Quotha: Argumentum ad Awesomesauce

Guillermo del Toro gave us Idris Elba rocket punching Godzillas with a giant Voltron. Your argument is invalid.

Today’s quote. The italics is NPR (National Panhandler Radio) preaching racism and racebaiting and nodarnfun-for-noone. The bold print is from the bold Larry Correia, author of HARD MAGIC and MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL, as well as being a Wise Latino ™ :

But two of the most prominent films of last year led by Hispanic directors — Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity and Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim — had just one major part for a Hispanic actor between them.

Why do Latino directors have to have some sort of Latino solidarity? Why is NPR against ethnic mixing and free association? Why is NPR in favor of keeping everyone in their ghetto? Why does NPR get a dime of tax money to produce this bullshit?

Why is NPR interested in ethnic purity, where Latino directors pick Latino actors and direct Latino films, and white directors pick white actors for their white films? Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo del Toro are both brilliant artists making art. Why don’t you let them make their art, rather than lecture them about your artificial Social Justice bullshit? Nope. Instead SJWs try to paint artists as some sort of race traitors for not complying to their arbitrary rules.

Guillermo del Toro gave us Idris Elba rocket punching Godzillas with a giant Voltron. Your argument is invalid.



My comment: In other words, NPR is anathematizing del Toro for being ‘raciss’ when the only memorable character with a memorable character arc was Mako Mori. Who also rocket-punched Godzilla IN THE FACE. Or used her superspace-katana while doing it. And looked smokin’ hawt in her battle armor while doing it.


What’s that? You want MORE Correia, the man so AWESOME that Kim Jong Il named his whole freakin’ COUNTRY after him? I live to serve:

if nonwhite consumers keep flocking to movies that underrepresent them, filmmakers have little reason to improve.

Yes, Latinos, NPR just called you stupid. How DARE you enjoy movies and be entertained? You should totally boycott them to salve some white suburban liberal’s white guilt!

Annoying twits put their perpetual outrage ahead of their enjoyment. Everything has to be filtered through their obnoxious white guilt. Meanwhile the rest of planet Earth is throwing piles of money at a movie with a sentient tree and a talking raccoon.

Because Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Drax, Gamora, and Star Guy are Space Opera, and Space Opera is AWESOME!


You want even MORE CORREIA True Believer ??!??!! Then go to his website and read his article:


My comment:

It is long past time to defund NPR, take them to Bedlam and straitjacket them, or, better yet, them out to the cursed oak, and hang them, and buried them at the crossroads with a stake through the heart.

Why is one dime of my tax money going to these damnable racist swinehounds, so that they can lecture sane people on why we should be more divided, hate each other more, and hate ourselves?

A quote from the article:

Also, it’s not always clear to audiences when a Hispanic actor is playing a Hispanic character. Zoe Saldana is Puerto Rican and Dominican, but in last year’s Star Trek movie, she played Lt. Uhura — a character who is of African descent in the TV series.

NPR Delenda Est and bugger you with a pandybat, you subhuman socialist scum.

Because showing that a Greenskinned Space Princess (daughter of Thanos counts as royalty) to be a battle-hardened veteran, independent, fierce and equal, and mistress of her own fate who should be judged by the content of their character not by the color of their skin — that portrayal is insufficiently ‘politically correct’ for our bovine overlords at NPR, especially when the Greenskinned Space Princess is portrayed by a totally adorable dusky mulatto from Puerto Rico — because black lesbian women from a Spanish colony island (a four-fer, for Leftist keeping track) when painted green are not ‘hispanic’ looking enough for these filthy racist lice from NPR.


If found a genii in a bottle, NPR, I would wish this on you:

I wish a smokin’ hawt Japanese she-samurai in an awesome giant robot powered both by nuclear and coal-fired energy would crush your buildings beneath skyscraper highheeled boots literally the size of skyscrapers while uttering an electronically amplified Kiai that blows out every window and eardrum in a nine hundred yard radius. 


