Morlockery and Progressivism as Futurism

The SJWs are wolves in sheep-garb when it comes to leftwingers. Leftists believe in a future of peace and equality, and old hatreds between nations, races, and creeds forgotten.

The honest Leftists want to see the bridge crew of the Starship Enterprise, oriental and occidental, male and female, white and black, including a Russian, a Scotchman, and a Vulcan thrown in for spice.

The SJWs want Kirk humiliated and forgotten, and then the rest of the crew dead, until only Uhura of planet Twofer is left, and then only if she has the sexual orientation of the actor who played Sulu, and even she is insufficient, because she is neither in a wheelchair or taking meds for a neural disorder.

Leftwingers are the Eloi for the SJW Morlocks, merely food animals waiting to be exploited, hoping to be eaten last. If they are willing to turn on Heinlein and then Joss Whedon, the loudest and clearest voices favoring racial and sexual equality imaginable, then the Morlocks are willing to turn on anyone.

That said, the Eloi and the Morlocks of AD 802701 proceed from the same starting point, which allows them to dismiss any man favoring human dignity and freedom as an neanderthal. Even the term ‘conservative’ is a term the contains a hidden and false assumption, just as the term ‘progressive’ and ‘reactionary’. Each term defines things by their time period, not by their truth value.

According to the unspoken Marxist axiom, history proceeds always from the benighted past into the enlightened future. A man who prefers freedom to slavery, free market to socialism, free thought to political correctness thought policing, is defined as being someone loyal to the past, and the motive assigned to him (no matter what the real motive is) is nostalgia for the benighted past.

This is true even if the political ideals he upholds, free thought and free markets, never existed in the past. But anyone who loves freedom opposes the Marxist program, and, by Marxist logic, this means they oppose the future, oppose the inevitable, are sitting astride history shouting ‘stop’.

As if favoring limited and constitutional government were to be called “Wednesdayism” and unlimited totalitarianism were called ‘Sundayism’ because you expect the dictatorship swell into full bloom by this weekend. The labels identify the nonessential feature, future versus past, rather than the essential feature, limited versus unlimited government. By these stupid labels, a Monarchist resisting the rise of a constitutional republican form of government is ‘conservative’ because his land used to have a monarchy, whereas a madman who wants a felinocracy ruled entirely by man-eating cat-people created by genetic science is ‘progressive’ because the scientific progress needed for this state of affairs has not yet occurred.

The whole idea from top to bottom is risible. It is Leftwingery that is stuck in the past, namely, the sexual revolution and race riots of the 1960s, the abolitionism of the Civil War, and the alliance in England between the ancient landowning families and the new industrial corporations.

The Leftwing are trying to free the slaves that have already been freed, and shatter the sexual morals of the Victorians, which have been in tatters for over half a century, and reform industrial-labor relations that had been reformed successfully and nonviolently since roughly half a century before Marx took up his pen to complain about them. The miserable working conditions of the factory system in England, which was hardly a free market, were old news and out of date from even before Marx’s time.

Their economic solution is to ignore the finding of the science of economics, to own all property in common as did the Spartans, or as a primitive tribe with few enough possessions and few enough members that he, in his own mind, can simply see to it each brave has a bow or tomahawk and each squaw has a teepee. It is Cargo Cult thinking at its most primitive, the belief that goods and services come out of nowhere for no reason, and that the evil people horde what is rightfully tribal property, not due to their greater productivity and organization, but due to some occult magic, such as ‘white privilege.’

‘White privilege’ for those who do not know the term, is a magic word which allows Harvard educated lawyers raised in the lap of luxury with a silver spoon in her mouth, if she is black, to sneer at a Portuguese ranchhand raised in grinding poverty, on the grounds of his European ancestry. She is allowed to claim that a colorblind system, where all men are judged by the contest of their character rather than the color of their skin, is racist, hence undesirable. It is another form of primitive tribalism.

So who, precisely, is mired in the past?

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