The United Underworld Evil League of Evil needs to come up with an emblem or heraldry or image to put on tee shirts and mugs to wear or carry (wear the mugs and carry the tee-shirts, I mean, of course) to science fiction conventions to provoke the Pinko Pink SF Social Justice League of  Unamerica so that their heads explode.

I have a fair hand at illustration, but I am not sure what it should look like.

Once we have a proper emblem to go on our standards, we will consider Dr Horrible for membership.

Suggestions will remain open for an arbitrary period of time, and then I will take a vote with myself and pick one. Or not. Then Larry Correia will make money selling it. Or something else will happen. These rules are final, subject to change without notice, and binding in all 48 states, including East Virginia and Reunified Dakota, and Guam.


I will enter the first candidate myself:


Our heraldic symbol is a three headed vulture displayed propre, chief sable, lightningbolt in left claw, orb topped by cross in right claw, with the eight-pointed arrow of Chaos in the crown, on field sable and or lozengy. The motto is ‘Facias Malum, ut Inde Fiat Malum‘.


  1. Comment by AstroSorcorer:

    As the opposition believes in “thinking globally” and this a League of Evil with that hosts an International Lord of Hate, perhaps the multi-headed vulture could be crouching over a stylized globe? Instead of the leaved branches of the UN flanking the globe, perhaps the lighting bolts there? A red background might work better for a League of Evil. I like the floating crown with the Chaos symbol.
    The motto is perfect.
    PS: how does one post any graphics here?

  2. Comment by J. C. Salomon:

    I suggest each of the Lords of Evil must first have his own sigil and motto; and the League’s be a combination. (The Beautiful-but-Evil Space Princess Mrs. Hoyt will of course have a carp on her lozenge.)

    And for those of us who took no high-school Latin, concentrating instead on Biblical Hebrew and Talmudic Aramaic, would you please translate the motto? Google Translate is not much help.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      Let Evil be Done that Evil May Come of it.

    • Comment by Aeoli Pera:

      Re: J. C. Salomon

      I suggest it would be much easier to use a simple standard for the ELoE (the eye-on-chaos-on-shield is a good example) which could be incorporated into the Lords’ various standards at will, and greater minions as they arise.

      Furthermore, I suggest that merchant ELoE also put the emblem on catsuits and thigh-high boots. Because that is standard attire for evil ladies, and certainly not for any other reason.

  3. Comment by Jump the Shark:

    Your blazon still makes no sense to me. First, vultures come in many color configurations so “Vulture Propre” is insufficiently informative. If you want the charge colored, the field ought to be a metal, as you have displayed but not as in your blazon, unless the color-on-color is a sly reference to the Roman Church’s metal-on-metal arms (which is not a bad thought, all things considered). If you want the vulture sable, though, better not have the field sable as well, or you might as well say “Sable. Three pairs of eyes argent in chief.”

    It also makes no sense for the chief to share tincture with the field, as one then cannot tell the first from the second.

    I have begun, several times, to render these arms as blazoned, only to throw up my hands in despair. Perhaps you are operating using a more accurate, historical grammar of heraldry that my A Child’s First Guide to Heraldry?

  4. Comment by Suburbanbanshee:

    I think you should go with Moses’ dragon/snake staff swallowing the Egyptian magicians’ snake staves, and thus symbolizing the triumph of real science fiction and fantasy over boring tricks and sleight of hand.

    Plus it’s a giant snake. Everybody loves giant snakes. They’re wicked-looking even when they’re good, so it’s the perfect representation of the Evil Leagueal mind. (If you make Moses’ snake staff look like a cobra, or like Teela-figure and the Sorceress’ staves, that would be a bonus.)

    So yeah, here’s my proposal. “Argent, a cobra vert, devouring a snake staff tenne.” The Visconti arms would be a good example of what I mean.

    I figure Moses can be pointing and laughing as a supporter for the arms, while Pharaoh can be looking terrified.

    Re: Mine Host’s blazon proposal – Ah say, ah say, it’s a joke, son. Even without any of them fancy canting arms things you heralds love to play with. I believe the background is specifically supposed to make the bird look worse.

