Boy Scouts to Follow the Girl Scouts into the Abyss

Only posting a link, and hoping you will call your local scoutmaster. Get involved. Protest. Make some noise.

If the Boy Scouts go, that will be the last institution left in America, outside the Church, which seeks to build young men of good character, rather than brainwash men into being narcissistic, selfish, self-indulgent whining boy-men.

Here is a quote from one who puts it well:

As the father of a soon-to-be Eagle Scout, I’ve taken part in summer camps, a canoeing trip in remote northern Ontario and several other overnight outings. I can attest that privacy is often at a minimum. Injecting the aura of possible sexual attraction would degrade the experience.

Boy Scouts range in age from 10 up to 18, and Cub Scouts are as young as 7. Boys become scouts in order to hike, camp, shoot guns and arrows and learn other outdoor skills.

And many parents choose the Boy Scouts to provide the environment for these activities precisely because, in an age awash in the wreckage of moral relativism, the Scouts have stood strong. Those parents who wish a different environment for their sons should join other groups or build their own.

The Boy Scouts are — or at least have been — a great organization that has done so much to help transform young boys into fine men and to serve America’s communities. Unfortunately, in the warped progressive understanding of diversity, all organizations must be the same. The Boy Scouts are a target of the Left precisely because they have, until now, upheld traditional moral standards.

Among the virtues set forth in the Scout Law, a scout is trustworthy and brave. The leaders of the Boy Scouts will betray those virtues if they cave to pressure and abandon their national policy. The Boy Scouts deserve better.

Edward Whelan is president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC.


  1. Comment by David_Marcoe:

    I don’t know what the outcome will be. A with all things, it is in God’s hands. But too long, those on the side of the Elves and Angels have fought a defensive war over the culture. We used to build institutions, forge traditions, and create great works that taught men truth and beauty. Now, we just thrash about when we hear about something like this happening. In the main, we’re no longer “culture makers.”

    So, where am I going with this elliptical oration? Well, we need to play offense instead of defense. If the Boy Scouts fail, then we build anew to replace it. And while by “we” I mean mostly Christians, I would also include sympathizers and fellow travelers. When I look around and see how many Catholics and Protestants deal with cultural engagement, I want to tear my hair out. Either they hole up and ghettoize, or they screech about every new film or game coming out, or they too eagerly ape the culture in a rush to be “relevant,” or they navel-gaze with issues of policy, or they natter on endlessly about the need to influence the culture, doing everything but the hard and risky labor of rebuilding, renewing, and re-baptizing the culture.

    Granted, I agree about raising a stink on this issue, but how many of those who would protest had thought seriously about becoming scout leaders themselves? How many people have thought about writing a book, making a movie, or painting a painting? What did Christians do when the Roman Empire was crumbling around there ears? They preserved the culture, but more than that, they added to it. They built new institutions, created new art forms, and wove new traditions into the old pagan garlands. For all the isolation of monasteries, their pursuit was one of colonization; physical, cultural, and spiritual. We could learn something from the quiet war they waged as Christ’s conquerors.

  2. Comment by Sean Michael:

    I’ve never been a Boy Scout, so I can’t speak from personal experience. But my view is that the only adequate response would be for Boy Scout troops who disagree with what the national Scout leadership is doing would be to breakaway and form their own Scouting movement. A Conservative Boy Scouts as opposed to the Politically Correct Boy Scouts.

    Sean M. Brooks

  3. Comment by JaneMercer:

    There is already an alternative to the Girl Scouts. A number of my conservative Catholic friends have their girls there instead of with GSA. It’s called American Heritage Girls:

    • Comment by Sean Michael:

      Hi, Jane Mercer!

      Good! Then conservative Boy Scout troops should break away from the national, PC corrupted organization, and found a similar institution: American Heritage Boys.

      Sean M. Brooks

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