Can We Help the Assyrian Christians?

This a question whose answer I also would like to know. A reader asks:

So I don’t even know the right questions to ask, but besides prayers do you or anyone here know or is able to reliably find out what I can do to help the Assyrian Christians in Iraq, namely from Mosul:

Is there, for instance a charity to donate to for the help of purchasing water for the Christians as ISIS has cut off the Christian communities water supplies and the Kurds are having to truck it in at a figure I saw of over $10 a gallon?


  1. Comment by paul.griffin:

    I don’t know if they are involved yet, or if they plan to be, but Water Missions International specializes in providing cheap, rugged water treatment facilities in remote and devastated areas:

  2. Comment by AstroSorcorer:

    I cannot understand how the attacks are not provoking more national and international outrage.

  3. Comment by KingRichard:

    I humbly recommend Aid to the Church in Need
    I have worked with them in the past and they are effective.

    • Comment by John Hutchins:

      Is this and the same organization?

      I looked at the site linked and it appears to have specific projects that can be donated to, but not one for helping those in the middle east. I realize that money is fungible but, while even not being Catholic, I think a car for a parish priest is a worthy goal, it is also not one that I specifically wish to donate towards while helping the thousands of specifically Christian refugees in Iraq is; again even if my donation ultimately were to be used for the parish car due to there (unlikely in my opinion but who knows) being too much donated towards helping the Christians in Iraq (or Syria).

  4. Comment by jew613:

    I am not writing this just to be a naysayer, but is a water charity really the right solution? Dont get me wrong I see the importance. But the Middle Eastern Christians are under enormous pressure and often a physical threat to their lives. Is there a more comprehensive option to help them? To be frank if you would bring them water ISIS would steal it or just destroy the facilities.

    • Comment by John Hutchins:

      The Christians have fled to surrounding communities on the Nineveh plain which are held by the Kurds. The Kurds also desire to take Mosul and the whole of the plain so as to have the oil reserves and a Kurdistan well connected with Syrian Kurdistan that doesn’t require going to war with Turkey over northern Kurdistan. The UN already has refugee camps in the area filled with refugees of the Syrian conflict; However, the Christians there aren’t in the refugee camps.

      My ideal solution to the problem would be for US assistance especially in terms of intelligence and possibly air strikes to be provided immediately to the Kurdish fighters, and immediate talks with Turkey and Iran over further assistance and diplomatic relations with the new Kurdish state, with a goal of those talks of setting up the Nineveh plain with Mosul as a federated state of Kurdistan designated for the minority religions and refugees. As an individual I can do virtually nothing to make that happen or influence US foreign policy in any sort of timely fashion. Even if I found some way of donating to the Kurdish fighters I would still not have the influence with them to at all determine the arrangement of the Nineveh Plain and Mosul in the future state of Kurdistan.

      So I don’t really see what substantive action I can take to provide a comprehensive solution to their problem; but if it is possible for me to help meet there current needs in terms of water, or anything else, than I would like to do so.

    • Comment by Foxfier:

      If you can find a “buy lots of guns and ammo for Christians and sane people in the middle east” I’d gladly put a fiscal quarter’s worth of our “fun” budget into it.

  5. Comment by Sylvie D. Rousseau:

    Wasn’t Nineveh marked for destruction if they did not convert to the God of Israel? If I were a Nineveh inhabitant right now, I would feel uncomfortable, to say the least… And the crimes of the Ninevehites of old were nothing compared with what they just did to the adopted People of God.

  6. Comment by sparrow:

    I don’t think you or I can do them much good through material charity – assuming it even gets there in time , but I believe the power of prayer. So I’ll pray.

  7. Comment by Beauch:

    The Catholic Near East Welfare Association is worth a look (I’ve been donating to them for a number of years):

  8. Comment by John Hutchins:

    I choose to donate to The Catholic Near East Welfare Association as it appears that they actually have people on the ground; I wasn’t going to say anything, but the Iraqi Christian community is helping the Yezidis; warning on the pictures on the first one, they aren’t pleasant

    and CNEWA sent out an email asking for more help, it didn’t mention the Yezidis for reasons that I think are really easy to guess. Regarding prayers there is this quote from the letter:

    “Right this minute, Iraq’s Christian families face absolute annihilation. Yes, they’re in our prayers. But they need more: the strongest support we can give.”

    Incidentally, today is also a day of prayer for the Iraqi Christians:

    So both our prayers and any other support we can give them is needed.

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