Defining Fascism and Morlockery

A paragraph below I used before in another place, but I hope I will be excused for quoting myself when my thought in the matter is unchanged:

I think we are all tired of hearing the same unimaginative insults flung by rote. I think we are past the point of being bored with hearing pro-free-market, pro-small-government, pro-liberty, anti-gungrabber, pro-life, anti-pervert, pro-family, anti-barbarian, anti-terrorist, pro-borders, pro-civilization patriots being called fascist.

It is the diametrically antithetical contrary of truth, like calling someone who insists on all races being equal in the eyes of the law a racist, or like calling an anti-feminist a misogynist or (that stupid made-up word) sexist.

Love of rule of law is the mere opposite of racism, and love of affirmative action is racism pure quill. Hatred of women is feminism. Love of women celebrates their difference from men, and seeks laws and customs to provide them a separate sphere of life in which their supremacy is unchallenged. Feminists hate not only men, but also virgins and mothers and everything and anything feminine. Calling these femininity-hating creatures feminists is calling cannibals cooks.

This is why honest men and philosophers define their terms and discuss their differences of opinion in measured tones, and Newspeak propagandists and rhetoricians never do, and speak either in sneer or screams.

In reality, to which I assume all who read these words are loyal, words have meaning, and the word fascist means a national socialist totalitarian. The Morlock is loyal to unreality.

In unreality, words have emotional import only, and are used only to express emotions, much like the barking of a dog expresses anger, or the purr of a cat expresses pleasure. What you are reading is a Rorschach blot of words, merely one subjective meaning plastered atop another, forming the verbal version of what, when expressed visually, is seen in a modern art museum as a can of shit, or a bottle of urine, or some other thing alleged to be art. In unreality, ‘fascist’ means BARK! BARK! BARK!

Now, a rational man who took offense with some position of mine, I would ask him his grounds. A Morlock has no grounds, he has only anger and despair. For them, all emotions are self justifying. Emotion is the only reality.

The Morlock cannot attack my ideas, only me. Ideas bewilder Morlocks. Nuances frighten them. Even the simplest and clearest distinction between unalike things, such as Muslim terrorists and Christians objecting to abortion, is beyond their grasp. The identify of objects, such as the name of the enemy, or the motive of persons, all are unknown and unknowable to them.

He uses a simple rule of thumb. The motive of any member of the victim class who serve as mascots for Morlock virtue-signalling are always pure and aboveboard. The motives of any opponent to any Morlock thought is always impure, insane, wicked and reprehensible. No exceptions. Anyone objecting that his motive differs from what the Morlock falsely attributes to him has his objection taken as irrefutable evidence that his motive is impure, insane, wicked and reprehensible. If a man says twice two is four, it is sufficient (from the Morlock point of view) to say he has a racist motive for saying so.

The argument is not over, because Morlocks lack the mental capacity to argue. But the argument is declared beyond the orbit of what polite company allows, because no one should allow a racist to have a platform from which to deliver his hate speech that twice two is four, because Black Lives Matter.

The whole of Morlock thinking consists of collections of random and often self contradictory excuse phrases, as meaningless as the incantations in false Latin of witches, meant to preemptively silence any argument and nullify the process of rational thought. The phrases change from season to season, but the import is always that same: accuse, accuse, accuse. Snarl at foes and preen at one’s own unsupported assertion of moral and mental superiority.

Whoever disagrees with the received dogmas of Political Correctness is an evil bugbear and a class enemy with whom no argument can or should take place.

Reason plays no part.

That is the definition of a Morlock, a post-human. A Morlock is someone who surrenders his reason to postmodern nihilism, or racism, or tribalism, or some other form of Antichrist. A Morlock is someone who feeds on helpless human flesh, metaphorically speaking.

Many a man has objected that the Morlocks described in H.G. Wells THE TIME MACHINE are productive, since they maintain machinery and herd Eloi as livestock, hence must be skilled both in mechanics and ranching; whereas the social justice warrior, the Leftist, the Marxist, and the various dull-eyed and ferocious snarling losers peopling our modern social arena have no such skills and virtues as it would take to fit a pipe or butcher game.

Such an objection, while not ill-meant, overlooks the point of the metaphor. Morlocks eat people. They live by destroying the lives of others. The Morlocks of which I speak do indeed herd people. They do this by means of virtue signalling, peer pressure, social controls, shaming. They do indeed work tirelessly at the maintenance of their mechanisms. These mechanisms are entirely mental and social, or, to be precise, spiritual. These mechanisms include the public school racket, the legal profession racket, the popular entertainment and publishing racket, the news and media racket, the junk science racket, the academia racket, the public sector and NGO racket, the environmentalist racket, the gay lobby racket, the femininsm racket, the riot-organizers and Democrat Party machine politics racket, and various elements of the financial system and organized crime.

The Political Machine has many moving parts and many contributors and all do their part, but the News and Media plays the crucial roll and governs the system. These people work tirelessly.

The Eloi are the once herded and nursed by the Machine, and nannied by the nanny state. They are drugged as children in public schools and shot in gun-free zones to allow the Machine to condemn the Second Amendment. They are taught mothers should kill their babies in the womb, and euthanize the old, the sick, the weak, the useless, the retarded.

They are taught the police are remorseless racist killers and taught that giving the police more power is the only solution to social unrest. They are taught that greed is evil ergo capitalism is evil and taught that public condemnation of land for the use of the private enrichment of entrepreneurs with friends in town hall is constitutional. They are taught that diversity is good, provided everyone thinks exactly the same way on all political and social and moral issues.

They are taught that war is peace (for we are not at war with Islam) that freedom is slavery (for to speak words or think thoughts others may find hateful triggers such a threat of violence that this cannot be permitted) and that ignorance is strength (since the science of global climate warming cooling is settled, even though what to call it is not settled, and even though we’ve been in a global cooling period for twenty years).

In other words, they are taught to hate truth, eschew logic, and to conform. They are taught to respect all cultures except Christendom, and love all religions except the Christian, to honor both sexes except the male, to respect all races except whites, and speak no ill word nor mocking joke against anyone, except the hated and vile and never-sufficiently-to-be-damned White Christian Males.

They are taught to be food animals, mere prey unable to defend themselves, unable to imagine the desire to defend themselves.

And so the Eloi surrender all their freedoms and manhood in return for a false promise of ease and comfort, safe sex and social security.

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