One More

This one from the Libertarian site:

To no one’s surprise, the people who idolize reason and liberty are on the side of the science fiction guys weary, bored and annoyed with the yammering and sneering of the self-anointed thought-police, trying so desperately to police the thoughts of people smarter than they.

One of the most charming compliments I have received of late came from one I assume to be a libertarian or near-libertarian:

To paraphrase the sainted Ayn…

“Laugh at John C. Wright and hold John Scalzi as a great science fiction writer. You’ve destroyed science fiction. Build Rachel Swirsky and you’ve destroyed fantasy. Hail the Toad of Tor and you’ve destroyed book editing. Glorify John C. Hines and you’ve destroyed masculinity. Don’t set out to raze all shrines – you’ll frighten men, Enshrine mediocrity – and the shrines are razed.

One of the funnier quips I have heard recently also came from someone I suspect is a nonconformist:

First they came for Vox Day, but I did not say anything, because Vox Day was an asshole, and I was not.

Then, I didn’t say anything because he was so busy bitch-slapping them and I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stop. So, that turned out well.

Allow me to state before the ears of the world that I salute libertarians and see them as allies.

To be sure, once the Pope and his army of Ape Clones, Ghosts, Vampire Samurai and Jesuit Dacoits takes over the world using the secret, Martian war-machinery buried under the Vatican since the Triassic period (when the Martian invaders exterminated the dinosaurs but were wiped out by smallpox) we Catholics will burn all libertarians at the stake as heretics, and then eat their burnt flesh in a horrific cannibal orgy. And we never read the Bible.

But until D-Day and H-Hour, the libertarians are kind enough to let all civilized men the heck alone and leave us in peace, and I would be honored to share a foxhole with any of them during these culture wars.

No libertarian ever donned the condescending mantle of thought policeman in dealing with me, and no leftwing has ever failed to do so.

The Lefties want to control our minds, destroy our minds, destroy our lives, and die, and the Libertarians want to live and let live, to leave us alone and to be left alone. Life and death. The choice is that stark. I choose life.

So, to all libertarians wherever you are, let me say this: I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death the right of the Inquisition to torture you into a bogus forced confession for saying it, before turning you over to the secular arm for a slow and barbaric public burning.

But then again, the Inquisition will let you call women ‘bossy’ and permit you to use the word ‘Black’ rather than ‘People of Color’ and allow you to applaud rather than using ‘jazz hands’ so our sadistic and vicious repression is better than their sadistic and vicious repression. At least we have written rules. And you can keep your money and own businesses under our pitiless iron scepter. Think of us as Lawful Evil rather than Chaotic Evil.

NOTE TO THE HUMOR IMPAIRED: Just kidding! The foregoing paragraphs are a jest!

(The Martians were wiped out by the clap, not smallpox, but I thought it inappropriate as a subject matter to put on a family friendly blog.)

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