Guest Post by Concept Junkie

A regular reader who is helplessly addicted to concepts did not actually intend this as a guest post, but merely a comment. Nonetheless, I thought it both wise and a testament to American ingenuity, so I here reprint it. Someone had the effrontery to suggest that it was a lack of technical ability rather than a lack of political will that prevented the Federal government from doing its job securing our borders.

Concept Junkie writes:

If we can put a supercomputer with high-speed telecommunications capability, access to global satellite positioning, various media capabilities and sensors, basically a Star Trek tricorder minus the made-up physics… into the pockets of almost everyone in the country, then it should be possible for the government to figure out how to screen and process an applicant for entry into the country with less paperwork and effort than it took to complete the Louisiana Purchase.

There are thousands of miles of border? The Chinese built a 1500-mile wall thousands of years ago, and we have a little more technology available to us these days.

We have literally dug a canal through a continent, dammed up rivers, brought mountains low and raised valleys. We smash atoms to power our XBoxes. We tease our cats with lasers and heat our Hot Pockets with microwaves. We harness quantum mechanics to look at pictures of Yvonne Craig. We have cars that can drive themselves. Any one of us can communicate with a significant number of the people in the world in real time for negligible cost. I could find a satellite image of your backyard in about 3 minutes if I knew your name and enough to uniquely identify you. My phone tells me traffic conditions for my daily commute in real time, and I never had to tell it where I work or live. I’ll read about a new book while eating lunch at work, buy it and read the first chapter on my tablet without leaving my seat (Amazon is proving very dangerous for me).

So I don’t buy that keeping the monthly number of people entering this country under the size of a small town needs to be “hard”. I don’t buy that we can’t screen these folks to find obvious criminals, communicable diseases or other problems with much more manpower and paperwork than it took our employers to do the same for you and me.


  1. Comment by Rainforest Giant:

    The answer is simple. People make an awful lot of money off the backs of the illegals. Democrats get reliable votes and since the native born democrats aren’t even replacing themselves they need to outsource.

    Another large number of people get to signal their status and beliefs as progressive and ‘compassionate’ or even reasonable. Nothing says I have a secure job and live in a great neighborhood than opposition to ending illegal immigration. I doubt a lawyer or science fiction writer has a lot to worry about with illegal alien competition.

    Somebody living in a nice neighborhood will never see rows of houses with eight to ten cars parked out front and twenty or more people living in two bedroom trailers. They will never have to ride the bus with tattooed gang members who threaten the bus driver if they are reminded of the fare. They will never have their daughters ogled by men four or five times their age who have MS13 tattoos covering every visible surface when they get out of their cars at the super market.

    Others believe that the words at the bottom of a French statue or the movies of Martin Scorsese trump our Law and Constitution. Whatever the reason you can be certain it is not for a lack of ability to police borders but is based on treason on the part of the rich, idiots and progressives.

    • Comment by ConceptJunkie:

      You’re exactly right. Don’t forget that while the Democrats get reliable votes from illegals, the Republicans get reliable votes and financing from people like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who seem to me to be telegraphing the fact that they like the influx of illegals, presumably because they can be paid under the table, no insurance, no payroll tax, no Obamacare, and no labor laws. You will recall the GOP controlled the White House, Senate and House for half of the 2000s, and there was no fire under their seats to fix things either.

      • Comment by John C Wright:

        One of the more subtle and less lovely side effects of socialism is that it creates a powerful incentive to turn everyone into hypocrites. Those who break the law get paid more than those who obey.

        • Comment by Rainforest Giant:

          I was going to write about that. The whole process is corrupting. The first time an illegal tried to bribe me it was his ‘fuck you’ money he kept on himself. Ten thousand dollars to get out of a misdemeanor traffic rap.

          Think about that, the huddled guy just yearning to be free (to commit more crimes) was so poor he had more money in his hat than I had ever had at one time in my entire life.

          Crime pays. If I and my partner had not been honest it would have been two guys who were now ‘turned’ and we would have certainly wound up doing more and worse because once they know you’re bribable you are never your own man again.

          I’ve seen it bite whole departments hard. When the first murder happened here, the illegal wasn’t charged our police determined it was ‘self defense’. The State Troopers and Sheriff stepped in and said no how no way. And said if you won’t we’ll prosecute. Later they simply deported a Guatemalan gang member for murder because they ‘couldn’t find a translator’ (never mind the fact that he spoke perfectly clear English to my wife at least twice a week and we have a translator who comes out twice a week Mondays and Fridays already) it was clear to the dimmest that our force was bent and dirty or at least the admin. The second time a Guatemalan was scheduled to be deported for no translator after he murdered his American girlfriend and left his daughter lying in the blood of her mother the community demanded the state take the case.

          When you start ignoring the laws there is no way to stop.

    • Comment by The OFloinn:

      …rows of houses with eight to ten cars parked out front and twenty or more people living in two bedroom trailers. They will never have to ride the bus with tattooed gang members who threaten the bus driver… daughters ogled by men four or five times their age who have MS13 tattoos covering every visible surface…

      Heck, you don’t need immigrants to get most of that. The homegrown variety will do.

      • Comment by Rainforest Giant:

        So if we have them homegrown, why should we import more? And yes until our community imported the mostly drug dealing/muling illegals we did not have any of that. That’s why we moved here. It was a town you could let your daughter walk down the street and not worry. I guess that’s the price I have to pay so other people can have cheap uncomplaining labor, fraudulent votes, nice ethnic restaurants and a cheap manicure for their wives.

  2. Comment by The Deuce:

    But haven’t you heard? All the youths pouring over the border are, wait for it, refugees! That means you can’t enforce any border law against them at all, or take any steps to halt this surge and the crisis caused by it whatsoever! I mean, that would be consigning them to certain death in their home countries, which we’ve decided are warzones now! In fact, there won’t be any Central America in 20 years, because everyone there will have certainly died! The entire population of Central America are refugees from the population of Central America, so we need to take them in forever and give them permanent welfare! I mean, having any border at all and turning anyone away is like turning JESUS away, and you wouldn’t do that, would you?

    Oh, and just for the record, the American citizens who will suffer the fallout of this aren’t Jesus. Only illegal immigrants are Jesus.

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