Liberalism is Dead; Long Live Statism

The calm and measured L Jagi Lamplighter weighs in on the question of the drawbacks of having political correctness replace freedom of speech as a core Liberal value.

For myself, I think she is more mild and forgiving than a just and clear eyed view of the situation requires. But perhaps it is a proper role of women to soften harsh masculine judgment.

What prompted this?

My darling wife just had a bit of an argument with some leftwing oddments online, including the potty-mouthed N.K. Jemisin, who told her that Political Correctness does not get people harassed and fired, no indeed. It is the lack of good sense and sound judgment betrayed by insufficiently kowtowing to Political Correctness gets people harassed and fired.

The rather unrefined potty-mouth claimed that politeness and elegant of courteous speaking was her sole (expletive deleted) motivation. The sheer audacity of that would be admirable, were it a deliberate falsehood of magnificent insolence, rather than mere frothing lunacy from a demonomaniac.

One reader, a solid and lifelong Liberal, pointed out the logical contradiction with this.

This is merely one example of many that convinces me that the old time leftwing liberalism of my youth are dead, eloi who have been eaten by the modern Morlocks of statist politically correct thought policeman.

Liberals of old have little in common with the Politically Correct crybullies who have inherited their mantle. Liberals are not Leftist: they have been left behind.

Leftism is now the haunt of these political correctness morlock, crybullies, intersectionists, sodomites, baby-killers, white-haters, Christ-haters and puppy-kickers.

Any Liberals who think the Left is on their side any longer are in for a shocking betrayal. The Left belongs to the Jihad, to the crossdressers, perverts, terrorists, and to the radical feminist pederasts, and to the moon-barking lunatics. They are not on your side, you followers of JFK or FDR.

I am not sure where old-fashioned Liberals, hippies who favor free love and free speech, are supposed to go these days.

The Libertarians hate you for being moochers and looters.

We small-government heavily-armed gold-standard God-fearing flag-saluting types have no use for you, since you are traitors, blasphemers, and cowards.

The New Left, your masters, hate you for wanting to speak your mind, doubly hate you for thinking for yourself, and triply hate you if you do not cheer and applaud when Muslims throw gays off rooftops or abduct and rape and sell into slavery underage Christian schoolgirls.

Be that as it may: Political Correctness has killed and replaced Liberalism with a movement that is basically its mirror image and antimatter universe opposite: a totalitarian pro-statist movement that abhors the tolerance and liberty old style liberals at least claimed to desire, concern for the poor and dispossessed, and so on.


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