A message from the Beautiful and Talented Mrs. Wright

I was asked to write a Story Behind the Story article for my novel PROSPERO REGAINED. I had great fun doing it and the site loved it.

Should any of you wish to read it, here is the link:


About John C Wright

John C. Wright is a practicing philosopher, a retired attorney, newspaperman, and newspaper editor, and a published author of science fiction. Once a Houyhnhnm, he was expelled from the august ranks of purely rational beings when he fell in love; but retains an honorary title.
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  1. MissJean says:

    Mrs. Wright, you’ve solved a mystery for me. I attended a writer’s luncheon for teachers of Language Arts and the guest writer Gloria Whelan spoke of researching and said in passing, “All writers research.” I couldn’t imagine how one researches otherworldly aspects like Hell.

    Also I’m putting you on my list after Tolkien. :)

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