And if a smokin’-hawt sinobabe crushed your edifice of lies beneath her sexy metallic heal, you would flee in panish from broken doors and glass-fanged windowframes. And while you fled in shrieking panic the ruined building with blood dripping from your ears, a dusky-skinned yet buxom total babe from Puerto Rico painted green and carrying an awesomesauce space-gun would blast you in your private parts.


gamora gun

And if you would groin-blasted by a spacegun, you would jig and hop in a comical pigeon-toed dance of agony, trying futilely to douse the crotch-flames.And (to quote from a Nebula Award winning short story too dreadful to mention by name) I would laugh, laugh, laugh.



  1. Comment by BigFire:

    Somehow NPR is distressed that a Hispanic actor with non-Hispanic name (Clifton Collins Jr.) is playing an apparent Chinese American (Tendo Choi). Hell, this movie features a New York Jew (Ron Perlman) playing a character who deliberately choose his favor general and Chinese restaurant as his alias.

  2. Comment by Seymour Butz:

    Since when is Zoe Saldaña a lesbian? Other than that, well done Mister Wright, although you missed an opportunity to point out that, of the five heroes, two of the three who are recognisably humanoid are depicted by bona fide People of Colour©, which should more than placate the Left’s constant nattering about how we, being filthy racists, think of present humanity, and thus of future humanity and / or aliens, as fundamentally White. It should placate them, but it won’t. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they latched onto the fact that both Drax and Gamora are violent characters, and thus obviously must play to racist stereotypes.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      Since she said she was to the newspapers.

      • Comment by Seymour Butz:

        There’s no way the progressive box-checkers at Wikipedia would have missed that. She must have had a phase or a fling or something — I’d check right now but I really don’t want ‘Zoe Saldaña lesbian’ in my search history for this particular computer. At any rate, that seems to be a pretty common thing these days, so by Leftist rules it doesn’t count as diversity anymore.

      • Comment by John C Wright:

        Technically, all she said was that she was not opposed to being a lesbian should she ever fall in love with a woman. http://bossip.com/772306/les-be-honest-zoe-saldana-gets-buck-nekkid-for-allure-magazine-and-says-shes-not-opposed-to-dating-women-i-might-end-up-with-a-woman/

        You may decide for yourself if I used the word correctly. I was willing to have sex with young and attractive women back when I was an aching, pathetic and lonely virgin, whereas no amount of lonesome would have allowed me tolerate even so much as a friendly smooch on the lips from Alcibiades or Dr Who, and that technically made me a heterosexual, so I assume the same rule applies here.

        As for ‘bisexual’ I am not sure how someone can consummate a bisexual union without getting a divorce or committing fornication, both of which are strictly against divine law, so the word is meaningless unless used to distinguish higher plants and animals, who have two sexes, from amoebas (and Edorrians and Phaens, technically).

        • Comment by Seymour Butz:

          By that rationale, we might ask what the use of the word ‘homosexual’ is, as consummating such a union — if we can even call it that — necessarily entails a significantly worse violation of Divine Law than either fornication or divorce. We oughtn’t be so wilfully obtuse as to deny the obviously sexual nature of those unions which violate God’s plan: all perversions of a thing are by definition versions of that thing, and in this case it is that very sexual element which renders them immoral; else sodomy would be no more a misappropriation of sex than a hug. Peace, Brother John: your theological views on sexuality are Biblical enough, and your philosophical views convincing enough, that we needn’t stoop to taking potshots by denying the myriad forms of degeneracy an accordant myriad of terms.

          On the topic of language, I myself prefer ‘sapphism’ and ‘sapphist’ to describe the act of female homosexualism itself and its practitioners, respectively, but while I heartily recommend this usage to others, I am fully aware that such a distinction from ‘lesbianism’ and ‘lesbian’ is an imposition upon what were historically synonyms. Nevertheless — and despite the fact that the distinction between sexual act, preference, and identity is unnecessarily exaggerated by queer theory apologia — I would argue that we oughtn’t conflate a perverted yearning with a perverted act, as we risk doing by referring to Miss Saldaña as a lesbian. To do so lends a sense of despairing inevitability to many people struggling against homosexual impulses, and we cannot encourage such a thing — even if Miss Saldaña, for her part, seems rather resigned to her own.

