A Cry for Help

John Hutchens writes:

The Catholic Near East Welfare Association … actually have people on the ground… The Iraqi Christian community is helping the Yezidis; warning on the pictures on the first one, they aren’t pleasant



and CNEWA sent out an email asking for more help, it didn’t mention the Yezidis for reasons that I think are really easy to guess. Regarding prayers there is this quote from the letter:

“Right this minute, Iraq’s Christian families face absolute annihilation. Yes, they’re in our prayers. But they need more: the strongest support we can give.”

Incidentally, today is also a day of prayer for the Iraqi Christians:

So both our prayers and any other support we can give them is needed.


  1. Comment by AstroSorcorer:

    How, how can this abominable genocide be a back-bench story? We need to do what we can to also increase awareness, precisely because most of the world seems to prefer that we forget.

  2. Comment by vashine:

    Help save fellow Christians in Iraq….


  3. Comment by Sylvie D. Rousseau:

    My parish priest, of St. Vincent de Paul community, who came here from France, shared with us today news he received directly from someone he knows in Mosul (Nineveh), confirming the murders in various places by decapitation and burying alive, and indirect murders by dehydration of refugees under the hot sun. The bodies are lying along the way merely covered with stones.

    We were not asked for financial aid, though. I conclude we have no trustworthy channels to bring it where it is really needed. All we can do is pray and speak out, break the wall of silence put on by lying media and political classes. It seems they will not face the shame of what they themselves allowed by leaving the coast clear for murdering Jihadists.

    • Comment by John Hutchins:

      Obama’s passive voice and shifting of responsibility in talking about Iraq and announcing airstrikes was, in my opinion, quite the impressive feat. The situation in Iraq truly is one of President Obama’s greatest achievements; Unfortunately I think a campaign ad using VP Biden saying that and Obama talking about Iraq being a stable democracy with pictures from Iraq would not be showable on television, or potentially even youtube.

      Or there is this, which I am actually surprised is still up given current events: http://www.whitehouse.gov/iraq

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