The Evil Queen and Catholic Communion

I have been wondering about this topic myself a great deal recently. I am more than delighted to hear this anecdote:

Over at Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation ( a commenter named KHorn writes:


True story: my daughter was in school with Pelosi’s grandson from K-8th grade at a Catholic school. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving was grandparents’ day and when my daughter was in 3rd grade Pelosi was in for that day. Because of the increased attendance at the mass, they brought in Father Charlie who was retired and only slightly younger than Methuselah (he was always there for the Christmas Eve vigil as well). When it came time for communion she was in the line where Father Charlie was providing the host. When she came up, he refused to give it to her because of her stand on abortion and told her she was not within the teachings of the Church. One of the younger priests ultimately provided her communion, but I still cherish the look on her face as Father Charlie admonished her.

My comment: this shows the strength and the weakness of that bride of Christ known as the Catholic Church. I have written in times past about the differences between the masculine and feminine approach to things. Men like rules written in stone, keeping score, winners and losers, and obvious public success or failure. Women like customs more than rule, consensus more than commands, feelings more than results, and a private word in your ear rather than public humiliation.

The Church is feminine, the way a ship or a storm or anything else men admire is feminine. It is not the Pope in Rome who excommunicates the pro-abortionist or pro-abomination politician, but the politician’s local priest or local bishop. The Church is not in the business of damning souls but saving them.

While my male spirit would like to have Pelosi publicly burned over a slow fire by the Secular Authority for aiding and abetting child-murder, after being found by the Inquisition to have blasphemously and disobediently claimed Church doctrine permitted child-murder, the female spirit of the Church is more personal and more intimate, as female spirits should and must be.

So Pelosi has been warned. Just because a disobedient and phariseeaic junior priest contaminated and blasphemed the Host by offering it to an excommunicated heretic and unrepentant sinner does not mean the warning was invalid. Pelosi now knows (no matter how energetically she pretends she does not know) that she is damned to hell.

She also knows, as all Christians know, that there is only one way, truth, and life, which saves the sinner from sin and death and fire. Whether she acts on it or not is up to her. The Church has done her part.

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