          • Comment by John C Wright:

            That is why I use the word perversion. If Miss Saldana says she is for it, then that makes her a pervert, in spirit at least. The idea of someone willing to engage in an illicit sexual encounter for reasons other than sexual attraction is so small a possibility, a set containing so few numbers, that it would be nonsense to invent a new term for this. As if a male prostitute engaging in oral sex with another man for money but not out of sincere sexual desire were to be classified as someone who does not engage in the homosexual act, on the grounds that if your heart is not in it, it is not really that act by a different one — um, no. You may use the word in some more restrictive sense if you wish. I believe my use is not misleading, and more clear than a neologism would be.

            • Comment by Seymour Butz:

              Oh, I’m not the least bit concerned with distinguishing those who commit the act out of lust from those who commit it for some other reason. I’m only concerned about those who suffer from the lust, but refrain from the act, whom we should avoid lumping in with those who do commit the act, as it lends to many of them the aforementioned sense of inevitability; hence my interest in a different terminology. However, I see your point now: that Miss Saldaña has not been ‘refraining’, but merely waiting for the right moment if it should come; this signifies that she is quite open to the act, and thus morally fit to be categorised with its active practicioners. So after all this it seems I find myself in agreement with you.

            • Comment by Stephen J.:

              I suspect Miss Saldana’s reaction is more in keeping with a fashionable idea among the libertine Left, which is to contend that it is always possible in theory for an individual to discover an attraction to someone outside their normal predilections, no matter how absent such attractions had been before in their life — a friend of mine in university, who’d bought into the same (conveniently unfalsifiable) idea, was firmly convinced I was a repressed bisexual, no matter how often I insisted to her that I had never been sexually attracted to any man. (On TVTropes.org this is covered under the tropes “Stupid Sexy Flanders” and “If It’s You It’s OK”.)

              From the article as presented (conceding that I can’t find the original interview) Zoe hasn’t explicitly claimed ever actually to have felt sexually attracted to women, merely that she would see nothing wrong with acting on that desire — stipulating for charity’s sake that she was not already committed to someone else — should she meet a woman who evoked it. Reckless negligence of chastity, perhaps, rather than active spiritual perversion.

              It’s worth noting that the article was released just before her marriage to her then-boyfriend, which she was attempting to keep as private as possible, so it seems plausible to me that the whole thing was simply a magician’s handwave to steer people away from wondering what guys she might be canoodling with. It should also be noted that it is a sad but common technique in much PR for female stars to hint at interest in such things, whether such interest is present or not, for the sake of the titillation effect.

        • Comment by RachelK:

          I find the term “bisexual” useful as an orthodox Catholic woman who struggles with SSA. I am attracted to women, but no more so than I’m attracted to men. My temptations haven’t interfered with me marrying a good man to whom I’m attracted or having lovely children; they just mean that it’s as much of an occasion of sin for me to watch too much stuff with Jennifer Connelly as it is for me to watch too much stuff with Taylor Kitsch. If I described myself as a lesbian, it would A) imply that I’m not actually attracted to my husband, and B) minimize the struggles faced by chaste homosexuals who genuinely feel no attraction to the opposite sex and thus have to carry an enormous cross to live faithfully to the Church (after all, if I describe myself as a lesbian, people might look at someone who really is a lesbian and is living a consecrated single life and wonder why she can’t just get married like I did).

          Of course, this isn’t the situation Zoe Saldana is describing, but there are valid ways to use the term “bisexual” without implying that one is adulterous.

          • Comment by John C Wright:

            I see nothing wrong with using the term in that way in that circumstance, if one is talking only about temptation, not the act. On the other hand, I would not describe a man who yearns for alcohol but never tasted a drop ‘a drunkard.’

        • Comment by GoldRush Apple:

          >>Technically, all she said was that she was not opposed to being a lesbian should she ever fall in love with a woman.

          Another one of those “it’s my feelings and if it ever happened …” types. Then again most of these, in my experience, have been ‘creatives’ or artists. Go figure.

