March for Life

Our prayers go out to those who brave the cold and the scorn of the Prince of This World to defy the endlessly open mouth of Moloch. Today is the annual march for life, when countless thousands of young women and men march and sing and celebrate their affirmation of life and their condemnation of prenatal infanticide.

Also, four or five aging gray and wrinkled hippies, like harpies in human shape, will shamble forth from their nests lined with tiny bones of slain babies to voice a counter protest, and on them and them alone will the cameras of the news media be pointed, and on them alone the spotlight of public attention.

Here is the idol of our masters, the social Left. Here is your tax dollars at work.

Yeah, I would Freak Out, Too, if the Powerplant turned into That

The Mouth of Aborticide

Brian Burch of Catholic Vote has this to say:

41 years of abortion. 56 million souls.

Yet today in Washington D.C., hundreds of thousands of joy-filled marchers will be smiling, singing, and celebrating the gift of life. The contrast is startling.

Emily Stimpson addressed this reality on the CV Blog this week:

“If you want to understand the March for Life, if you want to understand the pro-life movement in general, it starts with hope. That’s the key. That’s the real difference between those who oppose abortion and those who support it. The first is an act of hope. The second is an act of despair.”

“It’s simple: When a mother chooses life, she chooses to hope. She hopes for her unborn child. She hopes for his or her future. She hopes for her own future. She hopes in the love of her friends. She hopes in the grace of God. And she hopes in herself. She hopes that no matter how young or ill equipped or scared she might be, she can still bring someone beautiful into the world…”

Apart from our winning the pro-life battle in politics, science and the law, the real secret to victory remains our building a culture of hope.

No, not the hope offered as a political slogan in 2008.

Real hope.

The kind of hope offered every day in crisis pregnancy centers
across America. The hope of courageous political leaders who
defend women and children, and the voters who prioritize life,
faith, and family.

The hope implicit in those men and women who choose life, welcome
children, and embrace the responsibilities and adventure of
raising families and caring for the elderly.

And of course, this hope is preserved every day by thousands of
prayer warriors who pray in front of abortion clinics, and in
front of the Blessed Sacrament in chapels hidden on streets and
neighborhoods across America.

This hope is contagious.

And it’s why we are winning.


  1. Comment by The Ubiquitous:

    Respectfully: What’s the point in going to something like the March for Life? I went last year to the Walk for Life in San Francisco last year and it was mostly standing around, talking to people, and then getting yelled at. (Not to mention the bus ride there and back.)

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      The point of any mass protest is twofold: first, it is unusual enough to attract the attention of the community (including potential political vote-seekers) as to the strength and persistence of your faction; second, it is a symbolic threat.

    • Comment by Pierce O.:

      I would also add, in this case, it is a form of witnessing to the Truth. While the local walk in Newport, KY I’ve gone to sounds like it fares better than the one in San Francisco, I think the March for Life is more effective overall than the various local walks as an attention-getting statement, due to the size of the crowd and the proximity to the capitol.

      Also, last year, there was a group at the March dressed as the Avengers ;D

    • Comment by RachelK:

      It’s also a tremendous boost to one’s own willpower and commitment. I’ve only been able to make it to the March once, but it was a wonderful experience; having many pro-choice friends and being exposed to the media’s constant abortion lovefest sometimes makes me feel very worn-down and isolated, as though I’m one of a few crazy adherents to a small, dying movement of fanatics. Attending the March, being surrounded by throngs of joyful, hopeful people stretched out farther than the eye could see, felt like a sudden ray of light after being trapped in near total darkness.

  2. Comment by Sean Michael:

    I too have only contempt for liberals and their disgusting worship of the false god called Moloch. My scorn for the Democrats will remain implacable as long as their party continues to prostrate itself before Moloch in fanatical adoration of abortion. The second basic reason I have for rejecting the Democrats being their liberal fascist socialism.

    Sean M. Brooks

  3. Comment by Bob Wallace:

    Human sacrifice.

    If you haven’ t seen “The Cabin in the Woods”…you might want to watch it.

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