Pray on March 25th

A message from, which I pass along:

At this moment in Washington D.C., nine Supreme Court justices are listening to oral arguments in two cases by for-profit
corporations challenging the HHS mandate.

Our case – Autocam v. Sebelius – is being held by the Court pending the outcome of these two cases (Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Co.)

Please pray with us. Go to:

Pray for the attorneys responsible for presenting the arguments in these cases. Pray for the Justices. Pray that God in His infinite wisdom, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, will grant our prayers and protect the religious freedom of every American.

But today we are asking you to join us in the most powerful
weapon of all — prayer.

All of these historic fights for the freedom to practice our faith are both temporal and spiritual battles. The media will miss the spiritual battle altogether. Yet that battle is the fight that matters most.

Please pray with us right now.

St. Thomas More, patron of religious liberty,
Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas,
pray for us and for the United States of America.


  1. Comment by Curubethion:

    Also notable, it “just so happens” to be the traditionally-observed date of the Annunciation and the Crucifixion, as I recall. :-)

    (And the anniversary of the Destruction of the One Ring, but that is a mere footnote.)

  2. Comment by Hergot:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Protestants, however, would not put Thomas More and religious liberty in the same breath.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      Because you like it when secular kings of newly-formed national churches kill people for not bowing to the usurpation of powers always previously spiritual?

      For shame. Perhaps narrow minded Protestants, obsessed with scoring points off their older brothers, would not utter such a breath, but those who see a common enemy to both our denominations from overweening national leaders might breathe a prayer with us.

      King Henry VIII killed Protestants in droves as well, if you recall.

    • Comment by Vicq Ruiz:

      Protestants, however, would not put Thomas More and religious liberty in the same breath.

      Not totally an unfair point.

      Note, however, that the position of the closest American successors to More’s opposition has scant toehold upon the moral high ground:

      Episcopal Church Backs Obamacare Contraception/Abortifacient Mandate

      • Comment by OKUM:

        The odd conundrum you (Vicq Ruiz)
        added that “Episcopal Church Backs Obamacare” might be expanded to the thought you were trying to convey, not that I would disagree with it.

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