The Nature of the Andromeda Realm is Abstract and Fluid

I was looking for the correct demonym for Andromeda. (Is it Andromedan or Andromedean or Andromedian? Andromedahin? Andromedaneese? Andromedine? Andromedaoi? Andromedishman?)

So I typed in the word Andromedan, and I found this:

1. The Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy (M31, RNGC # 224) is a large spiral galaxy and is our closest neighbor at a distance of 2.2 million light years. It has approximately 1 trillion stars.

“The nature of the Andromeda realm is abstract and fluid. A dimensional doorway exists in our nearby galactic neighborhood as a bridge to the Andromeda Energy. This bridge/doorway is the star Antares.” (Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest, The Prism of Lyra)

Many sources mention Andromeda as the home of several higher dimensional species. Some of these species chose to come and assist Earth in its current day Ascension progress. To adapt to a life in a 3-dimensional body, these Starseeds usually go through Antares.

Information about the inhabitants of the Andromeda galaxy that are visiting Earth is usually channeled.

2. The Andromeda Constellation

Andromeda is not only a galaxy, it is also the name of an astronomical constellation. It is located above the constellations of Aries and Pisces. Its brightest star is called Alpheratz.

Several sources, including “Branton,” mention that the Adromedans are member of the Federation of Planets.

There also is a strong connection with the Pleiadians. (When referring to the “Federation of Planets” some authors actually speak of the “Andromedan/Pleiadian Federation” or the “Andromedan Federation”).

Some people claim to have been in contact for a long period of time with the inhabitants of a planet within the Andromeda constellation. Alex Collier is one of them. He says that “they are the oldest race in our galaxy and are very concerned about our future. They have light blue skin, but when they age, the skin becomes more white. The average age of Andromedans is 2007 years.

Collier’s contacts say in December 2013, we will cease to exist as 3rd density beings, and move up to 4th density. They say on Mar 23, 1994, an energy began radiating from black holes at the base of each galaxy to help in this transition. The contacts say the primate race was created by the Draconians, and first brought to Mars, then Earth. Back then, earth was closer to Mars, and covered with ice.

They say humans are part of a soul group which they call Paa Tal, which were opposed to the Draconian influence and have warred with them for hundreds of thousands of years. They say that earth will be ruled by Draconian tyranny approx. 350 years from now (about 2352 AD) and have traced the shift of energy to our solar system, at (about 1995). Specifically to the earth, moon, and Mars.

The Andromedan council agreed that all ET life should be removed from the earth, moon, and Phobos by Aug 12, 2003.

They say there are only 2000 original grey aliens, and most of them are on Phobos, a moon of Mars. (Most of the other Greys are clones, thereby supporting the hypothesis that the grays are dying as a race due to genetic stagnation and they are looking for new DNA to revive their race.)

If the aliens are not out of the moon by 2003, they will pull the moon out of orbit to ‘deal with it.’ They say our moon is an artificial satellite from another star system (the star Chauta in Ursa Minor). ” (Quoted by Chuck Roberts in his Mystical Encyclopedia).

Wendelle Stevens mentions another Andromedan contactee. In 1972, Mexican Professor Hernandez was told by one of his students, ‘Lya, that she came from the planet Inxtria, revolving around Beta Andromeda (Mirach, 197 light years away). Her message mainly was one of ecological concern.

Contactee Sixto Paz Wells claims to be in contact with Andromedans who look like regular humans (Humanoid phenotype): they are about 6’2″ (1.85m) tall and hairless; they have small eyes and a reddish skin tone.

The Andromeda Galaxy
The Andromeda Galaxy

My comment:

I, for one, am glad I am not a mindreader. I suspect that the spread of telepathy among humans would cause us to dwell on many secret oddities and abnormalities hidden near the bottom of the mind best kept there. The general loss of humanity, humility, and courtesy during the information age in which we live, the anonymity of the internet, and the deluge of porn, perhaps show some hint of what the minds of the Sons of Adam would broadcast into the psychosphere had we this power.

If I were a mindreader, I would actually see the mind of the people who say and believe things like this. It is not the beliefs are shocking or distasteful: quite to the contrary, they show that healthy romance and lure of the unknown which rests beneath all healthy religious impulses.

However, it creeps the bejesus out of me, because I make up this stuff for a living, and, unlike the Grays and Draconians, I take the trouble to make sure my info is scientifically accurate.

I have a right to be more spooked by the believers in New Age astro-nonsense than most, only because they are repeating back to me things we made up, me and my fellow science fictioneers. But we know it is make believe. I assume an actress who plays a role on a long running soap opera and meets a fan who cannot tell she is not Raven who stole Logan Swift from Alice or shot JR feels much the same sensation of freakish mental distortion radiating from someone who is too much a fan.

That exact same odd sensation, much like the jar when you expect a stair that is not there, when you turn the corner in the brain, happens to me frequently when I speak to Leftists about politics.

They start with some sensible statement about how, indeed, Andromeda has a trillion stars and is two million lightyears away, and then, either slowly or swiftly (depending on whether the corner is a sharp turn or a gradual one) the conversation turns to whether the realm is abstract and fluid, or inhabited by higher dimensional species aiding in the ascension process, and how the Andromeda energy passes through a  transdimensional bridge anchored in Antares. Not to be confused with the local aliens inhabiting Alpheratz in the constellation of Andromeda: an understandable mistake!

The man with whom you speak, you slowly realize, ascended to a 4th density being about two years ago. The normal look in his eye turns to a fixed and freakish gleam, and you back away, looking for something to serve as an impromptu truncheon wherewith to stun him.

The difference is that the Esoterics (as I call them) indulge in a charming form of crackpottery that is mostly harmless. When you speak with a Leftist, however, they always get personal, indulge in personal comments, insults, sneers, slurs, slanders, insults.

This is an odd, indeed an un-Darwinian, behavior for nonviolent and incompetent cowards to indulge in. But they cannot help themselves any more than the Esoteric can.

I saw that same freakish gleam ignite in the eye of a coworker of mine, as the conversation turned smoothly from talk about the relation between our military contractor jobs and the Pentagon, and, without missing a beat, he announced that the Koch brothers were now in charge of Congress.  He stepped from making perfectly reasonable comments about the contracting process to Cloudcuckooland without noticing it. I politely ducked away from the conversation and he shouted BUT IT’S TRUE at my retreating back.

Again, I saw that same freakish gleam in the eye of a host of mine who had invited me for a talk up in New York, addressing a literary club. Upon discovering that my day job was with Northrop Grumman, he immediately, and with no change of expression, his fixed smile never wavering, proceeded to call my employers thieves and villains and the lowest sort. I stared at his placid face in bewilderment, not understanding under what rule of courtesy one asks a writer to address your literary group and proceeds to insult his honorable employment and employer to his face. Mere surprise prevented me from drawing the blade I keep hidden in my walking stick and ending his filthy life then and there, for I was not a Christian then, and your weak and womanish religion formed no check on my natural impulses.

Because of that, I also realize why the Leftists are unafraid of the Jihad: they are sociopaths, unable to form proper fear-reactions to real dangers, unable to quell panic over imaginary dangers. They are not afraid of blood-sopped lunatics who kidnap schoolgirls and sell them into slavery, or butcher French journalists, or nosedive planes full of civilians into skyscrapers; but they are afraid of global climate change. They are afraid of the weather.

And the moment you realize that the normal looking, soft spoken man next to you is a Leftist rather than, ah, shall we say, neuro-typical is always disorienting.


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