Chart of Aeons and Deviations from SOMEWHITHER

More than one reader asked for these notes to my latest book. I hope this is legible in this format.





CAINEMNo Exile from EdenImmortalityAutochthons
ENOCHNo DelugeNephilim PossessionVesperomancy Dusk magicOeonae
URNo Confusion of TonguesAstrology. Urrasse
THALASSANo withdrawal of waters.Mesmerism, Mermaid magic Mermaids /
Long lived Cyrni
ELAMThe miracles of the Seven RishiPsychometry, able to prevent resurrectionAstomi (Eats smells)
ASSHURThe miracles of the seven AdapaSpiritualists, able to be possessed by demonic powersApkallu = Macrocephali
SASANThe Second Coming happened within John’s lifetime. The antichrist of Persia overruns the empire.The magic of Vigil the Magician, which allows statues to speak with each other across intercontinental distances, and prevents cities from falling to siege. Locusts
GATHNo Joseph. Egypt starves. Ethiopia rises to power.SpeedAbarimon
UZNo Brazen SerpentCure snakebite, defeat dragons Ophiogenes
ULThe Darkness at the Crucifixion never liftedunnatural darknessNyctalope
ARPHAXADMelchisedech taught people how to levitate.Levitationalso disenchantmentAtlanteans
LUD ————Psychokinetic limbs Gaeagenes
CUSHNo Abraham, no monotheismSmall Gods only Strega
SHEBASolomon never asked for wisdom; the Queen of Sheba never converted to monotheism but worshipped Shamash and IlumquhGhost animalsChoromandi
EVILAS ————–FlightPanotii
ASTABOR ————–Naming MagicMelanochroti
SABTAHNo curse of Ham hence monsters born.Oral pocket dimensions Blemmyae / Androphagi
UDMethuselah cured Adam by means of the waters of EdenFountain of Youth and of oblivion Aigipanes
U-TIXOJoseph killed his brothers, fathered a new lineageNightmares, incubiHimantopedes Sciopods And Naglopers Nightwalkers
RAAMAHNimrod’s brother.Phospermancy or Dawn Magic ylemaramu the art of banishing the twilight.Panchaeans
SABTECHAHNo Star of Bethlehem.
Samaritans conquer the Muslims.
MIZRAIMNo MosesMUMMY WORLD Geomantic Pharaochian
Mummies, Scorpion men
HADANNo destruction of SodomGENII WORLD
Machlyes can summon Jinn genus loci of dead lands
Machlyes Hermaphrodites
DAGONNo smiting of Dagon, UzzahGHOSTS.
Necromantic Divination
SIDONDavid MissedGIANTS Syrbotae
EPIPHANIANo Joshua, no fall of JerichoLILLIPUTIANSCalingi, Pygmy
ARCEThe second siege of Antioch culminated in the discovery of the Holy Lance by a monk named Peter Bartholomew.Blood magic impregnates murder weapon with spirit of victim. Spear of Longinus can slay devils, cure the sick. Revenants
AMORREUSNo miracle of Baalam’s AssSpeech with AnimalsArtabtatitae
JAVANAlexander the Great had sons: the Abomination of Desolation remains in the Temple.No crucifixion, no resurrectionSun is dying.
MADAINo water from the Rock MosesSauromatae Inetia Sauromatae take food once every two days
VASUMATIMiraculous birth of the Pandava in IndiaDaeva Aestra-weaponsArgippaei nicknamed the Phalakroi
RIPHATHNo miraculous cure of Constantine; no donation. West overrun by Danes, Svartalfar, industrializationInvisibility, mist-walking, disguise Svartalfar / Svartalfwicken
ASHKINAZAttila not turned back by Leo ICatoudaei (underground dwellers) control the Vril (universal energy)Catoudaei
TOGARMAHHerod successfully killed the Christ child, whose blood nonetheless cured the worldVitality Magnetism and Death Rays, Insanity rays, and other colors of the Life SpectrumVoivodesnote that this was the first world discovered by Brendan.
SVANSt Philip never overcame the dragon, hence there is no feast to begin adventStorm Witches Zduhac who fight the weather in astral form.
Also, scapulomancy.
Memory needles from here.
TIRASCrusader kingdoms rescued by miracle. Solomon’s Temple found.GolemsGolemsmiths
MOSOCHVilnius foundedBlack Living Metal including armor from here. Lions in armor from hereIllyrians (double pupil)
THARSISBaptism of John, but no Jesus as yet.A very wealthy world. Essenes Therapeutae have destroyed all witches here.Therapeutae (cleanse sins)
TAARIJanaidar (Underground Babel) smittenArimaspians. The cunning metal comes from here. Chimera magic makes it easy to lose the human shape Rephaim = Arimaspians
also Aegipanes and Hippopodes.
NOYNo Jonah. Whale. Nineveh did not repent, conquered Asia, which sank.Atlantis never sank. Earthquake and earthquake prevention magic. Gorgades Woses or Hairy Men Note that the Atlanteans here are called Pterophoroi featherbearers
THOEBELNo Miracle of Maccabeus, no Second Temple, hence no John the Baptist.Sons of Romulus
BRENNUSBrennus captured Rome, was not destroyed by earthquake.Galvanic Alchemy
ALBIONAlbyna preserved in the sea; Peter and Paul’s miracles in Rome.Technomancy our Earth Exorcists / Androleteirai Amazons
SCAEFASaint Brendon discovers America: Maxwell discovers Unified Field Theory.Buoyancy and Vitality Rays
VARVAN————Basajaun Can command the galtzagorriak red pants and jentil or jentilak mountain throwing giantsBasajaun (Giants)
YU————Taoist Alchemy & sorceryNine Immortals
TRELGEN————Theosophy, including the arts of the Soul Extracting Lama ‘p’o-‘bo World Utterly Obliterated by Viracocha at Ur’s command
NUWAAbraham slew Isaac. Human sacrifice is universal. Alexander the Great flooded the Middle East from the Black Sea, but then was prevailed upon to open the pillar of Hercules and let the Mediterranean empty into the Atlantic.KIJU WORLD. Behemoth and other Monsters.Serpent-women from here.Sciritae / Naga
AMATERASU————Amaterasu-based sun magic smithcraft magic swords.Kitsune
UENUKU————Skin changingWere-whales
SOTUKNANG————Power to Create LifeWorld Utterly Obliterated by Viracocha at Ur’s command
VIRACOCHA————Human sacrifice is able to maintain or destroy the EarthStruthopodes (long feet on the men) Pharnaces (sweat venom) also Patagonians (able to endure freezing temperatures)
ANDRIAMBAHOMANANA————Long-ago DreamtimeDreamwalking


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