Gonzaga University Meekly Tramples the Crucifix

Horrible news. H/T to Mark Shea. One of his readers writes:

Sadly, it appears that GU will comply with the HHS Mandate without even a fight.   I spoke to Melissa in Human Resource at Gonzaga today and she confirmed December 1, 2012 Gonzaga will cover contraceptives, sterilizations and plan b drugs.  This devastating news comes out at the same time Cardinal Dolan said as Catholics we will fight the immoral HHS Mandate.

As Catholics, we will be called in the days ahead to stand up for our Catholic faith and it will be difficult.   Remember what our Lord said about being “lukewarm” and have courage.

If you feel called to email or make a phone please do.  Above all please keep Dr. McCulloh and Bishop Cupich in your prayers.

President Thayne McCulloh, D. Phil
[email protected]

Most Reverend Blase J Cupich
Mary Cole, Executive  Assistant to the Bishop
[email protected]


  1. Comment by Mme Scherzo:

    If you would be kind enough to delete this comment after reading it, John, I just wanted to point out the misspelling of Crucifix. Unless you meant to spell it Crusifix.

  2. Comment by Sean Michael:

    I’ve not only used the links Mr. Wright gave to send emails of protest, I’ve also been passing them around other online friends. I hope others will do the same as part of an effort to resist this tyranny by the Obama Administration.

    Sean M. Brooks

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