Quote of the Day. Now with Paint Chips!

From Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate:

Somebody suggested [as an alternate term for Social Justice Warriors, SJW] Perpetually Outraged Cockroaches, but that abbreviates to POC, and that is already being used for People Of Color, which is the supposedly not racist version of Colored People which is extremely racist. Got it?

I seriously hate the term People of Color. I think it is a ridiculous term. It lumps vast groups of humanity together into “NOT WHITE”. So, a Fillipino is the same as an Indian is the same as an Australian Aborigine is the same as a Ghanan because they are all browner than an American white guilt liberal?

My color is Warm Beige (according to these Home Depot Paint Chips) but I’m going to mock any idiot who says I’m a PoC, because that’s just f*cking stupid.


  1. Comment by Montague:

    The only thing worse (in the bizarro-vision of the left) than calling someone black is calling them black-hearted. Of course, it’s okay to impute any number of vile – or even (gasp) rational – motives to cool-minded critics, based on no evidence whatsoever.

    In the end, never trust someone who says that all literature exists to domineer wills, and technology to dominate man – they are professed liars who commit not ad hominem, but (as it were) ad humanitatem*, ad omnes hominis*. Mud-smearing of humanity as a whole.

    (*Latin may be grammatically incorrect)

  2. Comment by Wes S.:

    I wonder if that’s the same brand of paint chips Damien Walter has been snacking on? :P

    On a more somber note, it appears that the Social Justice Fully-Savages have claimed another scalp, this one belonging to CPT Gregory McWherter, USN, former commander (twice!) of the Navy’s elite Blue Angels flight squadron.


    Background here: http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/2014/06/mcwherter-broken-on-wheel-in-shitstorm.html

    The N.K. Jemisinisation of the US military continues apace. Alas.

  3. Comment by Centurion13:

    New minority group! Suggested by something I saw elsewhere on this site….

    ITAMBOWIDWMJ – I’m Totally A Minority Because Of What I’m Doing With My Junk

    Prounounced “it-am-bowie dwimidge”

    Yet another pooka box to stuff folk into – yay!

  4. Comment by DmL:

    How about “People of Outrage” ?

  5. Comment by Mariana Baca:

    I hate the term PoC. Hate. I was going to go into a long rant, but that would be preaching to the choir. Not only does it lump all non white minorities together, but it excludes light skinned ethnic groups even if they are oppressed.

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