Shanghaied Again!

Hey, Jagi, here.

A fan asked a while ago if John would clarify something about his Patreon account.  He hasn’t, so I will.

The pledge on Patreon is per month. Not per episode.

If you want to pledge $1 per month, that is $12 per year. That is what John asked for, because he figured it was the equivalent of a trade paperback.

However, some fans have objected that he is undervaluing his work and think that he should have requested $1 per episode, which would have been about $4 or $5 a month.

John, who is always delightedly amazed that anyone likes anything he writes, is too humble to point this out.

So, as a favor to those among you who requested that this info be shared, I have shanghaied this blog.

I am now returning it to our regular blog programming.



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