    • Comment by AstroSorcorer:

      Ooo! Good one!
      Giant snakes for the win!
      Instead of s snake on a standard staff (like the Nesuathan) or on a flying rod (the Cadeuses) how about on a Tesla-Coil? Electric sci-fi giant snakes for the win!

  5. Comment by wlinden:

    Diss iss KAOS! Ve don’t use proper around here!

  6. Comment by Jump the Shark:

    The chief signifying feature of the League as I understand it is the intent to take over the world first by entertaining rather than proselytizing, second (and related) by discerning reality rather than trying to will it through narrative. Clearly, the right symbol of discernment is an eye, and the right symbol of entertainment is an explosion.

    The iconic colors of evil are red on black. I thus suggest: Sable, an explosion gules charged with an eye sable.

  7. Comment by Nate Winchester:

    put the word “good” in a circle then draw a diagonal line through the circle

    Draw a space princess tied to some space railroad tracks.

  8. Comment by martinra:

    Nearest I can tell, the motto translates as “Make evil so that evil will be made from it.” I’m guessing it’s a mockery of “non facias malum ut inde fiat/veniat bonum,” which is “you should not make evil in order that good may be made from it” or more commonly “The ends do not justify the means.” Just the sort of thing we’d expect from a highly literate (former) attorney. I like it.

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  10. Comment by Joseph M (was Ishmael Alighieri):

    I’d like to put some pictures here, but can’t figure out how. So, here are a couple humble suggestions posted over at my blog:

    • Comment by Joe Katzman:

      Gotta say, the catwomen + whips in a heart shape has a lot to recommend it. If it fails as a League symbol, I can think of at least one League member who might look on it with favor.

  11. Comment by Danby:

    I have a couple of ideas, which my daughter is drawing, having inherited her mother’s talent in that area. But as a teaser,
    Left hand raised, gauntleted, crushing a globe. Background black with scattered stars, and perhaps a distant Saturn. Immediately behind the hand are crossed lightning bolts.
    Above, our name, in Copperplate Gothic Bold:
    Below, our mission, also in Copperplate Gothic Bold;
    Defending The Cisgendered, Heteronormative Patriarchy
    Below, in italic script, our slogan
    “Until the last Morlock is crushed beneath our heel.”

  12. Comment by deiseach:

    I have to disagree with the Chaos symbol because (a) in the Moorcock works where first I learned of it (I went through a period in my late teens/early twenties simultaneously devouring all that I could find of both Robert E.Howard’s Conan the Barbarian stories and Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series), I was always solidly on the side of Order and therefore cannot countenance the use of that sigil, no matter how tongue-in-cheek, post-modernly ironic, or hipster the intention behind the usage (b) since the claim – as I understand it – by its opponents is that the Evil League of Evil represents the social and cultural views that lead to imposition of strait-jacketing order and rule upon all, and the crushing of possibility, diversity, and non-conformity, then surely the Single Arrow of Law (I suppose Orwell’s “boot stamping on a face” would be a touch too provocative, as well as possibly copy-righted?) can be the only candidate here?

  13. Comment by deiseach:

    The only suggestions I can make are either something along the lines of the cards Justice or the Two of Swords from the Rider-Waite Tarot.

    The Two of Swords particularly appeals to me, since it could also represent the Sword of Spiritual Justice and the Sword of Temporal Justice, as (for instance) used in the coronation ceremony of the British monarch:

    Go for three swords, including the Sword of Mercy, and you have me :-)

  14. Comment by AstroSorcorer:

    Sorry to keep spamming this:

    One could be the one or two serpents/dragons around a sparking Tesla coil (thus having both sci-fi and fantasy elements on a checkerboard background)

    Another for the same effect could be a mechanical lion and a dragon supporting a heraldic shield drawn into quarters: rocket ship on sable for 2 quarters, and the sword on white for the other two.

    For either, I like the crown overhead with the Chaos symbol.

  15. Comment by Mrs. Wright:

    I love the Moses’s staff eating the others idea.

  16. Comment by Joshua:

    I do not know what symbolism a three-headed vulture may have, but may I suggest a two-headed raven instead. Ravens are treated as evil or harbingers of doom, a messenger if you will, which I think fits with the writing trade. In one claw a curved sword (as opposed to a two edged sword which would be truth) and in the other a perverted caduceus (another messenger reference) perverted by have the snakes eating each others tails (instead of facing each other).

