Announcing the Call for Beta Readers!

UPDATE: For better or worse, a dozen readers have written me and asked to be beta readers. I think that is enough, and I thank you all for your attention. If you are someone in the field, like a technical writer or a professional editor, and you want to get in on the action, you can write me.


Dear Friends and Loyal Customer (Hi, Nick!) It occurs to me that if any of you have free time and a kind heart, you could help me with my current project. As anyone not dyslexic can tell, my essays are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors which I never seem to catch.

The new collection of essays, TRANSHUMAN AND SUBHUMAN will consist of nothing other than the essays that have appeared here on this blog, but I need someone to help me copy edit them, and catch mistakes my defective brain seems never to see. I could pay you nothing but a hearty thankyou and put your name in the Dedication page.

Drop me a line here or at [email protected], and I will send you the manuscript electronically, or give you access to a Box folder where it is kept.




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