The Wright Perspective: On Truth

My latest column, with a shiny new graphic, is up at EveryJoe.

It is crucial to the worldview and self esteem of the Left that they regard themselves, despite all evidence to the contrary, as being morally and intellectually superior to their honorable opposition on the Right. A century long nightmare of the mass deaths, wars, broken lives, mass thefts, mass addiction to lying propaganda, and spiritual chaos spread by this political neurosis makes the act of total mental dishonesty needed to maintain this stance of presumptive intellectual superiority both difficult and comical to maintain, yet by heroic effort the Left manages to do so.

It is because they sacrifice everything else on this altar. Their self esteem, or, to call it by its right name, the Sin of Pride, absorbs all their attention and overthrows all other scruples, hesitations and sentiments. They are desperate to maintain their illusory and inflated self-image. Because they are desperate, they are shameless.

The prime evidence of their shamelessness is in the attitude, present in all writings of the Left that venture into philosophical areas, of disdain and dismissal toward the truth. I do not mean that they are untruthful. They are, but that is a side effect. I mean that on a fundamental and philosophical level, there is no place in their worldview for the concept that truth is objective.

In the bleary and psychedelic and flaccid mental world of the Left, truth is a matter of consensus, like the rules of grammar, or a matter of personal preference, like your taste in ice cream.

For them, truth is not true.

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The Wright Perspective - Truth


  1. Comment by Expendable Henchman:

    No John, they’re not desperate at all.

    Desperation comes when one sees things falling apart. The left are far too self deluded to see anything related to themselves as being less than perfect.

    They’re shameless for precisely the same reason babies are utterly shameless: shame requires recognizing self deficiency, of which they are simply incapable of comprehending.

    Incredibly, Mr. Wright, you persist in *over*estimating them. You are simply too kind and generous a man to be a good judge of lefty character.

  2. Comment by ConceptJunkie:

    A quick observation and a question:

    1. The new graphic looks fine, but I notice it’s a left hand… even though the column is from someone on the Right named Wright. I don’t think that really matters, but as a leftie, I always notice those things. Of course, the imagery invokes the idea of taking an oath on the Bible, so it is wholly fitting, but it amused me.

    2. Your language, Mr. Wright, in this series of articles is very blunt, as your rhetoric usually is. Now, I’m the last person to want to be seen as promoting anything in the same hemisphere as PC, and I’m usually pretty blunt myself, but while the content of these columns is excellent and I’m enjoying them thoroughly, given that the intended and actual audience is not the same as for your books or your blog, what are your thoughts, if I may ask, on the idea of how to “gather more flies”?

    I have a few liberal friends on Facebook that I’ve tried to engage with, almost always fruitlessly, but these articles are not ones I would choose to forward to people like that. They are articles, however, that I would gladly share with conservative friends and family since I believe they are really good distillations of conservative philosophy and rational thinking in bite-sized chunks. I guess what I’m asking is, are you really just trying to preach to the choir, or do you expect to be able to reach people who don’t see things your way?

    I’m just curious what you think about this because not only are you someone who holds many opinions and are unable to keep them to yourself (to our delight and edification), but it’s obvious you also take seriously your charge to evangelize. You’ve made it very clear that your opinion of the vast majority of your philosophical opponents is not very high, so much so that you take pity on their ability to argue their own case and offer them pointers, which gives me no end of amusement.

    But at the same time, you are engaging in outreach to try to sway hearts and minds, or at least open them up to be inspired by rationality and grace to see the world in a better and more productive way. I’m asking in part because I’m curious, but also because I, in my own small way and on a much smaller scale, try to do the same thing.

    Lacking the foundational liberal arts education (an ironic term these days if there ever was one), I doubt I am as effective at it, nor as eloquent, but I’ve been given moral support and kudos by enough people to conclude it’s not a complete waste of time either.

    The Spirit and such common sense as I’ve managed to scrabble up from no lack of a good upbringing and a modicum of exposure to great wisdom, plus enough talent to occasionally rise above fart jokes and Simpsons references leads me to try to reach out share what I perceive to be wisdom, or as is more often case, challenge someone whose claims are clearly ridiculous. Plus I’ve got kids that I’m trying to keep from ending up stranded alone on the barren shore of intellectual and moral bankruptcy in the very few years I have left before they are on their own.

    (I also appreciate the irony of asking this question after pontificating yesterday at no small length for the idea of being more direct and blunt.)

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