Aux armes, citoyens! Formez vos bataillons!

I miss the days when I was a card-carrying Libertarian. We may have been semi-anarchist pro-porn selfish nuts, but at least there were none among us who could be accused of favoring totalitarian tyranny over Constitutional government.

As a conservative, I am not so lucky. Why is there even a single one of our ranks who favors the monstrosity of secret assassination of American citizens?

I’m staggered to see Harold Ford not only say he supports the killing of American citizens without evidence, solid intelligence or due process, but also to suggest that politicians and ideologues who were relentless in claiming that “enhanced interrogation” shamed America might find themselves in sympathy for the Bush position, for the current sake of Obama. Suddenly, the idea that we had standards that should not be abandoned, even in times of war, should be set aside.

My question for my fellow Tea Party conservatives is this: you are willing to march on Washington for a sake of constitutional limitations on government, and a halt to the insane levels of spending and borrowing that has put the next two generations into hock. Why are you willing to stomach this without protest, civil disobedience, obstruction, tumult,  riot? Was all that talk about the Constitution just talk?

Did you believe the Left, that we were torturing and murdering Muslims, flushing their Korans down the toilet, and thought this was necessary to the war effort? Did you believe that law, order, decency, and honor becomes optional at wartime? Then you are no true conservative.

My question for any honest members of the opposition, if there are any, is this: you are will to dress up in Guy Fawkes masks and march on Wall Street and maintain a public nuisance and crap on police cars to express your dissatisfaction with living in a free market economy and being the most pampered generation of the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Why are you willing to stomach this?

Even if you trust President Obama as a Lightworker who will never abuse this unchecked, untrammeled, and unobserved power, why do you trust that we, whom you dismiss as racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic exophobic buck-toothed hillbillies will not vote in a President Nixon, President Palin, President Buchanan, President Bushitler or President Nehemiah Scudder?   If you are so afraid of the Jewish Interests ruling Wall Street and their power over the political process, why do you allow the political process the power to assassinate American citizens abroad without a warrant, without a hearing, and without any records being kept?


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