Heinlein and Rewriting

Tom Simon, that prince of essayists, has an essay on a topic perennially fascinating to me up at his website:


I also may have a more substantial announcement to make in days to come concerning a book of his essays. Since his is one of the finest pens and with the most insightful comments in the Science Fiction field (for my money, better than Damon Knight or Alexei Panshin).


  1. Comment by Maypo:

    I agree 100% that Mr. Simon is the best writer commenting on Science Fiction and especially Fantasy today. I am pleased to read that you are a fan of his as well Mr. Wright. I have stated before and will again (it takes minimal prodding) that along with Gene Wolfe, you two are the finest living writers that I am aware of. I can only compare the three of you to J. R. R. Tolkien and Patrick O’Brian in the ability to evoke emotion and bring joy.

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