March for Life

I had two guests from the March for Life come by my humble home this Friday. If I understood the figures correctly (and I am notoriously bad at simple math, so bear with me if I got them wrong) the number of people who showed up for the March for Life outnumbered the number who showed up for the Inauguration of Mr ‘The One’ Obama’s second term. (Picture a crowd of 500,000. That is only nine-tenths of one percent of the number of human beings that have been aborted since Roe v. Wade.)

If so, it is a hopeful sign. With ultrasound, with images like “Silent Scream” (not for the squeamish; not for kids) and with the Darwinian process of abortionists eliminating their next generation from the gene pool, it seems that the false-to-facts emotional association used by the Left to associate babies in the womb with nonhuman tissue is failing to carry its old black magic.

Abortion will be abolished first in the civilized West, and later in the barbaric places of the world, but only if we are devout and diligent. Every pro-aborticide politician must be shamed and defeated soundly, every pro-abort publication must be shunned and pressured and shut down, every pro-abort judge must be impeached, and every pro-abort piece of legislation must be repealed. If it can be done nonviolently, let is be done so; but if blood must be shed, as it was during the civil war for the abominable sin of slavery, a far lesser sin, we must endure the punishment as merciful heaven directs.

A day will come when mothers will no longer kill their children. Work for that day.

(You will, of course, see no honest mention of the march or its numbers in the mainstream media. The media are the enemy. Media Delenda Est.)


And now for the video portion of our memorial service:

And here is the rebuttal from the non-psycho side of the issue:

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