    I don’t know much about the technical details of heraldry so most of your description was lost on me. But cheers! And God bless.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      I don’t know much about the technical details of heraldry so most of your description was lost on me.

      Not to worry. I don’t know heraldry myself, which was why my description was tongue-in-cheek bafflegab. I feel sorry for one reader who took me seriously (always a mistake!) and tried to interpret the real design.

      • Comment by Fail Burton:

        “Bafflegab?” I sense an incipient miasma, or perhaps even truncated pulchritude somewhere. Does a piacular spasm approach? Who knows the answers to these life’s mysteries. My disheveled intellect is too fulsomely stupid to enter such precincts.

  17. Comment by Nostreculsus:

    I suggest the ever-popular eye atop a pyramid, with a Latin tag reminiscent of Sauron’s “I see you” – ” Vos videmus”. Because psychopaths most fear those who see what they are really doing.

    Maybe you could ask that nice young Darth Sean the Sorcerer to pitch in. He has sound ideas.

  18. Comment by PersonalLiberation:

    The flag of the nation you are in for respect and hospitality and fraternity, and if don’t feel that way about that country maybe you shouldn’t be there, or at least not advertising your presence and opinions.

    Otherwise a gold tableau around your neck stamped with the seven Virtues in Latin.

  19. Comment by tmbridgeland:

    With Larry Correia involved, shouldn’t there be an evil, black firearm somewhere in it? Perhaps clutched in the claws of a heraldic raven…? Maybe with flames spurting out the barrel.

    • Comment by DGDDavidson:

      Having now read the original, blood-soaked novel to which the Disney film bears only faint resemblance, I am convinced that Bambi could conquer in the oft-referenced duel between Bambi and Godzilla, at least if Godzilla is standing between Bambi and a doe in rut.

      • Comment by The Next-to-Last Samurai:

        Yup, that Bambi is one bad-ass buck. People who’ve only seen the movie have no idea.

        • Comment by DGDDavidson:

          Actually, in all fairness, he was pretty tough in the movie, too. He fights off a dog pack and outruns a forest fire in the movie, and he doesn’t do that in the novel, though he does take a bullet and survive, which is hardcore.

          Man, that is one of my favorite books. When I get home, maybe I’ll read that again.

  20. Comment by RS:

    I’m envisioning something like the bird above (in John’s picture) but in one claw is a book and in the other is a dead rabbit.

  21. Comment by The Next-to-Last Samurai:

    If you decide to go with the fearsome sight of a cranky old samurai lady walking the hounds of Tindalos, the Hounds and I will pose.

    But I should provide full disclosure–I also joined the Insect Army ( I forget who started that one). I’ll join anything as long as it’s silly. A long time ago, I was an “associate” member of The Millard Fillmore Society–this meant I was too poor to pay the full fee and get their “Milestones with Millard” magazine–and I’m pretty sure I’m a member of the Klingon Imperial Something-or-other, I have their T-shirt packed away somewhere.

  22. Comment by Mary:

    Threw about some ideas, but the best I can come up with is motivational posters.

    Like this:

  23. Comment by LugoTeehalt:

    It is pretty hard to beat the logo of this US reconnaissance satellite:

    An octopus wrapping its arms around the world, with the motto, “Nothing is beyond our reach.”

    Call it — The Octopus Who Mounts The World…

  24. Comment by Boogeyman:

    It has to have a sad puppy … and a pregnant woman making a sandwich … and something in Latin promising a spitted rabbit over every hearth-fire … and maybe the image of a laughing barbarian riding down weeping, wimpy, English majors as they try to flee while the guy in the fur bikini is waving a bloody sword …

    Too busy, I know. You’ll all have to forgive me. I’ve spent most of my adult life working for both geeky intelligent odd balls and former Hell’s Angels and Jewish mobsters doing awful jobs. My history has given me a nasty sadistic streak. I’ve been working on that since giving myself over to Christ, but it ain’t easy.

