A Nice Warm Cup of Shut the Hell Up, Served by Correia

Larry Correia, that rough-cut but priceless gem of a man, responds to a review from some lumpish subhuman who did not read the book allegedly being reviewed. It seems the reviewer merely wanted to rant some economically illiterate gibberish about how electronic novellas should be priced, and to demean Mr Correia’s fine and worthy readers as chumps.

But, behold, the fighting spirit of ten irate devils arises in fire in Mr Correia’s eye at this, the gloves of nicety come off, and the bare-knuckle barroom brawn of words begins! Savor the whole thing, please: http://monsterhunternation.com/2014/03/21/this-is-the-kind-of-crap-authors-have-to-put-up-with/

Below the cut is a choice quote where Mr Correia is verbally sliding his hapless opponent facefirst down the bar across beer mugs and puddles into the bottles and plate glass mirror behind the bar while the showgirls shriek. WARNING,  a saloon is not a venue for ladies or youngsters or men of gentle breeding, so the language is a little salty.

Oh, but all the good reviews are wrong, because you spat out some gibberish about how much YOU THINK books should cost. Fanfuckingtastic. You should go write a bunch of books and make a successfull living at it pricing them however you want. Oh, but you don’t. Then here is a nice warm cup of shut the hell up. You should go Occupy Some Street while you tell people how much is FAIR for their labor.

Mr Correia is more earthy in his speech than am I, but he wields the pen with the ponderous power of Shakespeare on steroids: because that is pure poetry to me. Let ’em have it, Larry!

And let those of you who support hard working writers over whining slobs now root with me for him, whooping and shooting your sixgun in air as the yahoo takes a haymaker in his fat mouth, and goes staggering through the swinging saloon doors to end up headfirst in the horse trough.

Mr Correia is merciless, as he should be. In a civilized world, not even a drool-dribbling fool would deliberately try to drive business away from a self-employed writer by telling the public our wares are too dear — wares, in this case, the dribbler has not sampled, based on an theory, (or on an emotion) of what electronic books should cost. Wares cost what customers are willing to pay.

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