. They wish to move beyond fossil fuels, yet they oppose any attempt to expand and develop nuclear power, which is the only currently workable alternative to fossil fuels.

    The bitter irony is, if we had not allowed and even encouraged the slaughter of some 45 million people by abortion, we would quite likely have the robust tax base and thriving economy that we need in order to provide generous social services to the needy. And, failing that, if we had not removed many people from the responsibility of paying income tax, we might at least have some slight mitigation in the debt and deficit problems which now could not be solved by confiscating every penny earned by the wealthy. And if we had continued to develop nuclear power, we would have dramatically reduced the need for foreign oil, or indeed any kind of fossil fuels, and if we had only developed our own fossil fuel resources, we would have no need for foreign oil at all.

    But no, we have to pretend that we can shrink the tax base, expand entitlements, and choke off the energy industry, and somehow by doing that we will have something other than complete and utter chaos.

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