Speaking Truth to Power is Speaking Love

A reader thanked me for speaking the truth. The compliment shames me, for I see my shortcomings.

I wish I spoke the more of the truth, a more holy truth,  more often. Often I speak out of wrath, and that is always a lie.

The Leftists, and Jihadists, Newspapermen, SJWs, Morlocks, Puppykickers and Crybullies all have one thing in common: they are vermin who prey on human goodness, and use our own goodness as a weapon of blackmail against us. If we were what they accused us of being, they would be dead and silenced and we would have peace.

We are the opposite of what they say of us, and, ironically, they are the opposite of what they say of themselves. They are neither crying victims nor crusaders granted the power of demigods by the naked virtue of their moral superiority.

These people cannot hurt us, no matter what they say. They cannot mar the sun or quench the stars or pull down the Cross no matter what laws they pass.

They cannot even stop the oceans from rising, no matter how many coal miners they put out of work. Christ is King and God is Father and these people are blind and dazed and Christ died for each of them even if that one had been the only person ever to sin.

I forget to pray for them. What else can one do to enemies made in the image and likeness of God? Guns and laws and harsh words cannot stop immortal souls, only the mortal clay in which they are garbed — and the clay is not where the battle is.

Dear reader, if you see me losing my temper against my enemies, feel free to remind me of my duty to love them. In the same way a coin bears the stamp of the king, even tarnished coins, a sinner no less sinful than I (and probably far less) bears the stamp of his Heavenly Father. If I love Him, I cannot hate them.

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