Superluminary Episode 04 The Technology of Tyranny

Superluminary, Episode 04, THE TECHNOLOGY OF TYRANNY, is posted on Patreon:

Episode 04 The Technology of Tyranny

In this exciting episode, Aeneas Tell, paralyzed, falls facefirst into the deadly plutonian secret it is death to glimpse: a raging singularity at the engine core of the very antique superspaceship his grandfather once used to conquer to Earth! But whose is the voice that speaks from the shadows as Aeneas plunges past the glistering, unwinking eyes of the dead crewmen toward his certain doom?

Our Story so Far:

Superluminary, Episode 01, ASSASSIN IN EVEREST, is posted on Patreon:

Episode 01 Assassin in Everest

In which Aeneas Tell, the youngest member of the Imperial family of mad scientists who rule the solar system with an iron fist, is decapitated by a high-tech vampire.

Superluminary, Episode 02, THE WORLD OF DEATH is posted on Patreon:

Episode 02 The World of Death

In which Aeneas Tell is flung in his pajamas onto the surface of planet Pluto.

Superluminary, Episode 03, THE DARK TOWER is posted on Patreon:

Episode 03 The Dark Tower

In which Aeneas breaks into the forbidding and forbidden tower looming above the ices of Pluto, and finds it void of living things, but not uninhabited nor unguarded.

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