Wright’s Writing Corner: On adding Sense Impressions

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Next in our reboot of my Writing Tips article is: Senses: Add two to five senses to every description.


Hot and tasty! Two senses at once!

When I started writing, I used to swap the pages I finished that week with two writer friends. We would read each other’s work and send back comments. My friend’s comments were almost universally the same. They constantly complained that I had not included any sense impressions except for sight.

”What does it sound like?” They would ask. “What does it smell like?”

At first, I added additional sense impressions at their urging. Then, with time, I began to remember to do it myself—but it was an artificial process. I had to go back after my first draft and deliberately add them in.

Now, the majority of the time, I remember as I am writing the scene the first time.

Why? You might ask. What’s the big deal about sound and smell, and maybe taste or feel?






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