A Dire Announcement!

In keeping with the policy that all newly converted Catholics have of trying to be more Catholic than the Pope, I have just taken an Advent season vow to give up complaining, as well as to give up coffee, during Advent.

For any of my readers from Canada or England, Advent is like Ramadan for Christians. It is a season of repentance.

Because I have given up complaining, I can no longer whine, bitch, bemoan, bellyache, kvetch, murmur, mutter, nag, or natter until Christmas Day.

This will be impossible for me, but with God, all things are possible.

So I cannot make any comments about politics for the remainder of Advent, since my comment about politics consist of squawking, carping, crabbing, cursing, fuming, fulminating, fussing, groaning, grieving, grouching, grousing, grumbling, weeping, bewailing, mourning, and exclaiming in excesses of dolor, naturally I can make no further remarks on those topics.

This will also exclude my predominant and perennial conversation on the shortcomings of radical materialism, or Leftist and modernist thinking in general since I seem unable to discuss it without laments, reproaches, sarcasm, snivels, and snorts.

For those of you like hearing such clamor, well, cheer up. It is Christmas, dammit! You already know what I am going to say anyway. Just plug in your patented John C Wright comment generator, and it will type out a dozen ways to say that, whatever the mainstream media is for, I am against.

For those of you who don’t, cheer up even more! I will find some way to talk about cheery subjects, like my unhealthy obsession with Catwoman.

Now, readers, you may be thinking at this point, “Gee, world famous and well respected author John C. Wright, you claim to be an unemotional and preposterously logical thinker, akin to a Houyhnhnm! Why is it that your public speaking consists of nothing but first, passionate yet bitter emotions about political woes and second, unsightly lust drooling over imaginary yet cruel but beautiful supercriminalesses in alluring skintight catsuits?

This is an excellent question, to which I will pen a calm and logical response, as befits my Vulcan heritage once we establish to our mutual satisfaction the definitions of the terms of our …. OH MY GOSH LOOK OVER HERE A PICTURE OF CATWOMAN! LOOK! LOOOOOOOOK!

And second, that question is totally unfair!  I also drool in unsightly lust over imaginary yet cruel but beautiful daughters of evil space tyrants wearing skimpy space bikinis.


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