          • Comment by John C Wright:

            In that case, she sounds as if she is someone who is lying about her own emotional state in order to placate the politically correct worldview of her profession, which demands that a false picture of the nature of emotions, especially sexual emotions, be upheld. She is pretending that sexual orientation, the difference between sexual intercourse and sexual perversion, is like the difference between preferring Cherry Coke to Vanilla Coke — it is still the same drink (sex) and the sex of the partner or partners is a matter of utter indifference.

            I suppose this is just in the same way that skydiving with a parachute is the same as jumping out of a plane wearing nothing but scuba gear, since the air is the same as the water.

            So, technically, when someone says, “I might go skydiving, or I might jump out of a plane in scuba gear” she is not actually suicidal, she is just pretending there is no difference between suicide and skydiving. Likewise, here, she is technically not calling herself a lesbian, she is merely saying she is nonjudgmental about lesbianism, by the odd verbal trick of pretending she might, at any moment, find herself desiring to mate with a member of her own sex.

            • Comment by Rainforest Giant:

              These people have advisers telling them what flavor of koolaide to say they drink much less what they think of same sex attraction. I would be surprised to find that was her real feelings or that she was not directed to share that statement regardless if that was her feelings or not.

  3. Comment by MarkAndrew:

    Larry Corriea is indeed awesome. The only way I’d pay money to NPR is if they aired an unedited interview with the man.

    I thought Zoe had just gotten married (and pregnant). I thought I had read something about her being ‘down with the muffin’ (to quote the American poets Perry and Tyler) but she’s apparently landed on the side of having future adorable babies.

    I’m tired of identity politics. I just wish it was tired of me in return.

  4. Comment by Bob Wallace:

    If I remember correctly, Guillermo del Toro is Mexican. I doubt he considers himself “Hispanic.”

    By the way, all your Groot are belong to me.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      No one outside of American Leftroids and their mascots consider themselves ‘Hispanic.’ It is a make believe word to refer to Spaniards, Portuguese, and the various races of South America and the Caribbean Islands, which the Americans cannot tell apart.

      • Comment by Bob Wallace:

        I lived in Albuquerque for four years. I never heard anyone use the word.

        I did notice “Hispanics/Latinos/Whatever” got along just fine with white people (many of them are white themselves) but they ethnically cleansed any blacks that came their way.

      • Comment by fabulous_mrs_f:

        Actually, many people of Mexican descent refer to themselves as Hispanic. They don’t say they are Mexican or Mexican-American because they are a few generations removed from Mexico or Central America. My husband refers to himself as Hispanic. Someone who was born in the US then raised in Mexico before being brought back to the US is often referred to as a Chicano–which can be derogatory. Latino is only for South Americans, and Puerto Ricans and Cubanos get very insulted if you call them Hispanic or Latino.

        • Comment by John C Wright:

          When I lived in California, all the Mexicans called themselves Chicanos. If that has changed, I am unaware of it. I also know that the Left moves heaven and earth to get people to adopt their abortive terminology.

          • Comment by RKW:

            Interesting note: The word “Chicano” actually has the same root as “Mexican/Mexicano”.
            What I find interesting is that Latin Americans tend to refer to themselves in Spanish as “latinos” and not “hispanos”. Despite this, I’ve been told that use of the word “Latino” in English is racist, because… just because. As someone fluent in Spanish, I have no idea how this conclusion was reached, and can only assume some sort of insanity.

          • Comment by fabulous_mrs_f:

            I wonder then if it is fluid from one group or area? Where I lived in Texas, Chicano was considered insulting and only those born in Mexico referred to themselves as Mexicans.

        • Comment by VunderGuy:


          That’s news to me since I’m Puerto-Rican and people I know who are Puerto-Rican use either interchangeably without issue… then again, the people I know who are Puerto-Rican do not live there, so what do I know?

          • Comment by fabulous_mrs_f:

            No wonder it gets so confusing from the outside! The Puerto-Rican families I knew were always angry if they were called anything but Puerto-Rican. I grew up in an area with a sizable Hispanic population, but never really noticed until I moved to Texas. Suddenly being a white woman dating a Hispanic man was a big deal. I didn’t get it–differences in religion would have been much more important.

      • Comment by Mary:

        There’s Tejanos, too. Very awkward, the way that the Tejanos did not turn into refugees after Texas took itself off from Mexico.

