Vending Illegal, Begging Legal

I was amused by the little girl’s tone of voice.


  1. Comment by BuhLScaT:

    If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious. Although I did laugh….

    Obviously most kids are not trying to work for a living and running into this, but seriously what are we teaching kids? Beg (medicaid), but don’t work (learn a skilled trade).

  2. Comment by Rigel Kent:

    “She says she’d rather work than panhandle.” I hope she manages to hold on to that attitude.

  3. Comment by MissJean:

    I really liked her tone, too. The delightful sophomores (as opposed to the beastly ones) for whom I work had a similar reaction upon discovering that bean-counters have declared our fair area to be populated by overweight teens. They have learned that people using statistics (average temperature, number of parks and paved walking paths, etc.) often don’t use their eyes or self-reporting – you know, “anecdotal evidence” being so much less reliable than cold, hard facts. :)

    These mistletoe-banishers keep their rules for those who attempt to have a work ethic. The pot-fanciers obviously aren’t running a business, so they don’t count.

    Also, Mr. Wright – what are your thoughts on the UK’s social service’s abduction-by-cesarean that’s been making the papers? It’s nightmarish beyond Orwell’s dark dreams.

  4. Comment by TheConductor:

    I live in Portland, Oregon. My only surprise here is that the “Occupy” hipster-doofuses didn’t take her mistletoe and throw it into the street and urinate on it.

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