Tell the Boy Scout Leadership to show some Leadership

From Catholic and Enjoying It.

… Sadly it seems that National [Boy Scout Leadership] is considering trying to punt the matter to the unit level, with the chartering organization deciding on whether to admit homosexuals or not.  Would be hard to run a National Jamboree with some troops keeping the traditional understanding of Morally Straight, and other troops indulging in “Gay Pride” displays.  Proposed policy is at need to join together as Scouts and Adult leaders to stop the Membership Policy change.  It would lead to situations similar to the Episcopal and Anglican Churches.  To tell National to keep the current rules, contact info is here [email protected] , the National Help Desk at 877-272-1910, or the BSA National Council operator at 972-580-2000.

Make the phones ring off the walls, friends. Here are some numbers to try:

Select BSA Board Members:

* David L. Beck: (801) 240-1000

* R. Thomas Buffenbarger: (310) 967-4500

* Keith A. Clark: (717) 763-1121

* William F. “Rick” Cronk: (925) 283-7229

* John C. Cushman III: (904) 393-9020

* R. Michael Daniel: (412) 297-4989

* Jack D. Furst: (972) 982-8250

* T. Michael Goodrich: (205) 328-9445 ext. 200

* Earl G. Graves: (212) 242-8000

* Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.: (615) 244-1713

* Stephen Hemsley: (800) 328-5979

* Larry W. Kellner: (713) 468-4050

* Robert J. LaFortune: (918) 582-2981

* Joseph P. Landy: (212) 878-0600

* Francis R. McAllister: (406) 373-8700

* Scott D. Oki: (425) 454-2800

* Arthur F. Oppenheimer: (208) 343-4883

* Tico A. Perez: (407) 849-1235

* Robert H. Reynolds: (317) 231-7227

* Matthew K. Rose: (909) 386-4140

* Nathan O. Rosenberg: (949) 494-4553

* Roger M. Schrimp: (209) 526-3500

* Marshall M. Sloane: (781) 395-3000

* Rex W. Tillerson: (972) 444-1000

* David M. Weekley: (713) 659-8111

* Togo D. West, Jr.: (202) 775-1775

The important point to make is that the Boy Scouts is one of the few institutions left in America which tries to get boys to develop character and integrity, to have standards and to live up to them. No matter what, the Boy Scouts of America could be counted upon to do the right thing and not yield to any social pressure, and has thus far stood strong.
The BSA should not jeopardize the safety and moral integrity of Scouting in the interest of social activism.


  1. Comment by Pierce O.:

    When I called a few days ago I was transferred to a voice mailbox, which then told me to use the online contact form. Hopefully, this means that the BSA office was so inundated with calls that their phones couldn’t take it. I sent them a brief e-mail explaining I was a cub scout and urging them to stay the course and hold the line against the latest cultural ephemera. If this fails I may journey to the Stone of Erech and summon the spirit of Dan Beard and a host of Aether Scouts to lead on Irving (my casuist confessor has assured me that this is okay).

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      Thanks for trying.

      (I am pretty sure calling up the shades of the dead is not lawful for Christians, even if it was allowed for virtuous pagans like King Elessar. But if your casuist confessor says its OK, then go for it!)

      • Comment by Suburbanbanshee:

        I’m pretty sure it’s okay to present a court summons or a draft notice to the dead, though. The ability to enforce legal penalties on the dead for non-compliance with previously agreed treaties and contracts is obviously one of the lesser-known principles of Numenorean law.

  2. Comment by John Hutchins:

    I am not sure how this will play out but from the comments I have read online the supporters of having gay scoutmasters are hiding behind a legal term and treating it as reality. They say that gays won’t be attracted to scouts because to do so would be pedophilia and gays aren’t that much more prone to pedophilia then anyone else (statistics says likely otherwise). This might be true with cub scouts.

    It isn’t likely to be true for Boy Scouts, however, as it rests on the legal fiction that pedophilia (of children) is the same thing as being sexually attracted to a teenager who is a legal minor; it treats attraction to a 10 year old the same as being attracted to a 16 or 17 year old, which is fiction. There are good reasons for saying that a teenager is not capable of giving consent, but being attracted to a teenager is not really the same thing a pedophilia, even if the law currently says it is. It used to be the norm that older men would marry girls at around the age of 15-16 (with the parents consent), which is part of the reason why those birthdays still hold huge significance in many cultures today. That doesn’t mean those men were attracted to children, teenagers undergoing puberty are no longer children, and they no longer look like children; they just aren’t fully adults yet.

    Given the differences in the rates (and methods) of elementary school teachers abusing their students to the rates of Middle and High School teachers sleeping with their students then I think that alone should put to rest any argument that such actions are exactly the same thing. Given that court cases often recognize the difference then I don’t see how homosexual advocates are hiding behind the outrageous claim that gay men will not be attracted to teenage boys.

    I think having openly gay scout leaders will be disastrous, I would even be very concerned with scout leaders attracted to men but that are celibate. From my experience in living the first 22 years of my life being celibate I know that to be celibate requires avoiding compromising situations and temptation and having self control. I am pretty sure that Scout camp would not be a good place to avoid temptation if one is homosexual.

  3. Comment by Scott W.:

    Yes. I’m having trouble getting it through people’s heads that it isn’t primarily about preventing pedophilia– it’s the fact that all sexual acts outside of a true marriage are immoral. The opponents of the BSA aren’t about giving homosexuals a fair shake, they’re about coercing all institutions into bending to the cultural onslaught. Those not bending are to be marginalized or destroyed.

  4. Comment by Malcolm Smith:

    My brother was assistant manager of the Scout Outdoor Centre here in Australia, and he told me that, because of the danger of molestation, it was rare for somebody to be made a scoutmaster who was not either (a) a former scout, or (b) a father of one of the boys.

  5. Comment by The OFloinn:

    We could always compare to the rate at which heterosexual male troop leaders in the Girl Scouts misbehave with their teenage girls.

    • Comment by John Hutchins:

      Do you have good data on the rates for girl scouts?

      As far as I know they haven’t reported or released records on the subject so that everything is just an estimate and those estimates seem to range wildly from none (because nothing is reported) to up to 1/3 of male troop leaders having inappropriate contact with the girls. It might not even be that the Girl Scouts are trying to cover it up or hide it, they are apparently much less centralized and may not have national records of abuse or lists of past volunteers that are to be bared from serving in other troops. But if you are aware of a good study on the subject I would be very interested in reading it.

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