Interruption: LJ cross-posting test

This is a test.

(So that it is not completely wasted, here are some great pictures from the March for Life. You will note that, despite the media’s insistence that pro-lifers are angry and elderly, the crowd is full of smiling young people. The pro-life cause will win because we have science and youth on our side.)


  1. Comment by Mary:

    You ever notice how the people who screech the most about the need to teach evolution in the schools know the least about it? And can’t even notice which way the evolutionary pressure is tending?

  2. Comment by Tom Simon:

    Is true, Comrade. Only ugly old people are pro-life. Just like only ugly old babushkas belong to Russian Orthodox Church, because ever since Glorious October Revolution, New Soviet Man has outgrown opiate of masses. Anyone who still goes to church in Russia has been going since 1917, because Party has captured all means of indoctrination and indoctrination never fails. Anyone who is still pro-life in America has been pro-life since 1973, because Media has captured all means of indoctrination, and indoctrination never fails.

    Is Party line, Comrade.

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