Boiling a Frog

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John C. Wright is a practicing philosopher, a retired attorney, newspaperman, and newspaper editor, and a published author of science fiction. Once a Houyhnhnm, he was expelled from the august ranks of purely rational beings when he fell in love; but retains an honorary title.
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3 Responses to Boiling a Frog

  1. martin17773 says:

    Off topic. Something sad and fearful from fellow Catholics meaning well. I won’t go into detail, but it hurt my heart. (This is a video/talk promoted on Audio Sancto ) I gave a limited reply on YT and Fbook but it grieves me that this kind of thought is being nurtured in my own communion.

  2. Rob Corrigan says:

    I think Bill Whittle is great, but the boiled frog story is an old wives’ tale.

    In partial apology to anyone whose illusions I may have disrupted, I offer this video (which I found quite powerful) of a group of employees at a small business learning their new Obamacare rates:

    It’s hard to believe people will let this monstrosity stand…

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