The United Underworld Evil League of Evil needs to come up with an emblem or heraldry or image to put on tee shirts and mugs to wear or carry (wear the mugs and carry the tee-shirts, I mean, of course) to science fiction conventions to provoke the Pinko Pink SF Social Justice League of  Unamerica so that their heads explode.

I have a fair hand at illustration, but I am not sure what it should look like.

Once we have a proper emblem to go on our standards, we will consider Dr Horrible for membership.

Suggestions will remain open for an arbitrary period of time, and then I will take a vote with myself and pick one. Or not. Then Larry Correia will make money selling it. Or something else will happen. These rules are final, subject to change without notice, and binding in all 48 states, including East Virginia and Reunified Dakota, and Guam.


I will enter the first candidate myself:


Our heraldic symbol is a three headed vulture displayed propre, chief sable, lightningbolt in left claw, orb topped by cross in right claw, with the eight-pointed arrow of Chaos in the crown, on field sable and or lozengy. The motto is ‘Facias Malum, ut Inde Fiat Malum‘.

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