Signal Boost: Press Conference with Roosh

This little bit of film is the single most appalling thing I have seen all year. The reporters are liars.

In case someone does not know what I find appalling, here is a transcript of the so called reporter’s so-called questions.

The reporters are liars.

Please note what is missing. None of the questions are requests for additional information about the who, what, why and wherefore of what happened. All of them are rhetorical questions, staking out a rhetorical position and making an editorial point.

The reporters are liars.

In other words, in professional terms, this is what I, when I was an editor of a newspaper, would have called pure bullshit, a lame and obvious attempt to put across a political editorial, not a legitimate press conference. If any of my reporters had tried to pull this kind of stunt, they would have been fired before the end of the day, or I would have quit.

The reporters are liars.

Roosh: “What happened in Cologne on New Years Eve? What happened in Cologne? Who can tell me what happened there?”

Media: silence

At one point, an asinine reporter girl tries to play ‘gotcha’ with him by claiming the legal definition of rape is sex without consent, and then arguing that having sex with drunk girls means that they did not consent, hence is rape. This point is brought up more than once, as if the zombies cannot understand why the chump is not uttering the expected straight line to allow them to savage him.

Reporter: So you don’t agree that that is a legal definition of rape?

Roosh: I don’t think that they are being honest.

Reporter: If they were?

Roosh: If they were, look man I’m not a lawyer.

I am a lawyer. Having sex with a drunk woman is not rape. Blackstone defines rape as “carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will” (p. 210)

In some cases, sex with an unconscious woman is rape, if the surrounding circumstances show it to be with force and against her will.

That is not the legal definition of rape, not in any jurisdiction where I have been licenses to practice law (three) and not in any case I have ever read (three year’s worth).

The reporters are liars. Notice that they are arguing with him, not asking him questions.

That is what I find appalling. Why do even one of these propaganda-peddlers disguised as reporters have a job? Why haven’t they been tarred and feathered, or run out of town on a rail?

The reporters are liars.

Why  does no one see who these people are, these pretend newsmen?

The reporters are liars.

The Jihad is not the enemy. They only have power because the Democrat party aids and abets and sustains them. The Democrat party is not the enemy. They only have power because a majority of the American people are addicted to foolishness. The American people are not the enemy. They are addicted to folly only because a pusher has addicted them.

That pusher is the media. They are the enemy.

The reporters are liars.

Notice what else is missing. The so called reporters asking questions had not taken the five minutes it would take to read the column Roosh write which started the furor. Only one person in the room had written anything he wrote.

How can this be? How could any reporter expect to do his job, or keep his job, without doing the least tiniest of the the homework he needs to do to do his job? Why even go to a press conference when you have no idea who the person is you will be interviewing? Again, back in the day, if any of my writers had pulled this stunt, they would be given a pink slip before the sun set.

Answer: it is impossible for a reporter to report the news without doing his research. It is IMPOSSIBLE for reporters this ill equipped to do their jobs to do their jobs.

Then why did none of them do their homework?

Answer: Reporting the news is not their job.

Their job is promoting a worldview. Their job is selling a narrative. Their job is banishing truth and discouraging curiosity. Their job is killing brain cells.

Their job is being liars. They tell lies for pay.

Every harlot and whore who sells her body for money to men who hate her is less degraded and demeaned of her immortal soul than are these vermin of the press. At least with a whore, if you pay to copulate, she performs the services contracted of her. These vermin pretend to be members of the press, and to report the news.

They are the opposite. They suppress the news. They are the servants of the Empire of Lies.

Let me close with a quote from my fellow science fiction writer and journalist, George Orwell.

A message to English left-wing journalists and intellectuals generally: ‘Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the Soviet regime, or any other regime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.’


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