  5. Comment by Brian Niemeier:

    “Space Opera is AWESOME!”

    Tell it on the mountain!

    “daughter of Thanos counts as royalty”

    Agreed. And that means GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY gave us not one but TWO formidable primary-colored space princesses!

    And a raccoon with a gun!

  6. Comment by cutelildrow:

    You managed to make the original post even more AWESOME with the inclusion of exhibiting example illustrations! And additional COMMENTARY! Only you could have made it possible, good sir!

  7. Comment by nightskyradio:

    Kinda sorta related – submitted for your consideration… http://nightskyradio.com/2014/05/03/jlgbtqisma/ [ /end self-pimpage ]

    As for Pacific Rim – a movie directed by a Latino with white, black, and Japanese main characters (one of whom is female), borrowing heavily from Japanese pop culture with a German element or two thrown in… not diverse enough??? Between that and so much of America getting destroyed, you’d think they’d be convulsing in multiple Leftgasms.

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      I read your article. You are spot on! These leftists, when they run out of things to complain about, turn on each other. Marvel is the most politically correct comic imaginable, and it checks all the racial and sexual and perverted checkboxes it can as fast as it can — and the devils in charge of PC are simply never satisfied. It is never enough.

      Nothing is ever enough. Dissatisfaction is the point. These morons want to pretend to be victims even while the cheering crowd is hoisting them on shoulder and throwing flower petals.

      To quote the awesome and righteous Larry Correia, they think being victims gives them super powers.

  8. Comment by Nate Winchester:

    Just saw GoG today, you are right, fun and awesome.

    John, did you see the new trailer for Insteller in front of yours? Did that dampen your hopes for the movie or inflame it?

    • Comment by John C Wright:

      I thought the second trailer for INTERSTELLAR not as grabbing as the first, but I am still eager.

      • Comment by Nate Winchester:

        I think Nolan’s going for a low-tech space opera. That plus having the latest catwoman in it (Anne Hathaway) I’m half wondering if Nolan was TRYING to pander to you specifically. ;)

        Hey that does remind me, you ever talked about your favorite apocalypses? Robots, zombies, disease, ecosystem, invading aliens, invading demons/angels, etc etc?

        Invading Kaiju have become my new favorite. :D

        Oh and I finished the Pacific Rim book. There’s a whole arc to Mako that was left out. Turns out her family was one of sword-makers, the art passed down father to son. When her parents died in the attack, other relatives mourned that the art of sword making was to be lost.

        So when she cries “For my family!” in the movie, it’s not just about revenge, it’s about legacy too.

        (the fight testing was also better explained in it)

  9. Comment by meunke:

    GREAT movie, reminded me I wanted to share this.


  10. Comment by VunderGuy:

    Hey John, speaking of sci-fi films, what do you think of the trailers for Chris Nolan’s new movie, Interstellar, as someone who was big into NASA back before my time, I.E., when it meant something, and as a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

    • Comment by Nate Winchester:

      See above, he and I are looking forward to it.

      • Comment by VunderGuy:

        Thanks Nate.

        I don’t know why though. Yeah the visuals look pretty and it looks to be of that rare breed of actually hard sci-fi (not the ‘hard sci-fi’ Stephen Baxter manages to get away with with anything that involves the Xeelee), but any movie that has a character saying the line, “We have to stop learning how to think individually and think more as a species,” should send red-flags up immediately.

  11. Comment by ambvalencia:

    I am so confused, by Hispanic actors I assume they don’t mean the third generation Italian Hispanics who live in Argentina, the Mexican Jews whose grandparents emigrated to Mexico City from Germany, such as Telenovela actress Ludwika Paleta (Look her up if you want to see a gorgeous face by the way) or the Nisei and Sansei in Brazil whose native language is Portuguese, or the descendants of Bernardo O’Higgins and Lord Thomas Cochrane in Chile (no relation to the guy who sings “Life is a Highway”, as far as I know). Or the gajillion fair skinned actresses who people the Telenovelas on Univision. I suppose the character must be a Juan Valdez-with-burro, but then isn’t that stereotyping? Ohhhh, leftism is so hard.

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