  25. Comment by Legatuss:

    The question, what would instantly symbolize the essence of The League, in a way that would cheese off the gamma rabbits, without needing explanation, even from across the room, and even if they don’t know know Latin? How about an octopus crushing, not a globe, but either a gamma rabbits head, or the whole gamma rabbit? If the head (which has the advantage of roundness), it could actually be crushing it so it looks like the original Scalzi rabbits head but somewhat lopsided because it is being crushed. Make sure you bend the ears down and outward with one octopus arm each. If the whole rabbit, an arm each for each ear, one for the neck, one pulling off each arm and leg and the tail. If the whole rabbit, it could be like the original Scalzi rabbit pose, but now altered a bit so that it is obviously trying, vainly, to run away.

    The octopus should be above the rabbit or rabbits head, looking down with glee on what it is doing.

    Another idea, a space princess, tied to the railroad tracks, standard tied to railroad tracks pose, with oncoming train, the space princess is obviously a man dolled up, rather badly, to look like a space princess. Probably too busy for a logo though.

  26. Comment by Legatuss:

    Another idea, a barbarian Conan type, or heroic knight in armor, or space princess in what passes for armor, with brandished sword, on the other side, a gamma rabbit, with brandished weapon of the wimpy and useless sort, say a feather duster, a wilted flower stalk, something along those lines. The sword could already have, or be in the process of cleaving, the wimpy weapon in two, although that shouldn’t really be necessary, it should be obvious who will win.

    Contrast of good artwork and interesting heroic character on one side versus caricature/bad artwork/cartoony on the other.

    That might actually be a better “Space Princess Movement” logo, one that emphasizes the idea of the movement, story beats message. That sort of thing could go on one corner of a book or book spine, so the reader can see instantly which book is trying to entertain as first priority. Yes, you want to be entertained, we want to entertain you.

    Small version, for book spine, growling barbarian head or heroic space princess head on one side, wimpy frightened gamma rabbit on other side, nose to nose.

  27. Comment by R.Carter:

    I apologize that this comment has nothing to do with the original post. I am posting it only because this is one of the friendliest communities I have encountered online, and most of you are pious God-fearing people.

    Yesterday, one of my cats was hit and killed by a car. He was an amazing animal and friend, and I’m not taking his loss very well. I would really appreciate any prayers. Thank you.

  28. Comment by [email protected]:

    I don’t know that I qualify for peon in a Legion of Evil (perhaps for a place among the minions of the Prince of Insufficient Light?), so take this for what it’s worth. While I like the ideas involving octopi and giant serpents, I suggest an image of Bronze rearing above a planet.

    Your own imagination will provide a better image of this than any rendering I attempt, though the horse on the cover of “The Changing Land” is a nice start.

  29. Comment by Finlay:

    I’m not very good with photoshop (or GIMP as the case may be) but I am rather partial to space octopi…

  30. Comment by Chris McCullough:

    If you added the words Kalamitous and Legion into the mix, you could spell U.K.U.L.E.L.E.

    • Comment by Finlay:

      Since Mr. Wright mentioned the idea of LC selling it, don’t we need to change the name just enough so as not to run afoul of possible copyright/trademark (whichever apply) issues?

      U.K.U.L.E.L.E. would be awesome. :)

  31. Comment by Xena Catolica:

    I just had the pleasure on Sat. to hear Mr. Correia read & talk about his own work at a con so small he didn’t need a microphone. And by Klono’s Tungsten Teeth, is he a charismatic speaker! I did feel a twinge of regret for not already having Evil League of Evil swag for him to sign, because I certainly would have asked. Closely paraphrasing him for a good motto might be “awesome, awesome, AWESOME, and then stuff in MORE AWESOME!”

  32. Comment by Boggy Man:

    I suggest a collage of everything that scares them. Red meat, shotguns, a rosary, a textbook on avoiding logical fallacies, one of those cutesy ‘nuclear family with 4 kids’ bumper stickers.

    …and then put some flaming skulls on it, they make everything better.

  33. Comment by Retro_Rockets:

    I know this is several days late but I wanted to submit these for your consideration.

    First something simple, and classic like the emblems of SPECTRE or HYDRA

    Next something a little more declasse

    (I don’t know Latin and don’t trust Google Translate, but this is the closest I could get.)

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