A Letter from Catholic Vote

I heard about this outrage as I was driving home from my dayjob, and found this letter in my inbox. I pass it along without comment, since rage no doubt would make any comments untoward.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Church Christ Himself founded, it is hierarchical after the fashion of the Jewish priesthood, so that it is not an acceptable practice to instruct one’s own bishops and leaders as to their conduction on matter of the Catholic faith. Indeed, in a civilized society, it would be grounds for scourging:

Dear CV Friend,

Nancy Pelosi has done it again.

In news this morning, Pelosi is demanding that her Catholic
bishop not attend the March for Marriage this Thursday in
Washington, DC!

In a letter to Archbishop Cordileone, Pelosi described the March
for Marriage as “venom masquerading as virtue.”


This is the same Nancy Pelosi who never wants her bishop to tell
her anything.

Thankfully, San Francisco’s Archbishop won’t be intimidated by
powerful politicians like Nancy Pelosi. Archbishop Cordileone
understands that marriage isn’t about hate or discrimination, or
any of the phony claims made by Pelosi and her anti-marriage

The defense of marriage is about a simple idea: preserving the
time-honored institution that has served healthy human cultures
for millennia.

So we came up with a simple idea…

Let’s send Nancy Pelosi a message: Let’s tell Nancy Pelosi that
her letter motivated us to cover the costs of several bus loads
of marchers. Then we will send a letter to Pelosi telling her
what her letter to Archbishop Cordileone inspired!

Can you chip in $5 or $10 to help CV sponsor buses this week for
the March for Marriage?

Donate here: https://www.catholicvote.org/donate/

Just $5 from a big group of CV members will help us sponsor
several buses full of marchers.

Please tell all your friends to chip in too. The more the


P.S. I hope to alert the National Organization for Marriage of
our contribution in support of the March for Marriage by
tomorrow. Please help us today with a tax-deductible gift to the
CatholicVote.org Education Fund.

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