Saving Science Fiction from Strong Female Characters — An Observation

This is not an other chapter in this never-ending essay, but only a comment that I wanted to emphasize. Let there be no mistake about what I am objecting to. I am objecting to the idea that a woman has to give up being womanly in order to be a real man. I do not regard feminine nature to be the same as weakness or folly. I do not regard, as some feminists seem to regard, masculinity as synonymous with strong.

Myself, I would like to see strong characters of either sex doing things in stories. The very concept of heroism, of humans taking control of the forces around them and doing good, is fundamentally antithetical to the dull, dispirited, flaccid, despair which is the natural moral atmosphere of nihilism and moral relativism, which just so happen to form the moral standard promoted by Political Correctness.

So in other words, even the female characters I here in this essay dismiss as being lame and PC, if they are truly heroines, actually undermine, whether knowingly or not, the PC world view.

In other words, even these attempts by the PC to subvert the dominant paradigm, if they use the concepts of heroism, and show how virtues triumph and vices destroy themselves, they subvert the attempt at subversion.

So, go, Girl Power!


  1. Comment by The Ubiquitous:

    Truth uses even lies to bring forth truth.

    That there’s theologimacal.

  2. Comment by Stephen J.:

    I’ve decided I need to read more books by female authors with female protagonists, and have therefore just ordered The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin by L. Jagi Lamplighter. Surely the Tolerant Left will applaud me now! Right? …Right?

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